Thursday, 28 September 2017

Problem Solving

LI: To work together as a group.
Today for Maths I worked by myself and I also got help from my friend Nyjah. What did you learned? I learnt to work together as a whole group to do the challenges that some of us could not do. How did you learned? We had to work together as a class because this was the point of this challenge to work together and share your work ... but you dont give the answer you have to help them so that they learn.

Commenting on Jack's Blog

LI: To use the 6 things for blog commenting.
Today for Commenting I commented on Jack's blog because I really want do something different and comment on someone that I haven't done last year or last term which I didn't do him. I said he doesn't need to work on anything yet because his blurb was clear and people could understand his blurb. 

Find Draw Animate Act

LI: To learn new things.
Today for Reading I made 2 Find Draw Animate Act. What did you learned? I learnt the meaning of 2 new words that you guys are going to see on the slide. How did you learned? We had to work into peers or group of 3. I worked with Marieta and Alice because there are 5 people in my group so there would have to be a peer and a group of 3.


LI: To learn what Democracy means.
Today for Inquiry we had to write about the meaning or how it works about democracy. What did you learned? I learnt the meaning of democracy it means when you mix everything together like a example colours White and Red makes Pink. How did you learned? We had to work by ourselves because it said nothing on the slides.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi can Mr M came back from Australia I was not here because I was at cross country so my friend Nyjah helped me out what happen. What did you learnt? I learnt how to play Numbers since last year. Number game is a game that you guys have to go together into a group,peer or by yourself. How did you learned? everyone in kiwi can played 4 games Numbers,Roll play , Volleyball and Challenges.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


                                           My Character

LI: To learn you things in Maths
Today I played a game that is a online game. What did you learned? I learnt 2 things one I learnt how to go to places and the last one is that always watch out if someone is going to fight you. How did you learned? I learnt this game from my teacher. My teacher really want my whole class to play this so that they can have fun and they can know things from the maths in the game so that they can know when the teacher uses it they can get the answer correct.

Table Conga

LI: To learn your basic facts.
Today I played something different  for my cando. I played Table Conga because I dont really repeat the same thing over and over for my cando. What did you learned? I learnt that those Gray things are the things that you dont go near. How did you learned? We had to choose different candos so that we can learn new things which I learnt a lot that I didn't learnt 2 years ago in 2015.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Coding Camping

LI: How to say and learn the meaning of the word.
Today for Raz Kids I have learnt alot from this book. This book has taught me how to work together as a group no matter what is happening  around you just still focus. In this book it is about gaming, they have to make a game at this camp for a contest before they had to present it to the whole camp. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive speech plan

My argument:

How will you greet your audience? Kia Ora /Good Afternoon/Good Morning/ My name is Chavda Fauea from LS1.

How will you introduce your topic in a catchy way?
Hey there I am going to tell you guys why we shouldn’t smoke.
Write a rhetorical question to make the audience think about your topic: Have you ever smoke once in your life?
What is your opinion? Write a statement that clearly states your point of view: We shouldn’t smoke because it makes our breath smells. If you don't brush your teeth after you smoke your gum might be black  during the week, your breath might smell like smoke and you could get cancer from smoking.
List some facts or statistics that support your opinion:
It isn’t good for your health.
It might give you a disease.
It would give me lung disease.

Do you have a solution to the problem? (Yes)
Kids and adults out their smoking please stop because their are kids seeing you smoke when they go pass, and it isn’t good for you at all!!.
Say your opinion again and warn the audience what will happen if they don’t agree with your opinion.
If you don't agree with me bad things would happen to you I have told why and what would happen so please don't disagree because it is good for your health if you don't smoke.

Introduction of yourself
Kia Ora /Good Afternoon/Good Morning/ My name is Chavda Fauea from LS1.

Introduction of topic and Rhetorical question.

Hi Their I am going to be telling you guys why we shouldn’t smoke when you are older.

Would you guys smoke when you are over 21 years old?

POV and why you believe this
You guys should believe this because it gives you bad gum which means your gum would be black and your teeth would be broken, so you would have to replace them and get fake ones.

Reason 1

Because it’s not good for your health.

Facts and Statistics

My Fact:
It would cause a disease and death. Their are people getting Lung Disease 90% , heart disease and cancer of death . You should stop smoking because when you smoke near your kids they would think “I want to smoke when I am older so I should copy them”.
Reason 2

Because when you smoke you would feel tired and die.
Facts and Statistics

You will feel cranky and tired because for tired it makes you feel weird. And because you won't have enough oxygen which means you won't breathe. And my last one is that it means that 1300 people died alone .
Reason 3

It’s difficult for you to breathe.
Facts and Statistics

Because when you have short breath it means that it is harder for you to breathe and it is very uncomfortable.   


