Saturday, 10 August 2019

Swimming blog post

This week during Swimming lessons we having being practising a bit of skills that would help us with our Strokes. Every Thursdays we come down to the Panmure lagoon to get taught, some strokes that would help is when we are in trouble in water. Every class in Panmure Bridge School is doing swimming lessons. Our instructor is called James. He is going to be teaching my group for the next 7 or 8 sessions. The main things that we did this week was Breath stroke kick, streamline,  doing a bit of backstroke and we were also doing some other things that kind of helped us with our technique. Before we finshied our swimming lessons with James he has made a goal for us to do 1 x 100 which means 3 laps. Some of us can do 1 x 100 including myself. For a couple of lessons we are going through the basics and then we are going to start some laps. 

Tech blog post

This week during Tech we have being working on a video that we are going to be showing to the class in a couple of weeks. In my group I have Angela and Fui. I am working on the animation, Angela is going to be editing the video and Fui is going to be doing the same as Angela. Next week we are planning to start filming our video since we have planned it out this week and filmed a bit of it. 

Friday, 2 August 2019

Kiwi Can | Term 3 Lesson 2

Our brand new topic for Kiwi Can is Resilience and our new theme is Emotions. In this Kiwi Can lesson we were trying to express our emotions by doing different exercises during our energiser. When we were doing our energiser some of the exercises was a bit challenging like the blank because we were trying to do it for 10 secs, 30 secs and 1 minute. During our activity we were spilt into 4 groups. Mrs Mac gave each  group a scenario to act out. My group scenario was about, going to an audition. Our main actors were Nyjah and Fui. The judges were Victoria, Florence and I. Nyjah and Fui were tryna show a lot of emotions during their audition.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Swimming blog post | Lesson 2

This week during swimming we have being learning breath stroke (kicks), dolphin kicks, butterfly, back stroke (a bit). We were in the same swimming group that we were put into last week but the people that weren't here were able to choose a group. What I found a bit challenging  today was breathing under water while doing the dolphin kick all the way till the end. What we did during this lesson was trying to float in the water looking down and looking out of the water while doing 6 kicks each.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Swimming blog post | Term 3 Week 1 | First session

This week on Thursday was the beginning of our first swimming session. We are going to be having 9 sessions of swimming on Thursday's every week. In the beginning of the lesson we were split into 2 groups. I was in the first group. My group was learning backstroke (a bit), streamline (kick) and practicing other strokes. My favorite stroke learning was Butterfly, I was the only one in my group that  knew how to do it. I found this swimming class a bit easy since I know how to do all 4 strokes.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Tech blog post | Week 10

During this weeks session we were coding our M-bots to go around these shapes. This was the last session of the term. After the holidays we going to make our own project. I found it a bit hard to do this task because my M-bot kept on going around in circles on the spot and it wasn't moving forward, turning left and turn right. This weeks words was called functions. To be able to do this we had to us the work book or the projects that we have made in the past. I found using the work book a bit easier for me because it gave me some ideas for my coding. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019


This week we have being do some hard exercises. What we did today was a lot of strengthening. I found it a bit challenging while doing the bars because after I did the push ups and the mountain climbers my arms were really tired. My favorite exercise was the push ups because that is one of my favorite exercise's that we do for HIIT. While we were doing the exercise's we had to peer up with someone. I peered up with Fui. When we were doing the exercise's  someone in your peer would need to do the exercise for 30 second while the other person is resting and cheering the person on. At the end of the session we were doing a challenge called Big sally up big sally down. When we were doing this challenge we will see who would last longest. Over 10 or under people lasted the longest including myself.

Maths Game presentation

Instructions of my game:

Greetings to you all and welcome to Time tables and subtraction. What you will be learning in my game is your time tables and subtraction but it is mixed up. On this slide, you’ll need to read it because it will help you understand my game. When you get to a slide that shows two sticks it is their for you to pick one that you will like to use during this game. Every time you have finished your question slide then you get to choose a new one or stick with the same weapon. My favorite stick out of those two is the Blue sword because it looks really nice and it is my favorite weapon in Minecraft. For the first slide you will need to click the text box that says click here and the text box below it will show you a number that may be the wrong one or the easy one. Good luck to those people that plays my game, and please comment down below on my blogger and rate it.

