Friday, 30 August 2019

Tech | Last day of Robotics

This week during, we have being editing our movies. Today was our last day of our robotics lesson. During this last tech lesson we have been creating a robotics movie/ video that was about something that we have learnt about over the last 15 or 14 weeks of Tech. Today was our last day of editing or filming. In my group I had Marieta, Angela and Fui. In the movie I created the animation and a bit of Angela. I hope you enjoy this movie/video that we have created as a group.

I'll like to say a big thanks to Mr Dunn and Mrs Munoz because without you guys we wont have any robotics at Tech. It's cool knowing that we are the first year group out of all of the schools and year groups that goes to Tamaki College. I cant wait to go to my new tech rotation. Today was also the last day of the year 8's being split apart into 2 groups. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Point of View

This week for Inquiry Chavda and I have been using our researching skills to find out whether it’s necessary for plastic straws to be banned. In my opinion straws shouldn't be banned as it doesn't cause much problems then plastic bags. It helps us drink a drink instead of having it all over our face. Using this DLO we managed to find information/useful knowledge to back up not only our opinion but also to fill in facts for No/yes. A fact is useful information that is always correct . Option is not right or wrong as it is a emotional way to approach things.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Joy Cowley | Author DLO

This week during Reading we have been doing different activities since it is book week. In this task we had to choose a New Zealand author. I decided to do Joy Cowley since she is an author I knew at a very young age. In this DLO we had to have: what books have they written, what inspired them to become an author, information about their life and to include 3 questions you might ask them. 

Book week: Reading Pathway

This week during book week LS2 has been doing different activities over the week. This task was to find books that we liked when we young - now for our reading pathway. I decided to do Age 5, Age 6, Age 11 and now. My favorite book's right now is all of the Amulet books because they are really cool to read and the Amulet colors look really pretty. My favorite character's from Amulet is Emily and Miskit. At the age of 9 and below I liked reading books that had pretty front covers and that were hard or easy to read. 

Tech blog post

This week during robotics, this was our last day of editing or creating our robotics movie. In my group we had Fui, I and Angela. To make this robotics movie we had to film clips of the M-bot moving and we also had to do a project that we have learnt from doing robotics. My group is doing an animation for our project. My group just needs to edit our movie then we are done with our movie.  

Catupult challenge

Last week on Monday Fui, Haylee, I , Taheesha and Florence worked together on a catupult task. Our challenge was to create a catupult that could sling the dice at the paper target on the wall. To make our base stronger we used triangles to make it strong. The design we created was a trebuchet. Our leader (Fui) gave each person a role in our group to make the trebuchet. In the start we found it a bit hard to do but once we did our second challenge, Florence knew what to make. Next time we  need to work on making the trebuchet: to make the arm of the trebuchet stronger.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Persuasive Speeches: Racism

LI: To write a speech that persuade others to think the way you do.


Greetings everyone, I have felt passionate about a topic that has been spoken about for many years. Racism. In the past, black and white people didn’t get along, this was especially in places like the USA where what you could do or where you could go depended on the colour of your skin.

In September the 7th 1921, during the touring in Napier. New Zealand won 9-8. When this story was published, the manager says that he did not deny that his players had been upset because of the saying of the crowd.

On August the 28th in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr delivered his “I have a dream” speech, was a powerful speech that talks about racism, freedom, and american civil rights. Did you know that those 4 words is well known as a phrase in African American’s history.

In 1982, New Zealand first played South Africa. Although the All Blacks team had really good players some of them weren’t allowed to go because they were Maori like George NÄ“pia. 160,00 people signed a petition to have a white All Blacks team instead of having a mixed of colour team. Their slogan was called ‘no Maoris, no tour’.

Have you ever felt excluded because of your skin-colour? Well, we all have experienced it in some way. You may know Rosa Parks as the“first lady of civil rights”. Rosa Parks sat at the front of a city bus, refusing to give up her sit up to a caucasian male. It wasn’t fair how they were having separate sides of white and black people. Rosa put up a fight, but didn’t win. She was forced to get off, and was taken to jail because she kept on refusing to give up her seat to a white person, so then they arrested her. How would you feel if that happened to you?

This week we had our speech competition on Tuesday. On Monday we had a speech off between 7 people. Only 3 people from that 7 was able to present their speech at our school's speech competition. The 3 winners were Mele, Jack and Marieta. But before we presented our speeches we all chose a speech topic to present in front of the class or in a group. I decided to present my speech in a group because I wasn't that confident to show my speech to the class. The speech topic that I decided to go with was Racism because that is one of my favorite speech topics and because I was influence to do a racism speech. 

Aesop Comic Strip

This week we have being doing book week activities like: comic strip and reading pathway. During the comic strip we used this site, to make our comic strip. I decided to go with the Lamp because the name sounded simple. My favorite box that drew out of all these 3 boxes was the first one since the colours looks kind of pretty and because it has details on it.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Swimming blog post

This week during Swimming lessons we having being practising a bit of skills that would help us with our Strokes. Every Thursdays we come down to the Panmure lagoon to get taught, some strokes that would help is when we are in trouble in water. Every class in Panmure Bridge School is doing swimming lessons. Our instructor is called James. He is going to be teaching my group for the next 7 or 8 sessions. The main things that we did this week was Breath stroke kick, streamline,  doing a bit of backstroke and we were also doing some other things that kind of helped us with our technique. Before we finshied our swimming lessons with James he has made a goal for us to do 1 x 100 which means 3 laps. Some of us can do 1 x 100 including myself. For a couple of lessons we are going through the basics and then we are going to start some laps. 

Tech blog post

This week during Tech we have being working on a video that we are going to be showing to the class in a couple of weeks. In my group I have Angela and Fui. I am working on the animation, Angela is going to be editing the video and Fui is going to be doing the same as Angela. Next week we are planning to start filming our video since we have planned it out this week and filmed a bit of it. 

Friday, 2 August 2019

Kiwi Can | Term 3 Lesson 2

Our brand new topic for Kiwi Can is Resilience and our new theme is Emotions. In this Kiwi Can lesson we were trying to express our emotions by doing different exercises during our energiser. When we were doing our energiser some of the exercises was a bit challenging like the blank because we were trying to do it for 10 secs, 30 secs and 1 minute. During our activity we were spilt into 4 groups. Mrs Mac gave each  group a scenario to act out. My group scenario was about, going to an audition. Our main actors were Nyjah and Fui. The judges were Victoria, Florence and I. Nyjah and Fui were tryna show a lot of emotions during their audition.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Swimming blog post | Lesson 2

This week during swimming we have being learning breath stroke (kicks), dolphin kicks, butterfly, back stroke (a bit). We were in the same swimming group that we were put into last week but the people that weren't here were able to choose a group. What I found a bit challenging  today was breathing under water while doing the dolphin kick all the way till the end. What we did during this lesson was trying to float in the water looking down and looking out of the water while doing 6 kicks each.