Wednesday, 11 September 2019

World News | Reading

L.I: Exploring international current events.
This week for Reading we used Google Maps and looked international news that follow either of these reasons; Timeliness, Relevance, Magnitude, Unexpected, Impact, Reference, Oddity, Conflict, Negative, Continuity, Emotions, and Progress. Working in small groups, we located where the event took place and pinned them on the collaborative map. Using sites such as Kiwi kids News and NZ Herald. Last week we looked at national news meaning stuff only happening in New Zealand. Now we are exploring things that are happening all around the world, international. We found some very interesting world archives, such as the fire in the Amazon Rain-forest. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Provaction and Opinion

A provaction is an action or speech that triggers strong feelings about a topic. Recently a major supermarket chain announced it will no longer sell energy drinks to people under 16. My opinion is recorded in my DLO that shows both perspectives. My opinion on both of them is that energy drinks taste really nice and is something that kids likes to drink and energy drinks are also bad for kids to drink.

Exploring our national current events

This week during Reading I have being working with Nyjah,Victoria, Florence and I. Authors make stories to entertain, persuade and inform. New editors make decisions every day about which stories they should write about. As a class we explored different type of stories that has happen in New Zealand and plotted the location on a google map.

Explanation: Should NZ ban plastic straws?

Do you think plastic straws are useful? Well I think it is easier to use a straw than to use no straw. Around the world, most people know that plastic straws harm sea creatures. People are thinking about banning them for good, but people like me disagree.

In 1870, plastic straws were created to benefit not only me, but everyone around the world. Plastic straws was created by John Wesley Hyatt. I am happy, glad and delightful about having plastic straws around the world including NZ. Have you ever had a drink at a fast food place without getting a straw? It is hard to drink a drink with no straw because it goes all over your face and it looks embarrassing in public. Almost everyone has experienced the feeling of disgust and embarrassment walking to the restroom covered in their drink because I too have been in that situation and trust me it doesn't feel or look good.
I believe plastic straws are very helpful for when we are in public, in the car and even at home. Why? Imagine drinking a can of Mountain Dew without a straw, you'd be stuck in an awkward position trying to force all the remaining liquid. You’d look ridiculous! But if we used a straw we not only finish are drink clean but we could also feel the relief of not looking crazy. Did you know paper straws become soggy and makes it difficult to drink your drink.

Paper straws contain polypropylene which is the same liquid as fuel that we use in our cars today. As we use paper straws it is not only hard to drink but also gets soggy and in most cases melts some polypropylene inside your drink. Even though it’s harmless don’t you think it’s disgusting knowing you’re drinking a liquid used in gas?

The reason why plastic straws are getting banned in most countries around the world, is because people aren’t recycling their straws. If people recycle their plastic straw’s their won’t be a problem to people in many countries. If you don’t recycle your plastic straw it goes to landfills, or even worse it pollutes our oceans which looks ugly to look at. The sad thing about having plastic straws is that people don’t recycle them. Did you know it takes 200 years for plastic straws to be decomposed? Which means most people living right now is not going to be alive at that time of year. Here is a tip from me: don't litter your straw, instead recycle straw. Would you prefer drinking drinks with a straw? If so, share my tip.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Tech | Last day of Robotics

This week during, we have being editing our movies. Today was our last day of our robotics lesson. During this last tech lesson we have been creating a robotics movie/ video that was about something that we have learnt about over the last 15 or 14 weeks of Tech. Today was our last day of editing or filming. In my group I had Marieta, Angela and Fui. In the movie I created the animation and a bit of Angela. I hope you enjoy this movie/video that we have created as a group.

I'll like to say a big thanks to Mr Dunn and Mrs Munoz because without you guys we wont have any robotics at Tech. It's cool knowing that we are the first year group out of all of the schools and year groups that goes to Tamaki College. I cant wait to go to my new tech rotation. Today was also the last day of the year 8's being split apart into 2 groups. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Point of View

This week for Inquiry Chavda and I have been using our researching skills to find out whether it’s necessary for plastic straws to be banned. In my opinion straws shouldn't be banned as it doesn't cause much problems then plastic bags. It helps us drink a drink instead of having it all over our face. Using this DLO we managed to find information/useful knowledge to back up not only our opinion but also to fill in facts for No/yes. A fact is useful information that is always correct . Option is not right or wrong as it is a emotional way to approach things.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Joy Cowley | Author DLO

This week during Reading we have been doing different activities since it is book week. In this task we had to choose a New Zealand author. I decided to do Joy Cowley since she is an author I knew at a very young age. In this DLO we had to have: what books have they written, what inspired them to become an author, information about their life and to include 3 questions you might ask them.