Thursday, 30 November 2017

Key Boarding Skills

Key Boarding Skills Link/Practice
Today I played a game called Key Boarding Skills. How to play? You have to use your key board to type it. When you fail it would be Red because every time you get it wrong it would always be Red. What did you learned? I learnt how to type thing like the space and I actually didn't know it was space until I started to sneak and watch my friend Nyjah. I also learnt how to type faster. How did you learned? The reason I did this one because I also do something else not this.

Decided my Filp

LI:To design and conduct a statistical survey.
Today for Maths I worked with Mr Wong. What we did? We had to do 100 for each of the Coin Flip and the Wheel Decide. We also had to switch after your partner was finished. We were suppose to do 500 for each but Mr Wong said that no one could do it which a group did. We also had to put all of our data on the spreadsheet that Mr Wong shared to us so that we can put on Data and our name but first letter of it. What did you learned? I learnt how to get into  a peer fast so that you wont have to work with a teacher. I was starting to not regret it anymore because this was my first time working with a teacher. How did you learned? The reason why I worked with Mr Wong because there weren't any even people in our group so one person had to work with the teacher and others can work with there friends. 


Today I played Prodigy. Prodigy is a type of Maths game. I have did a lot of time because I had to do it because of Maths and because it is also fun. If you want to play you have to get a code but if you already have an account then you shouldn't really care at all. You get to vs people and you also get to have money so that you can get you some things. You can also have pets so that when your character is died then you can use your other pets. You can become member if you pay real money not fake money. 

Free Rice

Free Rice
Today for my Can Do I did Free Rice. I have learnt a lot of new words and I also learnt the meaning to. This game is a type of spelling game and a meaning game. I have played this game a lot because it is very fun and it also helps you with your learning.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport we had a warm up game like we do every week. We played Octopus because Kevin promise us that we would play Octopus next week which it was today. Me and Aung Naing were the last tagers. We did a really great job. I felt bad because I promise Nyjah that I wont tag her but I did because someone said that we had to tag our friend so I went for it. After the warm up game we started to get into peers. I was with Peter. We had an example which was me. We first started of by passing it to someone and the other one had to catch it. I think me and Peter where go at it because we kept of passing it which we also got to use to it. The next thing we did was kind of the same thing we did but kind of different. But the only thing was different is that after our 5 turns we had to keep on playing until we called on the group. The last game we played was the same as last week but different. We had to do 1v1 instead of a 2v2. This was hard for me because I kept of losing over and over again which was kind of funny.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can we started of with a game. First we had to get into peers and you also had to number one A-B. I was with Fui and Nyjah. The reason why I was with Nyjah and Fui because there were not even people in group B so I went into a triple. A had to go on one side and B had to go on the other side. Mrs Lautila gave us actions and words to say. There 3 things we had to do and say at the same time. We had a practice round then we had real game. I was scared because who ever were the last ones to go back to your spot then you and your partner has to sit down. Also if you don't do the right action then you have to sit down with your partner. After the game we had to get into GKQ because there wasn't enough time to do the other stuff.


Florence Blog
Today for commenting I commented on Florence's blog. She was my favourite blog because she had a clear blurb and her poster was very clear. If you want to agree with me her blog would be at the top so that  you can see how great her blurb and work is.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Government Services

LI: To research things that are linked to the writing.
Today for Inquiry we started on a new topic. What did you learned? I learnt what Council's does because I didn't know what they did until I started to understand more things about Council. I also learnt some new words too. How did you learned? I worked with Fui. We had to get into a new group of 6 that doesn't have the same people that you have worked with. My group of 6 was Julian,Joseph,Tremaine,Fui and Joel. We all chose something different to each topic because that is why we are in a group of 6. Fui did Mayor and I did Council's. The reason I chose Council's is because that was the closes to me.

Monday, 27 November 2017

It's Novel Time

LI: to make connections, summarise, evaluate, and synthesise facts when reading texts over several days.
Today for Reading I worked with Marieta. What did you learned? I learnt the meaning to 3 different kind of words. I also learnt some facts inside the book which is at the end of the book. What did you learned? Marieta wasn't here today so I had to do everything by myself. I also had to make the video so if you guys has seen the video you guys all know what happen. I has to read this book because that was the only book that was left so I had to read it. Also because someone took the other book, Marieta is very lucky because all of the work is done so she doesn't need to read the book.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletes Day/Sprints

