Friday, 29 June 2018

Attitude Attitude Care awards / Public Health Nurses

Today I have being working on a DLO that talks about PHN which means Public Health Nurses. I have learnt that some of the Public Health Nurses works in hospitals but some doesn't. 

Respect Badge

Today at Assembly I got given my first Respect badge which was really cool. I was very excited because I got my first badge. There were 7 or 8 people that got given there badge. 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today we had Kiwi Sport. We didn't have heymash because Rippa Rugby was over, so we had Mrs Morris take us for Kiwi Sport. In Kiwi Sport we went into teams of 2. I was in the blue Team. But before we went into teams we played a game of Rippa tag. In this game 2 people had to get the most rips and they have to rip people. If you get rip you have to stand still and wait for someone to put the ripper back on where it was suppose to be. The last game we played was Rippa Rugby. Everyone went into teams and vsed people.

Tiritiri Matangi

Yesterday and Today my group made a DLO that had facts and drawings that Miki made. We all did something in this DLO. I didn't really know that New Zealand and the citys in New Zealand had light houses which I should have knew but I just learnt right now.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

M&M/ Miki,Chavda,Hajera,Mataio and John

This week my group presented our M&M presentation.... We all said something. I learnt that M&M's are named after the founders because the Soilders from the Cilvil ate chocolate that melted so they wanted to make one with a shell so that it would cover it from melting. 

Kiwi Sport

On Thursday we had our last session of Kiwi Sport. It was very fun and but very sad because this term it was our last time for this year of doing Rippa Rugby for Kiwi Sport. In Kiwi sport we played games in a group.

HITT/ Thursday

Today at HITT we had another session of HITT. Every week we have different kind of workouts. This week was very different to other sessions that we had because we had to rotate around in a circle to do the exercise. Every-time you move the person that started we will start for all 3 sessions but the other partner will just stretch and wiggle their leg to relax and take a  breath.

Friday, 22 June 2018


Today at Tech we made animated stories. It was very fun because I was looking around the panmure places which looked very cool. My favorite animated stories is the moana one because it is very fun.

Caesy and Jeff Animated Story Example

This is an example of an animated story that I recreated in scratch.

The components used to create the story include: Speech bubbles and Backdrops.

The codes that I used to recreate the story include:

  •  Events, Code to start the story
  •  Looks script to enable the sprites to talk.
  • The characters were animated with the script which helped us make the characters talk and move backdrops.

The codes we used:
We used the orange button, The purple botton, The Magenta button and the Green button for it to work and to move backdrops and all sorts of things.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Digestive System

A few days ago I have being working on the digestive system. It was very fun making it because it helped me a lot because I didn't really know what it was.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Animation/ Video

Today in Inquiry I worked with Angela. We both made a animation about how the digestive system works and what is inside poo!! I was very fun working with Angela because we both pinched in and work together very well. 

Key into Evaluation Level One Set T6

Yesterday in Reading I have being working on Key Into Evaluation. I have learnt that unicycles are real and they have big and tall and for people to ride. Some of the sentences in it was very col because I saw a lot of cool things and some of the words I didn't know before.

HITT/ Monday

On Monday we had HITT. Today in HITT  we did pull ups, squats and push ups. We all had to get into a peer then get  into a group of 6. I was with Mele, Angela, Magenta, Joel and Nickela. It was pretty hard doing the pull ups because I tried to do pull up but every time I did it will hurt my legs and my arms. We all did it in the hall because it had a lot of space for us to do it.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Unicycle Tricks/ Bowling Juggling.

This Morning I watched a video of someone on a tightrope and juggling. I chose this one because it looks so cool of how he is doing it and because he is balanced on the rope in the whole video. The coolest thing that I think he was jugging 5 clubs which is very cool. You can also see in the video that he is juggling.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Confidence/ How to stand up to bullies!!