For a couple of weeks LS2 has being creating a Maths game that helps other people with their : Time tables, double, decimals, subtraction and so on. After we have created our game we were all able to make a icon that will go with our presentation. We all had to create our own Icon. The character that I did is called Universe. This morning everyone in LS2 presented their Maths game, while we were presenting we had to go with a buddy. My buddy was Nyjah. She helped me with the slides while I was talking to the class. I felt a bit nervous, but as I spoke to the class it got a bit easier for me to do.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Rhythm Interative's Visit to PBS

This week Johnny from the Rhythm Interative's came to our school today to teach us different instrument beats. The drum that Johnny used was an African drum called the Djembe. The meaning of a Djembe means bringing joy. Today LS2 students helped out the juniors in Room 1 or Room 6 if they were stuck learning the beat. In Room 1 I was peered up with Vill, he was a bit stuck with one of the drumming beats so I helped him carefully until he knew what to do. I found this experience fun because it was cool hearing a really cool beat that came out of all our drums. But did we know how to do it without a bit of help. Well Johnny first started it off with the beat/pattern then the whole school will join in or one side would do one beat then the other side would do a different beat. The theme was called 'together we can make a change'. What I have learnt from this experience was the skills of drumming (beats, pattern and rhythm). At the end the Head students (Mele and Jack) gave a big thank you to Johnny for coming to our school and teaching the whole school these cool drumming beats. I'll like to give a big thank you to Johnny for coming to PBS to teach us so many cool beats with different instruments beside from the drum, thank you Johnny for donating 7 drums to our school.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Inference DLO | Term 2 Week 8

LI: To understand how to use inference in Maths.
This weeks Maths session I have being working together with Holy to create this. Before we started to make our DLO we were given different word problems in Inference and we were also got a word problem that was in our Maths test. As you can see on my DLO I have my word problem, a drawing, how we figured out the answer and the strategy. I have sketched a image online but changed up the drawing a bit with the colours. 

Hiwi the Kiwi Visit | Week 8

This week on Wednesday Hiwi the Kiwi came to visit our school to talk about saving fishes for the future and also to talk to us about saving seabirds. If you check out my blog I have made a Explanation that talks about saving fishes. When LS2 was walking into the hall Mr Minstrel and Ms Minstrel were singing a song that they have written themselves. Once all the classes came into the hall we started to sing a song and we were also doing actions to the song. I found it really fun to do and also cool to see how everyone in the school was giving the moves ago. After we sang the song we started to hear some really interesting Fish facts and some funny jokes from Mr Minstrel. What I have learnt after Hiwi the Kiwi came to visit our school that it is important to wear life jackets when your are on a boat. If you would like to see a video of Mr Minstrel and Ms Minstrel singing a song or talking to the school watch the video at the bottom of my blurb. This video was created in 2016.
Click on the link if you would want to check the video out.

Tech Reflection | Week 7

This week during Tech we were learning, how to code our M-bot to make shapes. The word we learnt was Algorithms. I found it difficult to do the coding because I didn't get the correct coding for the square. We were also learning about algorithms. The meaning of algorithms is making steps or rules. I also found out brand new words that I never knew. Next week we are going to do some more coding to shapes.

Tech Reflection | Term 2 Week 8

This weeks Tech session challenge was to make our M-bot make a square or to try and make our M-bot to go around an item that was on the table. The word that we were learning about was sense. I found the 1st activity hard to do, so I decided to do the 2nd challenge because I found it a bit easier to do. Once I was done do my coding of my square it didn't really look like a  square because it looked like a Hexagon. Next week we are probably going to do some sum wrestling, which I am going to be kind of happy if I do it.

Independence Day (Angela and Chavda) | Excellence and Innovation

Last week on Thursday I created a presentation with Angela. I felt a bit nervous speaking but as I kept on speaking the nerves went away. Angela and I have being working on this show for a long time. This slideshow is about the Samoan Independence Day. It is about how Samoan people celebrates, the feast we have, the performance's schools make in Samoa and the clothing. Did you know that when we perform we have a backwards C on our cheek?