Today on Athletes day we had to go into our year groups 1-8. Also before the day we got our colour of what team we were going to be in. I was in Yellow with other people. We had 9 rotation . My favorite one was the sponge one because we had to hold the sponge and go under the pole, then get some water inside the bucket and run back to were the bucket is and squeeze the sponge inside the bucket so that it won't have any water inside. We also had Tamaki Collage people come over and run the things. We also had to were Mufti so that we can not make our uniform dirty. I was so happy because the running was involved which I love to run. We also had people helping us go to our place because we also would need a teacher in every age group. We also had music that was playing when everyone was having fun. Everyone that was in there colour had to win every rotation like an example Yellow wins everything. We also had to win points because that's the point of the game, bye winning points for your team....
What happen at Sprints...
In the afternoon we all ad to run. Everyone tried there best but there could only be 3 places I came 2nd Nyjah came 3rd and Mele came 1st. We also had another people in our class that vs each other. Example Matthew came 1st. I was going to come first but I had a feeling that something was wrong inside my body, which made me really mad because it wasn't the time to come. I was also proud for everyone that had won for there age group..... 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport we had a warm up game. This game is called Continue game. How to play? You have to keep on running until you got tag. If get tag you have to sit down. The only way you can run again is if the the person that taged you sits down then you can sit up again. After the warm up game we started to get into Badminton. This was very easy for me because we had to just use our forehand instead of using our backhand. We had to get into partners, my partner was Miiana. Me and Miiana were good at passing but I was better at serving because I was very good at it. After woods we sat down and waited what we had to do next. Kevin said that we had to drop the ball then we had to hit it. This was very easy to handle because I got used to it straight away. After woods we had our last game which we did last week. We had to vs 2 other people with your partner. The points goes up to 2 with you lose you have to wait until the other peers are done so that you can have a turn. This was hard because some people where cheating which wasn't cool because some people just wanted to have fun but some people didn't like me.

Survey Test Probability Chances

LI:To compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey.
Today for Maths we had to make a survey that was about the results that you had on your Maths book that was from everyone's answer. What did you learned? I learnt how to use the new upgrade Chart of speared sheets. I also learnt that if there are 1/3 chances then you would get 3 chances to get each of those colours. How did you learned? We had to put all of our results of the slide and explain your results and also explain who chose those numbers. The highest number and lowest one was 6, 3, 11 and 5. This was very fun to do.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can we only had Mrs Lautila. Before we went inside the room we got into numbers 1-4. I was with Sakina and we were in 3. The first game we played was called stinky socks because there were hula hoops surrounding in the room. How to play? When the caller says the number then you have to use your feet inside the hula hoop so that you can get the number. If you don't make the number you have to sit on the outside and wait for the next round. The last one is that if someone leaves you group wright because the caller counts the number then your out of the game. After this game we went back into our lines and we were talking about how we Respect. Mrs Lautila started to ask us some questions about how we community and Respect at the same time? She also told us how do we know how this other person is feeling? Some of the people answer most of the questions but some of them we couldn't because they were hard. Because Mrs Lautila told us this kind of word that had the meaning to it and Chris was almost there but it was wasn't the wright answer. The last thing we did was play JKQ. This is something that we all do at the end of Kiwi Can which this has lost of learning into this. The catch phrase was "I respect you, you respect me and we all respect each other".

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

SSR Self

Today for SSR Self I read book called Matilda. I have read this book since I was around 6 or 7 which I was young that time. I have enjoyed reading this book because I love Road Dahl books it is really cool to read and something that I wont forget. 


Ellenora's Fire Station Link
Today I commented on Ellenora's blog. I know I have done it but I only did it because she was closer to my blog. I told her that she needs to proof read her work and add more detail into it. I asked her a question and positive attitude to it at the end of it. If you want to commented on her blog it would be on my blog post.


Today I went on Prodigy. This game is a type of Maths game that is very fun to play. I really like this game because you get to buy things. What did you learned? I learnt where the places are for Prodigy and learnt some new basic facts. I also learnt what to do inside the game. How did you learned? I only knew where it was because my teacher showed me and the people so they can play it do. The only you can play it if you have a code and if you are already joined in. This game is at the top so have fun.

Table Master

Table Master/Game

LI: To learn new time tables.
Today I did my 2's,5's and 10's. I only did it because I wanted to go harder onto my Maths. I know it but I just wanted to do more because I am too lazy to do harder stuff which I should be doing. I was so happy because I am still undefeated because no one has bite me yet. If you guys want to play this game it would be a the top so enjoy the game.

