Saturday, 7 July 2018

What I had for Breakfast!!!

Today I woke up and had breakfast... I had pancakes, Hot Chocolate and also those fried meat. My favorite item was the Hot Chocolate because it is very nice and also the pancakes and the rest. 


At tech we all needed to finished off our work. Some people were on Green last week.. I just need to do one more. I learnt how to make animated stories. We are going back next term for 6 or 4 weeks.

Thursday HITT

On Thursday we had another session of HITT. We did the same as light week. Mostly everyone did their best til the end.  It's sad that we wont be using it next week which was very sad to hear but now we are moving on to a different one  next term.

Kiwi Can

At Kiwi Can we watched a movie and played some short games. I didn't really get to watch the movie because I had HITT. We watched a short video then we played a game.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tech/ Digital Tech

Last week on Friday we had Digital Tech. Mostly every time we go Digital Tech we play a game of Kahoot. After that we would usually try and finish off our work or do some more animated stories games which is very fun and cool to do because it helps me a lot.

Pros and Cons


Today we did Pons & Cons with our groups when we did the Lighthouse work. Some of my group members were here. One person had to say what they wrote but if it was already said they have to say something that wasn't. We had a pencil and a pen so that we can write down what we liked if we were in a Lighthouse but if he didn't we would write what we didn't like if we lived in a Lighthouse....

Lighthouse Story

Today and Yesterday everyone in LS2 had homework on the Lighhouse Story that happened in France. I found out that the Lighthouse Keeper made it and is fired because he wasn't suppose to be in the storm so now he is not a Lighthouse Keeper