If you would like to see Angela's blog,
Here is the link to her blog -

Kiwi Can Reflection | Term 2 Week 8

This week for Kiwi Can we have a brand new topic called reliability. The meaning of reliability is relying on someone to take responsibility for their pet or food. This weeks energise was about trusting your partner in the front to the lead the way. My partner was Fui. Our Kiwi Can teacher gave us different challenges with our partners like being blindfolded and looking with your eyes open to see if anyone was going to try and tag them. The person in the front had to protect the person in the back, for them to not get tagged, and to tag someone at the back so that the peer can get eliminated. I found the blindfold challenge kind of hard because I didn't know if someone one was next to me or blind me, so I had to have trust in Fui. After that game we started to talk about reliability for a few minutes. Once we were done talking about reliability we started to play our activity game which was to balance with your partner in different ways or getting up at the same time. But first we had to peer up with someone that was about the same height us our self. Fui and I were about the same height so we peered up. We did different challenges with our partners. Fui and I had a lot of trust in each other. In this exercise we had to make sure we had trust in each other and to have strength to be able to lift our friend up. Before we left Kiwi Can we played GKQ. The meaning of GKQ is General Knowledge Quiz or Questions. So how we played GKQ was to have a master that went around the circle answering hard questions. If that master got eliminated by a question, the person that got it right would take over as master. The winner of that GKQ was Joel.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


This week on Monday we have been learning a famous ballet routine called Black Swan and White swan. A big thank you to Chloe, from the Royal New Zealand Ballet (contemporary) company. Before we started the routine we were doing different exercise to get us warmed up. I learnt how to jump, because I have been learning that move for a while but I just need to lift my hands out into a L shape. Once we were warmed up, we started to learn the routine. If you guys watch the video you will see the routine that  we were practising. I found the lesson fun because I haven't been taught any ballet routines because I was self taught. The music we used was classical - Tchaikovsky.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Waltzing Matilda Poem, Summary and Main Ideas

This week Nyjah and I has read a poem called “Waltzing Matilda”. Waltzing Matilda is written by a famous author called Banjo Patterson. Banjo Paterson wrote lots of famous Australian poems as he was a poetry. We both made two collaborative DLOs. One was about the main idea and the other one was about the actual summary. For the summary we had to unpack the different languages and find out the actual meaning first. Then we wrote in 20 important words, took 6 most important words from those 20 and made a short summary about the story. The other DLO was about the main idea and the evidence to back it up. Their were 3 boxes (Detail 1, Detail 2 and Detail 3).

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Strengthening connections to Maths language

L.I: Strengthening connections to Maths Language.

This week in Maths we completed a Maths Vocabulary challenge to help strength our maths language. I have also worked with Victoria on this task. As a class, we first explored the different ways of saying "Hello", looking at it in different languages and how we use the word in different situations. Then we were asked to discuss the word "plane" with a partner. Out of misunderstanding, everyone thought of it as a air-craft and not the maths meaning of it being a flat plane (surface). We worked collaboratively in pairs to drag words in their related topics being either Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Equality, Inequality, Variable, and Answer using a the explore tool and maths dictionary to find out what some words mean and trying to place each word in a section. Doing this activity will help me understand a wider range of Maths meanings when it comes to problems.

Kiwi Can

This week at Kiwi Can we have being learning Responsibility and Integrity. Yesterday was the last day of learning about Integrity. The meaning of Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking, and responsibility is having control over someone like babysitting your little brother when your parents are gone out somewhere. We were also learning about motivation, is someone cheering the person on or getting them an award at the end of the game or training. The activity we played yesterday was helicopter pop out. This game was kind of hard because, once we were trying to not get hit we were also passing the ball to different people in the circle.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Gymnastic Session 4 | Term 2

This week we have being working on different skills. This weeks rotation was kind of similar to last weeks rotation but a bit different. My favorite rotation was the last rotation because I really loved doing the dive roll, backwards roll and more. The rotation that I found a bit hard was the first one because when I was swinging on the bar I couldn't hold my grip for a long time.

Tech | Ctrl 2019 Term 2

This week at Tech we are learning coding. Today we were coding our M- Bots (which is a device that can talk, move and do more things). I found coding a bit challenging because I was wasn't able to hearing any sound coming from the M- Bot. The word that we use today was variable. The meaning of variable is change, sound, beat, tone and more. Next week we are going to be doing a different coding to a Drone.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Literary Devices

This week Mrs Anderson challenged our class to created a DLO on a google document and to use explore for our definitions and our images. This was so challenging for me cause I also doing my DLO's on a google draw not a google document. What I have learnt in this task is the meaning to Metaphor, Personification, a bit of Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole and Alliteration cause I haven't learnt about these in a very long time. 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Gymnastic Reflection | Week 5

