Friday, 23 February 2018

Place Value Strategy

Today for Maths I worked with Fui. We are learning about Place Value. Me and Fui made a DLO with a question, Solving problem and the video. With you want to watch the video just click on the video and watch it. Me and Fui also made a slide to put our work on.

How is Chinese New Year?

Today for Writing I worked with Joel. We were learning about Chinese New Year. Joel and I made a document about facts that was about Chinese New Year. We have to have TITC. T is for tittle,I is for introduction,T is for information and C is for conclusion. but we also had to have Simple,Compound and Complex. The last thing we had to have was present tense. Me and Joel l learnt a lot about Chinese New Year. A few years ago 12 animals had a race. First place Rat, second place Ox, third place Tiger, fourth place Rabbit, filth place Dragon, sixth place Snake, seventh place Horse, eighth place Goat, Ninth place Monkey, tenth place Rooster, eleventh place Dog and last place Pig. This year for 2018 the animal was the Dog. Next year would be the Pig. Every year there would be a animal celebrated.


Today for Softball this was our first time doing Softball for term 1 for 2018. Before we started we had to run to the tree and back. We had to get into peers. I was working with Nyjah. The first thing we did . We did it about 3 minutes. Alician showed us some skills that could be used in Softball. Then we had to try and not drop the ball on the ground. We kept on moving backwards until there would not be any winners. The next thing we did was to roll the ball on the ground. It was very hard because it was on grass.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today for Kiwi Can we are leaning about positive relations ships . When we all walked inside room 7 we all had to get into groups of 4. I was in group 3. We started off with a game. This game was called Ball Tag. Mr Matt put us into groups of 3. 2 groups was with boys but one group was with a boy and all of the girls. We had a time. First place was Josh's time second place was Alex's team and last place which was my team. 36 seconds, 59 seconds and 4 minutes. This was very hard because there were only 3 people that was the taggers and the other team was running. I started to get use to it and it started to get easier. We played another game. We had to form a circle. Mr Matt numbered us 1-4. I was number 2. We had a practice round. It was hard. It started to hard because everyone was running so fast to go to the hula hoops. We finished the game. We started to move onto JKQ.

5 Main Points

Today for Reading I am learning about 5 main points. I worked with Angela. We had to write 5 main points on notes. Everyone in my group had to go into a peer. We had to write notes about the article  that we were reading. After we wrote our main ideas on the notes we all chose the notes. When we finished we had to write all of our 5 main points on the 5 main points document.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Today for the SLJ I got a certificate. The winners were Mele,Alex,Marieta, Ofa ,Angela and Fau. Over 50 people got a certificate on stage. After assembly we took another photo outside. The other winners took another photo after us. I would like to thank Rachel and the foundation for getting the prizes for the winners and certificates for the ones that participate in the SLJ. I hope you guys have so fun again doing it again this year and the other terms. 

Pewter Workbook

Today for Tech I did Pewter. This was my first time at  Tech same as everyone that is a year 7. This is at Tamaki Collage. My teacher was Mr Grundy. He is my teacher for Tech. Today we made a copy of Pewter Workbook. We all had to have 4 people on recipient that could be about friends and family. I did my mum,dad,sister and Nyjah. Also we had to find images that didn't had skinny legs or something that had a whole in that material.