A few days I made a DLO about how to stand up to bullies using WITS. The reason I used WITS because it helps people  to stand up to bullies. It was really fun for me to make because it really does help me of how to stand up to bullies. If you would want to know how to stand up to bullies you could use WITS or you could get help from a friend that really does know how to stand up to bullies.

Thursday HITT

On Thursday we had another session of HITT. During HITT we did a copy of different kinds of Squats. It was very fun and hard because most of us tried to get up to Red which most of us did. My goal in HITT was to try and get over 100. This exercise is to help us to get puffed and fit.

Kiwi Sport

Yesterday we played Rippa Rugby. The first thing we did was play a quick game of 'Bull Rush'. It was pretty hard because I tried to step them so that I can go all the way to the other side. Once we were done we lined up into girls and boys so that we can get into a group of 3. Viva, me and Nyjah were the leaders of each lines, We all vsed each other of how to work together to be able to take the tag off and to try and run to the other side. The last thing we played was a game of Rippa Rugby,

DigiTech project - Intial planning

In Digitech we started our intial Planning got our digitech Project. The Included completing the following tasks:

Context Brainstorm
Conceprial Statement
Planning Timeframes 

The purpose of the Context Brainstorm is about the tamaki neighbourhood.

 The purpose of the Conceprial Statement is about what the animated story is going to be about.

The Purpose of the Planning Timeframes is for us to know what is going to be used in the animated story...

During tech we played a game called Kahoot. This questions were pretty tricky because some of the answers were pretty hard for me to know. I played 12th. The highest that I have been on Kahoot was 3rd or 5th place. The winners were Mele, Alex and Joesph!!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwi Can group played 2 games and Mrs Lilly also told us a story of when she was little she had a friend from primary and they both went to the principals office because they saw on the cameras that one of them stole the ice block. The other friend blamed that Mrs Lilly took it which she didn't.  The first game we played was a card game but very different. Everyone had to get into a group of 4- 6 which everyone did. The next activity we did was JKQ. The winner was me. It was very funny and fun playing all of the games.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Division Equation

Today for Maths I made a screen castify and a DLO about how to solve it, what the problem was, the drawing and the answer. It was kind of easy because I got a help from my friends to know how to solve it. I chose this one because it was one of my favorite ones to solve.

Problem Solving Strategies

Last week I made a DLO explaining the  strategies of 4 x 8.....  We had a solving idea that would help us get the  answer of the question. We used tidy numbers because that's another way of solving it. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Respect/ Thank you Mrs Anderson

A few weeks ago I made a DLO about a letter to Mrs Anderson because she is very nice teacher and teaches us a lot of things. In my thank you letter it explained about how she is the best teacher ever and that she had help LS1 in 2016 for doing actives which helped us  worked together as a class.

My Respect/ My Respect Leaders

A few weeks ago I made a DLO about my respected leaders. In the DLO I wrote why I chose them and what leader are them. If you guys didn't know Savelina is a sports leader with Matatio and Ofa is a manakani leader with Sanjan. Every year a year 8 student will become a leader. 

About Gesses

Yesterday and today I made a DLO about Gesses. This DLO has 5 facts and a labelled diagram of a goose. I learnt a lot from this because I never knew that gesses means plural form of a goose. Did you know that geese are waterfowl of the family of Anatidae which is very cool. 

My Respect/Collage Show Casting

Last month I made a DLO showing photos that I had for the past few years. When I was looking at my photos it gave me so much memories. One of the memories that was one of my favorite ones was doing the exercise with Mrs Anderson in 2016. It was so much fun because we all worked together as a class and we were all laughing when we will fall down and make a lot of jokes. 

My Respect/ Belonging in Panmure Bridge School

Last term I made a DLO about belonging in Panmure Bridge School. In the writing I explained what we use and what we do. Panmure Bridge School is apart of the Manaiakalani caster. My favorite thing at school is the friends I have and teachers I have. I have learnt a lot from this school then my other school.  