Fire Station Visit

LI: To ask questions and also learn new things.
Today we got to visit the Fire Station. I was so happy but sad because we had to walk to and from to the Fire Station which made me sad and I was happy because, I got to see 4 people that are trained that can show us some tools. When we got there they told us there names. Steve,Bob,Paul and Norman. They told us that when there is a Fire go down stairs get low/down and also call them. The last thing they told us before we went outside was that there is a smoke alarm inside your house, you wont breathe it. Also if you don't have one then call them so that they can give you one. We got to go outside and see the parts of Fire Truck and to see how they put the equipment on. They told us where the tools go. It was really cool because when they where putting on the costume it looked really amazing because I haven't seen one in front of me so that was something that I wont forget. We all had to stand up and walk around the truck so that they can show us the other tools to it but on the other side too. After woods we went back to our spot. They explained to us that the water they have is very big to see, because there are factors,Houses and other places to. I was happy for this bite because Fui,Sandra,Jonthan and Andrew got to have a turn of holding the hoes which it was really cool to see because it was really big and high. Mr O got to have a turn and he got use the big hoes because the big hoes you had to use heaps of power so they had to use the small hoes. When Mr O had his turn it was very large and big because when it got big it looked so amazing to see. So we got to ask questions and Norman would just tell us more things about the hoes that they have too. When he talking I was looking at those cars which made me think did they die? We said goodbye to Steve,Bob,Paul and Norman then we started to walk back to school.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI: to make connections, summarise, evaluate, and synthesise facts when reading texts over several days.
Today for Reading I worked with Marieta again. What did you learned? I learnt some facts that was at end of the book which was really cool to see. I also learnt how to say some of the words and I talked more in the vocabulary video which I was happy that I wasn't shy and said it. How did you learned? I worked with Marieta again because we had to be partners until we have finished It's Novel Time. Me and Marieta work great together because w always know what to write and he also finish our work really fast..

Friday, 17 November 2017

Scenario Game/Video

Probability Problems

Work it out
There are 4 differently coloured marbles. You randomly pick a marble. What is the probability of getting the green marble?
¼… Because their are 4 different colours and you have one choice to chose the Green marble so it is ¼.  
Convert ⅙ into percentage probability.
Because if you put them into groups you would get the answer bye using your timetables.
Convert ⅝ into percentage probability.
100 divide equals 11 then divide 5 times then you would get the answer..   
Convert 12/18 into percentage probability
Because you have to have 12 people or anything to do it so you would have to make sure it goes up to 100 so you would get 18 to get the number then it would be 65.57.
There are seven different coloured cards in a bag. You pick one without looking. What is the probability of picking the blue card? Give the answer in both number of chances and percentage.
Because their is only one Blue card and the other ones it is different so you would only have 1 chance have getting the Blue card.
Convert 4/5 chances into percentage probability.
Because 4x5=20 and that is also the same for 5’s so you would get 20%.
You and four friends all jump into a pool. What is the percentage chance of you all getting wet?
Because you have a great chance of getting wet because water makes you wet… 100%
There are 100 tickets but only one is golden. You buy five tickets, but your friend buys thirteen tickets and your brother buys eighteen tickets. Who is most likely to get the golden ticket? Why?
Great Chance of brother….

Not a chance for the first one..

And the friends Maybe….
Golden Ticket
Convert 75% probability into number of chances.
Because their is one chance out of 26 so it would be 1/25 because you're taking one away one from the 26...
You order a supreme pizza and take three out of eight slices. What is the probability of getting a slice with pineapple?
Because when you take 3 out of 8 it would be 5 slices because I taken 3 from the 8 to get 5 Slices.
5 Slices

LI: to learn how to make a game.
Today for Maths I made a game and also a video. What did you learned? I learnt how to make a kind of good video and a good planning. I also learnt how to make my planning kind of detail for people to see on my blog. How did you learned? I worked with Nyjah. I had Florence to help me and Nyjah for our Maths which was very nice of her to do. We also had 2 must dos. We had to publish both of them but I had to do my probability first.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Police Visit

LI: To learn new things about the Police.
Today everyone in the whole school got to experience to see the Police, Dog and also a Helicopter. What did you learned? I learnt that Dogs can actually go high without touching the ground. I also learnt that they have a camera that you can see at night time and the morning because they cant see bad people or people that are lost that needs help. The last thing that I have learnt was that Dogs has to go school which I thought that they get train at home or someone that the owners does it. How did you learned? We had early lunch time which started at 12:00 clock to 12:30 or 1 something, which was really cool because we got to have more time of playing. My favorite bit about it was when the dogs came. I am so excited because I love Dogs because they are really kind and they also protect you only if you train them. Everyone in the whole school got to learn new things about Polices and how to train dogs. The Dog name was Kahu this dog is still training but it looks like he is trained. The person that was holding him was Grant he was saying things to him and also telling him to sit and other things that we saw.