Smoking is very bad if you have a kids. The reason why because your kids might have cancer which makes them die from cancer.

Hi my name is Chavda Fauea from Panmure Bridge in LS1. I want to tell you guys to stop smoking because people when they are a teen and child they smoke which they should not be smoking at that age or at all. I want all of you guys to be healthy and follow me of what I am saying.

Thank you for listening.

Today I made a persuasive speech that is called NO MORE SMOKING. What did you learned? I learnt more things about why people should not smoke. And the last thing that I learnt was the meaning of the word that I learnt. How did you learned? I had to work by myself to do it because it was a speech that was about a topic. My topic is NO MORE SMOKING because I really want people out there to stop smoking so that they can be healthy no unhealthy.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we played a warm up before we did Shot put. In the warm up we played a game called octopus it is a type of running game. What did you learned? I learnt how to get better at shot put buy not thorwing but pushing it hard towards me. I cam 1st,1st,2nd(tie) and 3rd. I tryed my best at everything so that when I am older it is payed off. How did you learned? We got to in peers or bye yourself so I word bye myself because I wanted to have a turn each time so that I can in poof my shot put because I am doing trials in Term 4.

Tricky Words That we Didn't Know

Make or Break

Write the words in the correct order. Remember to put capital letters, full stops, and speech marks.

I practise, to don’t need Josh said
“I don’t need practise” said Josh

Josh girl band watched stage a on go out
Josh watched a girl band go out on stage.  

started strings the fingers Josh with his plucking
Josh started plucking with his fingers

The harsh closed eyes judge his despair in
The harsh judge closed his eyes despair in.

Josh again using started the pick
Josh started again using the pick.

found back his Josh sofa himself on
Josh found himself on his back sofa.

Famous Guitarists

Look at the words in the box. Decide how many syllables each word has. Write the words in the correct place.

guitar      behind       afterwards       accident        famous        mystery       musician       away        factory       badly

Two-syllable words

Three-syllable words






Today for Reading we had to read one book that was from our site. What did you learned? I learnt what is a Kalorono which it means it is a Wild animal that is like a lemur. How did you learned? We had to work with someone that was in our group which we had to work in peers. I worked in a group of 3 because in my group we have 5 people which means one group of 3 and one group of 2. We decided to do Jungle Quest because we didnt know what kalorno meant so we read and read and then we found out.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can we had new teachers for Kiwi Can. What did you learned? I learnt how to play a new brand new game that was from our girl teacher that taught us how to play a maths game that one person had to stand up and do it in a circle. Whoever losses has to sit down where they lost. How did you learned? We first did a warm up that was called Mili Mili. In this game we had to do make sounds and use our hands. It was called Tiger,buffalo and Hey hey and ho. After that we played a game that involved a hola hop and cones.  One cone would be ten another cone would be 20  and 50 is the farest cone since it is the highest. At the end our teacher had a turn. The kiwi can teachers told all of us that if our teacher gets us 110 and another 110 then we would of got 310 points which meant we would of beat group A but we didn't we got a tie.  

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Today I commented on Florence blog. This is my second time commenting on her blog. The first time that I commented on her blog was when we did the Winter learning journey. I told her that she needed to add a link to her photo so that they would want to know some of the information about her blog post. 


Bill English
Image result for bill english
Photo by Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

Image result for national party logo
Image result for clutha southland electorate
Jacinda Ardren
Image result for Jacinda Ardern
Image result for Labour
Wellington/ East

Today for Inquiry we had to choose out of one of the people from the site. What did you learned? I learnt how to say th persons name like Labour and Green. How did you learned? We had to work by ourself to do this.

SSR Self

Today for SSR Self I took a photo of myself. In SSR Self you a supposed to write a retell of your book. I learnt how to write more words into my writing and I also add 5 or 4 things that was suppose to do to go up to level 2 or 3.

Raz Kids

Today I went on Raz Kids. Raz Kids is a type of reading site that would help you with your reading. I read a book called Flying Kites. I put a link for you guys to go onto Raz kids. But you could have to login or you would have to sign up.