My Respect/ Aretha Frankiln's

A few weeks ago I made a DLO about Aretha Franklin's. It shows her respect song and about her. I have researched online to know what she is about. I learnt that her age is 75 but now she is 76. I learnt when she was born and that she is a song writer. 

What is the respiratory system? How it works?

Yesterday for Inquiry I worked with Hajera and Joel. Me and Joel made the video of how the respiratory system works because Hajera was late. Me and Joel got help from Mrs Linda because me and Joel was confused of how the respiratory works. We watched videos of how it works which helped us write it down. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Quiz: Make or Break

Today for Reading I made a DLO answering the questions. I learnt a lot about the book music makers because  Josh got sucked inside the TV which he had to perform in front of a audience which I think he kind of delivered  it because he didn't listen to his mum so I think know he knows that he needs to practice. 

Read Theory Progress

Today for Reading I got to see what my progress looked like in  Read Theory. For this term and today I am going to try and get above 80. It was pretty hard because I kept on moving from grade 2 to grade 3 which kept on going over and over. I learnt that I have try very hard to know what the answer is to the question.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Kiwi can

On Thursday we had Kiwi Can. The first thing we did was an enegeriser. The enegeriser was a game. In this game we had to form a circle. We played 2 times. We had to try and get someone out and try to not get out. it was pretty hard because there were fast people getting them out which made me scared. After that we had a talk about was intergerty. Mostly everyone had an answer. Once we where done we had an activity. This activity was pretty hard. Everyone had got put in a group. In this game  someone from each group had to try and show actions so that there team can get the answer.

Kiwi Sport

On Thursday we had Rippa Rugby.  Everyone that played Rippa Ruby for kiwi sport played on the court because the grass was wet. The first thing we did was play a quick game. But before we did we went into groups of 3. Haymesh putted us into teams. After we had a game we had an example from my team. So what we where doing was that one person had to stand still and the other person with the ball had to try and step them. We also had other tricks that Haymesh gave us. Once we where done we went into peers. My partner was Nyjah. We all had to stand in front of each other. The person in the front had to go where Mr Johnston was and the other person had to stay where they were. In our lines we had a number In this game there was  2 teams. Each team had to take turns defending and having the ball.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Student Led Conference

In the afternoon yesterday we had student led conference. Mostly everyone in the inter school went to there class rooms to show there parents what they learnt in there class and there work on the walls. My student led conference  started at 3:50. It was pretty scary sharing my work  with my mum because I haven't been for a while. Before it was student led conference  I went to park with my friends. It was very fun.


Today at Tech we started with a new slide. I was next to Nyjah at the computers. The first thing we did was to sign into our drive. We went onto Mrs Anderson's site so that we can go on the calendar for us to know what we are going to do today. Before we started our work we went onto scratch. We all made us our own account for us to be able to create an animation. We all went back onto the calendar and waited for Mrs Anderson to say the next instructions. We all watched a video that was used with scratch. This video was called Casey and Jeff going to the park. Everyone made the same one to it. We had some examples that some people did from Panmure Bridge School and other  schools. We all went back on the calendar to make a copy of slide 2. We had to make another copy on the slide of level 2. On the slides it had instructions  of how to make it. Mrs Anderson helped us with a few slides but the rest of the slides we all did it together.

Link to my work-

The game/ Scratch-

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How Wifi works

 How wifi works?

Wifi has a similar frequency to a microwave and also to a oven because it heats the dinner up. WIfi also gives information and is connected to online sites and social media’s. It is used for mobile devices because it is technology. It is also has games, images and apps that is used with wifi. It also allows people to video chat and talk with people online.  Some people doesn’t know that Wifi is light. The spectrum light is invisible to a human eye.

Spectrum  turns into color. It is group of different kinds of colors or a pattern and a rainbow.  Spectrum is on mobile devices and also is around places. You could create photos and drawings using color. If there wasn’t color you wouldn’t be able to see anything.  Radio waves are 5 things. As an example radio waves is like hearing the radio play in the car. Energy waves are basically the wifi.