This week in Gymnastic we were learning new tricks. We first started with a warm up game, the game we played was called Stuck in the mud. Each round a new peer of people will be choose to be the tagger. If you get tagged you will be in this pose that Steve gave us to do until someone came and saved us. After we did our warm up game we started to do some stretches. After our stretches we started on our rotation 1,2 and 3. It was a bit different on the rotations but a bit the same. My favorite rotation was the last one because I loved doing the dive which is a bit similar of doing a front flip. I learnt how to a dive because I haven't tried it before but as I started doing a lot of times it became so fun. I also learnt how to have a tight grip on the bars because it was hard for me to hold onto the bar. Next week or the week after that we wont be having gymnastic this year anymore because we will be having a brand new kiwi sport.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Major Yuri Gagarin Animation

This week in reading we used our creative skills to create an animation or an ex planer movie about Yuri Gagarin, in groups. My group and I decided to create an animation. Before we created the animation, we planned it as a group. On a piece of paper we drew a S to include the information we wanted about Yuri Gagarin from the start to the finish. A fact about Yuri Gagarin is that he was the first cosmonaut to orbit earth in Vostok 1. After planning the animation, we started to create our animation, we chose a leader to tell us our job of creating our animation. We all decided that I was the right leader of our group. My group and I worked together as a team and helped each other to complete our animation. I think that everyone in my group had great create skills and are really talented in drawing digitally.
Here is our blog links:

Friday, 24 May 2019


This week during tech we all have finished our designs. I have created a Game of thrones clock. We have being working on our designing for a few weeks. Today was the last day of designing our clock. I really enjoyed painting my clock and designing it. I'll like to give a big thank you to Ms Ferguson for helping us create our clock that took for a while. 

LS2 Stardome trip

Last night at 5:45 we went on the school bus to go to stardom to learn more about the planets in the atmosphere. Once we walked into the building we went inside this cool room that kind of looked like we were outside. We all found a seat and waited for a few minutes until the show started. We learnt so many planets and what the stars meant and what it looked like in images and pictures. My favorite planets are Neptune and Pluto because they have beautiful planet colours and how Neptune rains with diamonds. Afterwards we went to look at some pictures about the planets, laika (first animal to go into space), Yuri Gagarin (first human being to orbit the earth), checking our weight and we were able to play this fun game called Angry bird.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Information Report

Image result for king penguins

King penguins are 3 feet tall  and they’re the second tallest penguin alive. Did you know that king penguins swim underwater for about 20 minutes?

King penguins have orange spots (near the neck and near their ears). Males are slightly larger than females. King penguins kind of looks similar to a emperor penguin but an emperor penguin has a different size. The European explorers discovered king penguins thought that king penguins were the tallest specie alive. They are the brightest specie out of all penguins.

King penguins are carnivores. They love to eat (small fish, lantern fish and squid). Here's a shocking fact that humans don’t know (the mother gets the food while the dad looks after the chick). The mother uses their beak as a spoon to feed their chicks. They eat 13 pounds per day.

King penguins are warm blooded. They live in subanatracia on the northside of antarctica. In their island it has snow, water and it is really cold. Did you know that antarctica has 10 islands? Well I never knew that fact.

Did you know that king penguins are scared of a killer whale, leopard seal, skaus and an giant petrel. They travel in groups of 5 to 20 individuals.

I have finally came to my conclusion. I have written what their is diet, appearance, habitat and behaviour. Did you know that their scientific name is called  Aptenodytes patagonicus.

This week in writing we have being practising our information report writing skills. I have chosen to write about a king penguin. To do this practise whole information we used a text box that helped us write our information. We have a structure that we made up as a class called tips (title, introduction, paragraph and summary). I learnt that king penguins are 3 feet tall.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Tamaki College Reflection

This week at Tamaki College the years 8's including myself spent most of the day at Tamaki college for a organisation. We went to the library to have our morning tea. During our morning tea we met our student helpers that helped us out when we were stuck they. After our morning tea we went to two classes doing Science and Maths. Our first class that we went to was Maths. We learnt how to do Co-ordinates. We were trying to make an alien shape. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish it. The last class that we went to was Science. We did some experiments that felt really cool. For our safely we used gloves and glasses for our experiments that we were doing. My favorite experiment doing was the rocket one because it was so fun seeing it go high in the sky. We did so many experiments at Science. At the end we went into the Tamaki College school van to get back to school. Thank you to the Tamaki teachers for teaching us new skills in Science and Maths. I am also excited to go to college now because it is going to be more challenging for me and I'll have more subjects in college then Intimidate.

