Friday, 5 July 2019

Tech blog post | Week 10

During this weeks session we were coding our M-bots to go around these shapes. This was the last session of the term. After the holidays we going to make our own project. I found it a bit hard to do this task because my M-bot kept on going around in circles on the spot and it wasn't moving forward, turning left and turn right. This weeks words was called functions. To be able to do this we had to us the work book or the projects that we have made in the past. I found using the work book a bit easier for me because it gave me some ideas for my coding. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019


This week we have being do some hard exercises. What we did today was a lot of strengthening. I found it a bit challenging while doing the bars because after I did the push ups and the mountain climbers my arms were really tired. My favorite exercise was the push ups because that is one of my favorite exercise's that we do for HIIT. While we were doing the exercise's we had to peer up with someone. I peered up with Fui. When we were doing the exercise's  someone in your peer would need to do the exercise for 30 second while the other person is resting and cheering the person on. At the end of the session we were doing a challenge called Big sally up big sally down. When we were doing this challenge we will see who would last longest. Over 10 or under people lasted the longest including myself.

Maths Game presentation

Instructions of my game:

Greetings to you all and welcome to Time tables and subtraction. What you will be learning in my game is your time tables and subtraction but it is mixed up. On this slide, you’ll need to read it because it will help you understand my game. When you get to a slide that shows two sticks it is their for you to pick one that you will like to use during this game. Every time you have finished your question slide then you get to choose a new one or stick with the same weapon. My favorite stick out of those two is the Blue sword because it looks really nice and it is my favorite weapon in Minecraft. For the first slide you will need to click the text box that says click here and the text box below it will show you a number that may be the wrong one or the easy one. Good luck to those people that plays my game, and please comment down below on my blogger and rate it.

For a couple of weeks LS2 has being creating a Maths game that helps other people with their : Time tables, double, decimals, subtraction and so on. After we have created our game we were all able to make a icon that will go with our presentation. We all had to create our own Icon. The character that I did is called Universe. This morning everyone in LS2 presented their Maths game, while we were presenting we had to go with a buddy. My buddy was Nyjah. She helped me with the slides while I was talking to the class. I felt a bit nervous, but as I spoke to the class it got a bit easier for me to do.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Rhythm Interative's Visit to PBS

This week Johnny from the Rhythm Interative's came to our school today to teach us different instrument beats. The drum that Johnny used was an African drum called the Djembe. The meaning of a Djembe means bringing joy. Today LS2 students helped out the juniors in Room 1 or Room 6 if they were stuck learning the beat. In Room 1 I was peered up with Vill, he was a bit stuck with one of the drumming beats so I helped him carefully until he knew what to do. I found this experience fun because it was cool hearing a really cool beat that came out of all our drums. But did we know how to do it without a bit of help. Well Johnny first started it off with the beat/pattern then the whole school will join in or one side would do one beat then the other side would do a different beat. The theme was called 'together we can make a change'. What I have learnt from this experience was the skills of drumming (beats, pattern and rhythm). At the end the Head students (Mele and Jack) gave a big thank you to Johnny for coming to our school and teaching the whole school these cool drumming beats. I'll like to give a big thank you to Johnny for coming to PBS to teach us so many cool beats with different instruments beside from the drum, thank you Johnny for donating 7 drums to our school.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Inference DLO | Term 2 Week 8

LI: To understand how to use inference in Maths.
This weeks Maths session I have being working together with Holy to create this. Before we started to make our DLO we were given different word problems in Inference and we were also got a word problem that was in our Maths test. As you can see on my DLO I have my word problem, a drawing, how we figured out the answer and the strategy. I have sketched a image online but changed up the drawing a bit with the colours. 

Hiwi the Kiwi Visit | Week 8

This week on Wednesday Hiwi the Kiwi came to visit our school to talk about saving fishes for the future and also to talk to us about saving seabirds. If you check out my blog I have made a Explanation that talks about saving fishes. When LS2 was walking into the hall Mr Minstrel and Ms Minstrel were singing a song that they have written themselves. Once all the classes came into the hall we started to sing a song and we were also doing actions to the song. I found it really fun to do and also cool to see how everyone in the school was giving the moves ago. After we sang the song we started to hear some really interesting Fish facts and some funny jokes from Mr Minstrel. What I have learnt after Hiwi the Kiwi came to visit our school that it is important to wear life jackets when your are on a boat. If you would like to see a video of Mr Minstrel and Ms Minstrel singing a song or talking to the school watch the video at the bottom of my blurb. This video was created in 2016.
Click on the link if you would want to check the video out.

Tech Reflection | Week 7

This week during Tech we were learning, how to code our M-bot to make shapes. The word we learnt was Algorithms. I found it difficult to do the coding because I didn't get the correct coding for the square. We were also learning about algorithms. The meaning of algorithms is making steps or rules. I also found out brand new words that I never knew. Next week we are going to do some more coding to shapes.