Tuesday, 19 November 2019


This week during Maths we have been learning Transformation. As a class we were able too choose a 3 shapes in google drawing to put together. I decided to choose a circle, square and rounded rectangle. With the 3 shapes we chose we did Symmetry, enlargement, rotation, reflection and translation. For translation I made it into a gif that made my shape move to a different spot. 

Friday, 15 November 2019


Image result for foodprint

This week in the afternoon Michal the owner of Food print business has been active for 6 months. She came in to talk to LS1 and LS2 about enterprise, for our Inquiry topic. Did you know, that 20 million bread is wasted every year in New Zealand (more than NZ's population)? Before she created food print she planned on the logo/ name. For her name, it took her for months to figure out a name that was short and bold. For the logo/colors and the designs her team created 4 choices for her. 

If you would like to download the app, remember to write down: Food print. 
                             ( if you live in Auckland, New Zealand) 

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Financial Literacy Market Day

This week during Maths we have been working on Financial Literacy for our school market day. We were given a chance of picking our peers to work with, and I chose Fui. As a peer we helped each other out with the things we were stuck with. The game we played was called Market Game. To know the rules we were given Instructions to read carefully, here is a reminder: to always check your inventory and the price list. We were given two dices to use for this game. One of the dices were blank White. In vivid we wrote J for Juggling balls. B for bungy sacks and H for hacky sacks.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Woodwork | Tech 2019

This week during Tech we have been working on our Woodwork designs. For my design I decided to go with a piano. I am still working on getting the correct measurement for my design. What I find hard to doing at wood work is getting the correct measurements because if we don't do the correct measurements our wood work design is going to fail.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Summarising the Main Ideas

Keywords from the title
Keywords from 
sub- headings
New words I need to look up
  • First plant selfie in the world.

Revolutionise, Excreted,
Panels, Milliwatts and Anode.

Write down 20 important words from the text 
Camera, Plant’s, Energy, Rainforest, First, Technology, Pete, Zoological Society of London, World, Produce, Sunlight, Water, oxygen, Sugar, Shade, Wildlife, Soil, Power, Stem, Roots.
Chose the 6 most important words.
Plant, Produce, Energy, Photograph, Senors. Pete, Power
Chose the 5 important Sentences.
Pete is the world's first plant selfie made on Earth. He is a fern that takes photographs of itself, (every 20 seconds). These sensors are in the wild with camera traps. Did you know that plants are able to produce sugars and oxygen from water? His hobbies are Respiration, growth and photography.
                                                        My 10 syllables. 
Pete is the world's first plant selfie made on Earth. He is a fern that takes photographs of itself. These sensors are in the wild with camera traps. Plants are able to produce sugars and oxygen from water. His hobbies are Respiration, growth and photography.

This week during Reading we have being working on Current Events. Each person in LS2 were able to choose a topic from kiwi kids news, NZ Herald or Kea Kids News. The topic I choose is called World's first plant selfie. Pete is a fern that takes photos of itself every 20 seconds. I found this topic interesting to read because it is really cool how Pete can take selfies of its own (itself). During this task we wrote a summary. To begin with we wrote down 20 important words, 6 most important words and 5 important sentences. At the end we changed our 5 important sentences into 10 syllables. If you would like to read my 10 syllables it is under the sub heading (My 10 syllables).

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Water Filter

Last term for Inquiry Joseph, Nidhi, Miiana and I. There were groups of 4 or 5 with 1 year 7 as a leader per group. My group's leader was Miiana. The challenge for each group was to try and make your group's water clear. Before we made the experiment each group planned on what materials they were using. Using the materials we had. 


2019 RWC Stadium Capacities

This week I have been working with Angela, on the 2019 RWC Stadium Capacities DLO. Before we started our DLO's, we were able to work in peers or in a Trio. As a class we were able to choose, a question that was solved in our Maths books. We chose 49,970 of 3/4 question. How we solved this problem: 49,970 ፥ 4 = 12,493.5 then 12,493 + .5 = 12,494 x 3 = 37,478 (that's how we got our answer) .. The question was (If International Stadium Yokohama only half filled. How many spare seats would there be)?