Tech Reflection

This week at Tech we continued doing our painting for our clock. We have two more weeks left of our rotation. I am almost finished with my Game Of Thrones clock. The colours that I am using for my clock are Black and White and a bit of Grey. Today I have finished with my back clock my background of my black and a bit of my drawings. This clock is going to be given to my Mum for her late mothers day gift. 

Thursday, 16 May 2019


This week at Kiwi Sport we have being learning new skills and tricks in Gymnastic. My favorite skill learning today was doing a star trick in the air because it was pretty cool doing. A difficult trick that I learnt today was the chairs because it was hard for me to hold my grip. My favorite rotation going to was the last rotation because it was so mucbfun doing the backward roll and doing some handstands into the bridge while waking in the bridge.  

Monday, 13 May 2019


This week we have being created a DLO about NZSL We have started this DLO last week. I have found images that gives examples of how to do an action of sign language. I found out that NZSL was created in 1995 on April the 6th. If you would like to check out my DLO here is my DLO:

Thursday, 9 May 2019

3 Novels that I have read.. | Excellence and Innovation

During the term 1 school holidays I was reading 3 novels. I choose to do Amulet Book 2, Drama and Smile. My favorite book out of those 3 books is the Amulet Book 2 because it was really fun book to read. This is my last care award til I get to Gold. If you have read any of these 3 books which book did you like reading? If you would like to check out my slide here is the link:

6x Tables | Maths

This week in Maths I have being doing 10 minutes of my 6x time tables. I am practising memorising and practising my 6x time tables. Before I used this site I didnt really know that much 6x table but as I have being using this site for a couple of days or weeks I have being improving. If you would like to practise your 6x time tables here is the link to the site:

Sputnik 1,2,3 | Reading DLO

This week in Reading I have being working with my group Rangitoto on a presentation called sputnik 1,2,3. We were all given a slide to do. My slide was defining the words that my group members didn't really know what the word meant. Before the morning tea bell rung we all presented our slide in front of our group. 

Here are my groups link to their blog:

Kiwi Can Reflection

This week at Kiwi Can we have started our new theme Integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing even when no is looking. For an example if you find keys and someone is wondering were their keys are, by doing the right thing is giving the keys back to the owner. I learnt how to play a brand new game that I haven't played before which was called 3 sports. For our activity we played role plays. Each group got given names for what they were role playing. But during the role play we had to have someone or people telling the truth of what happen. My group of Victoria, Florence, Jonathan, Pua, and Neveah got giving window. To finish off our Kiwi Can session we played some GKQ.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Main Ideas

This week in Reading I have worked with Joel, Avalon, Sakina, Miiana and I. We made a main ideas DLO that has the main points from the book that we read online. Their were 3 boxes (all important ideas, very important ideas and most important ideas). I learnt that Laika was the first animal to go into space. I also learnt that Russia was first country to launch the first satellite into space and they beat the USA to it.  

Here the links to their blogs..

Friday, 3 May 2019

Tech | DVC

This week at Tech we have being painting our clock designs that we made last term. We have 3 more sessions of DVC then we are going to be moving onto our next rotation. I am designing a Game of Thrones clock because my mum and dad loves  watching Game of Thrones so the clock that I am making is going to be hanged up in their room. We all started painting our clocks today. The colours that I am using is Black and White because the background is going to be Black and the animal drawings are going to be coloured White. I hope for our next rotation we get to do Food tech because, I really want to learn some new recipes. 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Chavda | Agent of Change 2019

This week the year 7 and 8's made a DLO of someone being an agent of change.... Last year in 2018 we made an agent of change DLO and we did it again this year as it helps us to set our goals. My new goal is getting the sports award, only the year 8's have a chance of getting the Sports award. My other goal in learning time is, staying on task because I usually distracted by my friends. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Place Value Partitioning

This DLO shows how I used the strategy of place value partitioning to solve addition questions. During our maths lesson we practised using this strategy with number and word questions. When I was answering the word question I had to look for the maths so that I knew what numbers to work with. My screencastify shows the strategy I used. The more I used this strategy the easier it got. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

6x Tables Reflection

Today I have being practising my 6x time tables. I dont really know my 6x time tables off by heart but I know some of the 6x time tables. I have a trick that I use which is adding 6, for 6x6= 36+ 6= 42. If you would like to play this game here is the link -

Monday, 29 April 2019

Comic book : Drama

Callies loves theatre. Her friends, herself and other people in her school helps her make a play. Her  best friend is called Lizzy. She meets 2 new people and their boy twins called Jesse and Justin. Callie has a crush on Jesse but he doesn’t know.  At the end she was put as stage manager because the old stage manager was going to high school.