LI: To look at more than one information source when researching.

LI: To record facts in your own words.
Today for Inquiry I worked with Karlos. What did you learned? I learnt new facts about Food service. How did you learned? Me and Karlos did different kind of things. I did Food Service and Karlos did Public Transport. This was kind of hard because we had to find the link to the sentence that is in the Teacher side and the other side is for you to write and to find a link from your own one but kind of different if it is false.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we has a warm up for every Kiwi Sport. We played Stuck In The Mud. This game was the game that we had played a few weeks ago. After we played we started to get into Badminton. We had to get into a partner but one of your partners has to get a shuttle and a rackle but the partner had to get one rackle too. This was really fun because me and Nyjah where trying to go up to Ten but we didn't but at least we were close by 3 which we got 7. The second to last thing we did was practing on the net... Afterwords we had to vs one another with your own partner. This was hard because some people were better then me and Nyjah which that was hard to handle.

Matt Cutts

LI: To understand how to deliver a speech.
Today for Writing I worked alone. What did you learned? I learnt something new about Matt Cutts. What did you learned? We had 15 mintues to watch a video and write the good things that Matt Cutts has said that is good which is his one was about 30 day challenge. He was saying that you can do it and he also said that you can write a novel,take a picture or do anything that you can do in 30 days/ Month as a challenge so give it a go.....

Kiwi can

Today for Kiwi can we played a game. This game was Nights,Gentleman and Horses. We had to walk around then Mrs Latula would tell us something but we have to be in a partner to do it our else we would have to sit down and wait for the next round..... After we played that game we were talking about what we did last week and what are we learned about... We had one more game before we left which was version of octopus. This game was really hard because we had to into groups of 8 or a partner when Mrs Latula would tell us when we have to go... I was happy because me and best friend Nyjah made it to the last round which was really cool but we also failed.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Today for SSR Self I read a book that is apart of the Roald Dahl book. This book was very easy and hardish because I havent read this book in along time since I was a year 3. I gave this book 9 out of 10 because I felt like it wasnt very fun to read but other people might think it is good which it is too. 

Blog Commenting

Today for Blog Commenting I commented on Ellenoras. This was kind of different I haven't comment on her blog before so I did it today. I said to use that she needs to proof read her blog because some of her work didn't make sense.. If you want to see her blog it would be at the top where it says Link to Ellenora's Blog.

Table Conga

     Link to Table Conga
Today for Table Conga I did my 9's. It was very fun because I got to use this person which is Red inside the game that we have to control for it to move but we have to go to the number that is the time tables that you are doing. I had so much fun the Link is at the top if you want to have fun like I have inside the game. Help? You have to choose which  Time Table that you would want to do before you play the game.

Table Master

LI: To learn new basic facts.
Today for Table Master I did my 5's. I wanted to do my 5's because it is very fun to do and it is something that it is kind of hard because I am trying to do it fast. This was really easy because I have being doing my 5's for along time so that was very easy to do.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI: To make connections, summarise, evaluate, and synthesise facts when reading texts over several days.Today for Reading I worked with Marieta we have to work for the whole term. What did you learned?I learnt the meaning of words and different kind of things that are shown in the Vocabulary video. How did did you learned? I read this book 2 times because all of the other books where taken so I had to chose the same book that we did last week. This was easy because I read 2 times so it made it very easy for me.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport Kevin told us that we are going to play a game. The name of the game that we were going to play was Everyone's It there were 2 rounds. We started to get into partners. I was with Sakina, Sakina was very easy to work with because we got use to being partners so we practise and practice and then we got connected. We had to  use our forehand and backhand but... you still have the same partner. Me and Sakina did great with our forehand and backhand. Because she chose backhand because she was better then her forehand and I chose he forehand because it was very easy to hit with. Our second tom last one was that we had to have one person throw the ball and the other person hit it and the person that threw the ball has to catch it again. The last one we did was the same one as a the forehand and backhand Kevin told us later on when we were doing the forehand and backhand that we had to swipe which was really hard for me to hit it so I started to hit it far and high which was really cool for me.


LI: Professionals are people that have trained a lot in a specialised field that provides services for the public. Examples are doctors and pilots. What others can you think of?

Today for Inquiry I worked with Alayah and Lukah. What did you learned? I learnt what does Doctors do whlie they are working. How did you learned? It was very hard because I had to work with 3 people and me and Lukah had to help out Alayah because she didn't know what to do so she got use to it and then she found out what to do.

