Friday, 16 November 2018


Today we got read a book called Wolves. We wrote 5 things that we could think of about Wolves without reasearching it. We also had another text box about facts that was answering the questions to Myths. 


Today I have created a diamond shape and I put the 3 colors together that was drawn as a diamond, and when I glued it together it made a cube shape. I really loved this session because my cube shape turned out really good and it easy in the start but sometimes I would get stress. I still need to cut it out next week hopefully if we still need to do it. 

How did solider's catch disease?

This week I have worked together with Nyjah on a google slide. We have answered 3 questions and also did some illustration about the idea we have. We have used our researched information on google aboht the questions that we and Nyjah really wanted to find out.   

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Image result for emily gravett meerkat mail

Today I have worked on a DLO about Meerkat's. I found different sites that helped me with my information. I used my own words from the sites I used. In the DLO I learnt a lot of things but I found one fact that is very cool, that use Meerkat's sounds to alert the families around them to keep them safe. 

What makes a good book?

 This morning I worked together with Nyjah and Fui. We made a spread sheet that had the ideas that was written on the piece of paper. We worked very well and checked if we had all the ideas to put on the graph. This was very easy to make the graphs because I made it plenty of times. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A new Skill- How to make a Cube Box?

I have being working on this DLO for a very long time. I started making a Cube Box since 2017 in maths and I am now teaching you how to make it in a DLO. I did step by step and showed examples with the finished result. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Amnesty Day: Drawing

This week I have created a drawing about the War. I drew Poppies, Crosses, the sun and other drawings. The soldier drawing was created by Avalon in our Unknown Soldier google slide. I traced the drawings I have made. I have learnt a lot about World War 1. Next time in my work I really want to add more detail if I think about some more things that is good think and that is something that is to remember about.