Comic Book: Amulet Book 2

This book is about a girl called Emily that has a Amulet and that Amulet helps her when she needs help. She meets someone called Leon and miskit those people help Emily to get a posion to help cure her mum. She gets company by these evil army that works for their king. The son goes along with them to earn his dads trust but the son isn't evil he is good. At the end Emily wakes up and sees her mum and she was really happy because she was cured. She also sees Leon and she thanks him for curing her mum.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Transport Ship

Today in Inquiry I have worked together with Jonathan, Florence and Neveah. We were all giving different roles to get this work done. I was doing some of the information and I was the images, Nevaeh was doing Who, What, When, Where, Why and how with Florence. I learnt that it took the Soldiers and etc on the boat 48 days from Australia to Egypt to fight. We have being working on this DLO since the morning block to the afternoon. 

Here are there blogs:

Continents of the World

Did you know that there are 7 continents in the world? Well, today my partner and I made a DLO about the 7 continents around the world. We included the founders of each continent, three facts about 3 different continents, the map of the continents and the names of the continents. My most shocking fact was finding out that James Cook was the first ever person to discover Antarctica, another fact that was interesting is that Asia is the biggest continent, population and the size out of all the continents. Out of all these facts which fact interested you the most out of the facts that we wrote on our DLO.

Here is Florence's blog:

Monday, 8 April 2019

Photo Story

This week I have created a photo story that shows the activitys we did . I did day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4. My favorite day at camp was day 3 because we did the greatest pancake race and we also did the camp conecert. My group kind of failed because we didnt walk in the right time and we didnt have the right timing with our moves but the dances and acts were really cool. My favorite dance watching was baby shark.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Collage of Camp Yr 7/8 2019

This week I have worked together with Fui. We both made a DLO that shows photos that were taken at camp. I drew some flowers to make the collage look kind of cool. My favorite activity doing at camp was Kayaking, because I learnt many skills and it was fun to do. My least favortie activity doing was Raft Building because it wasn't really that fun building it but as we were in it felt really fun. On the last day we went to the pools for 3 or 4 hours at the Papkura pools. Around 2:30 or 2:40 we went back to school. My cabin group was Rimu. I had Marieta,Nyjah,Victoria,Sandra,Mele,Angela and I. 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

50 Words Challenge

Today Nyjah, Victoria and I created a DLO that explains 50 words of why Kokako lodge is a great place for year 7 and 8 students on camp? This was a challenge that involved points and working together as a team. We earned 50 points if we wrote all of the 50 words that explains why Kokako lodge is a great place for year 7 and 8 students on camp? We also made a Screencastify that shows the DLO that we created, and it has all the information on that DLO. 

Friday, 22 March 2019

DVC/ Tech

Image result for game of thrones clock

This week at Tamaki College we were designing our clocks on a piece of paper. Our Graphics teacher for term 1 is Mrs Ferguson. I have decided to make my Mum a Game of Thrones clock because she loves watching Game of Thrones. I chose my Mum because she needs to wake up early around 4 or 5 to go to work. In the clock it has some really cool designs in the clock. It was a bit hard to do drawing in it, but as I zoomed up to it got a bit easier for me to draw on the piece of paper.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Cricket Interschools

This week on Wednesday it was our inter school Cricket. My team was a year 5/7/8 team. In my team we had I, Nyjah, Fui, Suila, Charlize, Farzana, Fau, Marieta and Sandra. We played 5 games. We lost 1 game against Point England and won the other 4 games. The schools we played were Stone fields 1/ 2, Tamaki Primary, Stan Hope and Point England school. Mr Wong was our coach for the day. My 2 partners that I were with during the games were Mele and Nyjah. I learnt that if you hit the ball out of the cones area you get a 6. My favorite role playing was bating because I hit very fair in one game and I also loved to bat.