Commenting on Nyjahs's Blog

Today I commented on Nyjahs Blog. What did you learned? I learnt alot of things from her blog that I dont really put in my blog. How did you learned? I told her that she did a  good job because she had a link that people had to copy and paste it on google so that they can make up there own one to. 

Free Rice

Free Rice Link
LI: To understand the meaning of the a word that you havent learnt.
Today for Free Rice I learnt the meaning of the word but I did know how to spell the word and sound it out which the name was Blizzard. How did you learned? I played this game 2 times so that I can learn even more stuff and because it was very fun to play with. The link is at the top where it says Free Rice Link.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


LI: To read a new book every time you are on SSR Self
Today for SSR Self I read a boom called Esio Trot that is written by Roald Dahl.  What did you learned? I learnt new words that I havent even learnt yet. How did you learned? I worked by my self.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI To learn new things.
Today for Reading I worked with Marieta because I have to work with her until school is finished. What did you learned? I learnt new things that I didn't know but then.... I knew it from the definition. How did you learned? I worked with Marieta and we both got to use a different book because we already finished our first one.

Table master

Today for Table Master I decided to do my 5s and my 2s because I wanted to do 2 things that I haven't done for a long time so I did 2 things that are really simple for me to catch up with. I was really happy because I came second because I got 28 and the other person that came first was Zacky Boi and he got 17 seconds.

3 Wheels Decided

LI to learn about probability using the number of chances. Today for Maths I had to choose 5 things in my wheel and 3 wheels that includes 5 chances of what you are. How did you learn? I learnt how to use the things wait for my wheel. How did you learned? I learnt new things from my exprience. I was really sad because I spined the wheel 3 times for each wheel because I wanted to make sure that I had what I wanted from the wheel.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Fire Works Safety Rules

LI: To make sure no one touches a Fire Work.
Today for Inquiry I worked with Fui. What did you learned? I learnt why kids shouldn't touch Fire Works because you will get a injury. How did you learned? We decided to do rules because who ever that would come on our blog can see why we shouldn't touch Fire Works.


LI: To learn what the denominator is.
Today for Maths I had to do 2 Must Dos. What did you learned? I learnt what the denominator is.
How did you learned? We worked by yourself. This was very hard because we had testing week so it was hard.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI: To retell the book.
Today for Reading I worked with Marieta again. The reason I worked with Marieta again because my teacher said that we have to work with our partner until week 9. What did you learned? I learnt new words but you guys wouldn't see it on the slides so SORRY. How did you learned? I had alot of fun working with Marieta because we alwayls do things fast and also finish of our work but I also have more but I can't write that much so SORRY again.

Marieta's Blog

Structure Language

LI: to learnt what tree means.
Today for Writing I wrote about Structure Language. What did you learned? I learnt more things about TREE. How did you learned? I worked by my self. I was very easy for me to do.

Emergency Service

LI: To learn new things about the Community.
Today for Inquiry I worked with Angela. What did you learned? I learnt new things about what the Polices does. How did you learned? We had to go into 6 groups. I worked with Angela because me and her haven't worked in a while and everything already chose there partner.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Free Rice

Today for Free Rice I learnt some new words. In the game of Free Rice you have to choose one of the definition of the word like rush which it is hurry.

Table Master

Today for Table Master I decided to do my 5's. The reason I decided to do my 5's is because I also do my 2's so I wanted to do my 5's. My last reason is that I need to say my 5's faster and quicker so that if someone ask me something then I would say it fast and the correct answer.


Today for commenting I decided to comment on Giovanni's blog. The reason I commented on his blog is because I haven't done his blog yet. So I decided to do something new. He needs to work on adding capture letters in the beginning of a sentence because you have to do it because it is the first thing you write.

Kiwi Can

LI: To learn how to communicate and Defending.
Today for Kiwi Can we played 2 games. The games are called Ten Down and Untangle. Our energiser is "Kiwi Can says, r e s p e c t, now find out what that mean to me". What did you learned? I learnt how to communicate as loud as I could so I could get the ball. I also learnt how to play Ten Down game.  How did you learned? We had 3 teams , 2 teams of boys and one team of girls. It was hard to Untangled  our hands to make it back to normal which I kept on trying to  but it was too late because Mr Melo had counted down from 10 seconds so there was no way that my team could untangled that fast. 


Today for SSR Self I read a book called Human in the roof. This book is about aliens so in this book the aliens doesn't like humans but they get to know them later in the book. If you want to know how SSR Self works follow along with me. So you would comment on someones work then you would tell them what level they are 1,2 or 3.