Friday, 25 May 2018

Thank you Mr Grundy

Today at Tech we made a thank you letter to Mr Grundy because he was one of the best teachers that had taught his this year. I thought of doing the thank you letter because he has taught us a lot of things. Most of the people that was in Pewter Casting worked with us to do the thank you letter. The photos was made bye me, Fui and Nyjah because we wanted to take a photo with everyone. 


Today for  Tech I took a couple of photos in class. We all wanted to take a photo as a class because today was the last day of doing Pewter Casting. We all got to take our pewter casting home if we all had taken a photo. It was really fun doing it because we all learnt something and we all created something.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

HIITT Trainning

Today for HIIT group A did HIIT. I got chosen to do HIIT with group A. Before we started we put our  heart monitor on and the battery under our shirt. We also had to wear our P.E because we don't wanna get our school uniform sweaty. We did a few exercise to get us up to Red.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport this is our second time doing Rippa Rugby. We all played on the court because the grass was muddling, dirty and also wet. We all had to put the Rippa tags on for us to play Rippa Rugby. Before we started we started we had to grab as much rips as we can. After that we had to partner up and stand in front of each other. This game was called Green and Orange. We all had a cone that we had to run up to. My one was Green and Fuis cone was Orange. Once the game was done we played Octopus. It was really run but hard because the tagger has to try and take the tagger off of us.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi can we played 1 game because we didn't have enough time to play 2 games. The game we played was called Doggy Doggy. In this game there was a boy and girls side. Tiava was the only one from the girls because some of us were to shy to go. It was very fun to play Doggy Doggy because we all had fun and we all where trying to get the remote without getting hit. If you do get hit you have to touch the wall and you will be back in the game. Before everyone went Mr Matt will call out the name starting with a letter.

My best Maths Task

Today for Maths we all got to choose our favorite  Maths. I have decided to do place value strategy. The reason why I chose it because it was really fun to make and to work it  out with Fui. In this  task me and Fui made a DLO about working out the question and the question to solve it. The easy thing about this task was the working out because we got to use any example with the question to solve it.

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My best Reading Task

Today we all got to choose what our favorite Reading task. I decided to do the text about Pyeongchang. The reason why I have chosen it because I did my research and I worked together with Te Pouanmu and we  both researched together. In the task I was color Blue and he was color Red. My favorite part in the text was text to self because we both did and didn't play a winter sport which was kind of cool.

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