The lower the frequency the slower the pulse. Energy waves can come through the mobile devices. An example if you take the bottom of the of the computer you will see the energy waves go through. Radio waves is like the same as the radio sound in the car. Also radio waves produces sound in mobile devices so that you can hear what the person is saying in a video. A binary code is like different kind of codes.

An example of a binary code is like a password that has little numbers. It also makes a number. Binary codes are a bunch of little codes that are bunched and make a whole number.  Binary codes can form a password. For an example 7937568 because those are numbers that are used for binary code. Wifi’s are very useful because it will give us information and it will also be very fun to use.

Wifi does have a similar  frequency to a microwave and also to a oven because its technology. Wifi really does connect to online sites because those online sites are used with wifi. Yes it's right that it is used for mobile devices because wifi and mobile devices are technology and if you don't have a technology device that means wifi can't be able to connect to it. Many people doesn't really know that wifi is light. Before wifi had started no one new  that much information.
Today for Writing I worked with Nyjah. Nyjah and I worked together to check our work with checklist. I have learnt a lot because I never knew the words and how to say it. It was pretty hard writing it because I never knew how to say the words.   

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Respiratory System Game

Today for Inquiry I played a game called Respiratory system. This game is about the respiratory system. I learnt  what was in the respiratory system.  This game was pretty hard because I didn't know how to play the game in the start. I helped out Joel to get answers right because I kept on trying and I got it right.

 Respiratory game-

Friday, 1 June 2018

HIITT Trainning

Image result for hiit training

Yesterday we had another session of HIIT. It was very fun. I tried to get to try as hard as I could even if I am tired I need to push myself of getting up to Red so that I can get Puffed. It was kind of hard for me because my legs felt very tired of doing the squat jumps because I tired to touch the roof. 

Warriors Trip

The school

Taking a photo/ At the Warriors trainning

The Warriors Bag/ The Warriors School

On Tuesday over 20 people from Panmure Bridge School went to see the Warriors. The bus that we went on was very cool because it had a lot of cool things. We went down to Mt Smart. When we were at Mt Smart they told us that the Warriors are not going to train at Mt Smart they are going to train near the North Shore. But before we left we went to the Warriors school. It was very fun at the Warriors school because we did activity's and all sorts of things. Before we went to see the Warriors we had a 3 lines. We all had something. They were called what it looks like, what it feels like and what it sounds like.  I was in feels like group. We all went back on the bus to see the Warriors train. When we were on the motor way we got to go on the heaver bridge. It was very exciting for me because I have never went on it before. A few minutes later we  went off the motor way and we were almost there, we all were there. It was very exciting because there were over 20 people there to train. We had a few minutes of eating and doing the 3 things that each line had got given. Before we left we all took a photo. We all went back on the bus and went back to Mt Smart. Once we got there we had to write down what it looks like, what it sounds like and what it feels like. We had a couple of minutes left. Once it was done we had one person from each line to say what they wrote down. After that we all went outside and had an activity. This game was really hard because we had to try not to explode the thing that lets us go across the lava. My team won. My team was the first ones to get the bag that we got given from the Warriors. We took one more photo and went back on the bus so that  we can go back to school.


Duffy Presenting

Image result for duffy book

Today at assembly me and Magenta were both presenting as Duffy. Presenting as Duffy was my first time. Me and Magenta did a Samoan and English version. I spoke in English and Magenta spoke in Samoan. I was really scared to do Duffy because it was my first time ever doing Duffy. Once I started to speak all my nerves went away.  


Today for Tech we started with Digital Tech. Our new teacher for this term is Mrs Anderson. We all used the computers instead of our Chromebooks. We had a slide that was the lessons  of the game called Moana. Every time we have finished the level we will need to take a screenshot and put it on the slide so that we will remember what slide we were on.