Link To Raz Kids

Free Rice

Today for Maths I played a game that would help me with my spelling and meaning of the words. I learnt the meaning of 2 words but I knew the name of the word. How did you learned? I had to choose out of one of my CANDOS.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Art Work

LI: to make a art work.
Today for maths we made a art work . What did you learned?  I learnt how to make a pattern without making a mistake. How did you learned? We had to make a art that was drawn light on dark and dark on light. We had to put our art work on a black piece of paper so that we can put our piece of square paper on it. I worked by myself to do this.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Maori Language Week

LI:To learn how to speak Maori.
Today for Maori Language week I worked with Nyjah and Fui What did you learned? I learnt how to speak some of the maori words. How did you learned? I had to work into peers or groups to this. We had record us saying it but we put lyrics on so that they can hear and say it also.

Reading Strategy

LI: To demonstrate our understanding of reading strategies.
Today for Reading I had to write what has being happening this term. What did you learned? I learnt how to make a Inference about what has being happening. How did you learned? I had to work with someone that was not part of my group so I worked with Florence. Me and Florence decide that we should not put the links on are blog that people cant access, so we put on a link that people can access so we put the Character inference on our blog.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Coggie Planning

Li: To make a persuasive speech.
Today for Writing I planned my writing about No more smoking. What did you learned? I learnt how to make my speech better then my speech then last week. How did you learned? I had to write on my coggie on what I was putting inside my speech.

Commenting on Tamaki Primary School

LI: To use all 6 strategy while comment.
Today for commenting I commented on Akanesi. What did you learned? I learnt how to make muffins because I have ingredients from Akanesi's blog. How did you learned? I had to commented on Tamaki Priamry school instead on LS1 and LS2 blogs. In his or hers blog post I learnt how to cook Muffins and I also learnt how to not to add emojis to my tittle.

Table Master

LI: To learn my time tables.
Today for Table master I wanted to do my Ten time tables. What did you learned? I learnt how type more faster in my Tens, I also got 4th on the high score list. How did you learned? I had to chose one of my can do to do for the must do task list. I chose table master because it helps me practice them and learn how to say it fast and type it fast.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Haiku Poem

LI: To wirte about feelings.
Today for inquiry I wrote about my feelings. What did you learned? I learnt what is a syllable . How did you learned? I had to write a poem that was on diamante or a haiku poem. I did a feeling about happy because I wrote that summer is my thing which means that I love Summer. A Haiku Poem is about 5 syllables in the start , middle 7 syllables and the end is 5 syllables. A Haiku poem is a Japanese poem.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Raz Kids

Today for Raz Kids I read a book called Maria's Family and celebration. In this book Lusi and Maria makes a picture of there family then they get the pinata ready and the last thing is that they put there party clothes on. I got 8 out 10 because there was 2 questions that I got wrong which I really didn't want to get wrong.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Art Drawing Planning

LI: To plan your art drawing.
Today for maths I made a google drawing that showed my art work and my planning of what I would need on my art work. What did you learned? I learnt how to sketch my art on a piece of paper but it wasn't on the google drawing I am still doing it. How did you learned? We had to make a plan of what we would need to do to our shape, what colour goes on like light on dark and dark on light which says on the image.

Poetry Features

LI: To identify vocabulary and language feature for use in writing a poem about feelings.
Today I made a poster about poetry patterns and language features. What did you learned? I learnt how to make a language feature poster. How did you learned? We had to work into peers or bye yourself which I worked bye myself. I chose a poetry about Playground which we all did for the bus stop activity.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tongan Language Week

LI: To learn how to say things in Tongan.
Today I worked with Alex. What did you learned? I learnt how to spell and say Numbers,Animals and Greeting. How did you learned? I had to work with someone in my group. I worked with Alex, he did one slide and I did the other slide. We didn't do 10 numbers we did 10 - 100.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi can we played 2 fun game. One of the games was called Bit bot bounce that we did 2 weeks ago. Bit bot bounce is when you have to get into a circle but one person would be inside the middle to say bit bot bounce, Mrs Latoya would say bounce or bit bot bounce if she doesn't say the whole word and the person she is saying it to and the person says bang they are out. The last game we played was called all the board game and in the game there would be a rope. The rope would lower down when you have failed and passed it.

Persuasive Planning Speech.

LI: To make a persuasive speech.
Today for writhing I made 3 copy's of persuasive plan it was called Free wifi,NO MORE SMOKING and Animals Allowed at school . What did you learned? I learnt how to learn more about a persuasive speech because I watched a video with my whole group about persuasive. How did you learned? We had to answer the questions that was on the template. I also had to convince people why we should not do it and why we should do it. smoke and I also had to convince people why we should have free wifi and why we should have Animals allowed at school.