Friday, 28 September 2018


On Thursday we had inter school Netball. This was placed at the AMI courts in Glen Ines. It was really fun. We had to 2 teams for year 7/8 and 5/6. My team got 1 win against our school and a tie with Tamaki Primary for our first game. The rest of our games we lost. My position was GS because I love shooting. My partner was Tiava. Her position was GA which is Goal Attack and My position was Goal Shooter. I have learnt and experience a lot at this trip. My team had 8 players with 1 sub each round and game. Our coach was Mr Oglive and the other year 7/8 was Mrs McLean. 

3D Design/ Tech

Today at Tech we made a 3D person or character. I have decided to do the Zombie from Minecraft because I love playing Minecraft and the reason why I chose to the Zombie is, because most people weren't going to do it. I was trying to copy a Minecraft Zombie. I have learnt, how to use the tools and to rotate and using my mouse to look around my character. We also got to have lessons to help us practice using the tools.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Current Events

This week Nickaela and I for Inquiry made a DLO about a New Zealand bird called a Kereu. We found this story on Kiwi Kids News. We finished it in a day and got given this in a day. If you would like to read or comment on her blog it will be at the end of the blurb. 

Sidu River Bridge

This week Nickaela and I made a DLO. Nickaela did the drawing but I did the clouds. She made a bridge that is very famous in China and around the world.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Timeline Bridge

This week and last week me and Nickaela. We have being working on this for very long. My favorite part creating was Steel/ Truss. The bridge we made was the 1865, Panmure Bridge. We first made it on a google slide but then we made it on google drawing.

Roman Numerials

Today Mele, Fui and I worked together on a google slide. We had to work out 1 word problem with different questions. This was pretty hard to work out. Our answer is 5 because 10 x 5 = $50. 14 Divide by 50= $3.6 Each. 

Friday, 21 September 2018

Blog Commenting/ Fui

This week I have made a comment on Fui's blog. She has worked very well. I have decided to do her new blog post that she posted a few days ago. If you would like to see her blog it would be a the bottom of the blurb.

Design Models

Today we had Graphics at Tech. How does this design support my shape? This shape supports it, because the stick is holding the phone. What shape is my design?The shape of the Cookie is a circle because it is rounded. How can I improve my design? I can improve this design by doing smaller shapes of the chocolate chip so that I have more space.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Problem Solving

Today in Maths I worked together with Marieta and Fui. Our answer is 20 because 2/3 of 7 = 4.6, 30 divide 3 = 10 then 10 x 2 = 20. We used fractions, divide by and time tables to solve this equation. It was very hard solving it. We used Mrs Anderson strategy to solve the problem.

Basic Facts 20

Today for Maths I have started and finished my Basic Facts 20. It was kind of easy because when we all first started I kind of did 20, but then changed it to 100 because I did the wrong box. I have learnt a lot of my subtraction than addition.

Basic Facts Boxes

Subtraction box 1
Subtraction box 2
Subtraction box 3
Subtraction box 4
Subtraction box 5
Subtraction box 6
Subtraction box 7
Subtraction box 8
Subtraction box 9
Subtraction box 10

Today for Maths I have finally finished my subtraction for Basic Facts Boxes. It was pretty hard because I did up to 100. I worked really hard to find the answer to finger the answer out.  The hardest box for me was box 10 because I had take away a lot from the big and from the small number. 

Why Do People Build Bridges

Why Do People Build Bridges?

Bridges are built for transportation, easy acces, and for boats to go under. They help us leave from point A to point B instead of: drowning, swimming and getting wet. It also allows a path way to be formed. Bridges were also made for a faster transport across rivers, lakes and the ocean.

Before vehicles and living things were built they had a punt to sit on, and a chain to pull that cost money. If you let go you get pulled back. Most people didn’t really by it so they swam. Most people made it and the others don’t. That is called a New Zealand disease. The meaning to a New Zealand disease is how people drown from getting across the water, and the water is deep or low.

As you may know bridges help a lot of people around the world. They have different shapes, materials and are in different places. A very well known bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge. It is very 2737 tall. There a different types of bridges that are built in different countries, like a suspension, truss, and an arch bridge.

Bridges used today, but bridges are built for transportation, easy acces, and for boats to go under. It helps us leave from point A to point B. It also gives us faster transportation.

This week and last week, I have being working on a explanation about Bridges. I used have 5 paragraphs including the conclusion and introduction. I have learnt a lot about bridges because I researched about bridges and types of bridges. I also added an example about the Golden Gate Bridges because that bridge is very well known in the world and in America.