Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Threat

The Threat

Wondering if everything was ok. Looking around and seeing
FBI people stopping cars to tell them to show them their I.D. I haven’t found out why
this has being happening for a while,
but I am ready to stop this!! “Glacy why is this so weird, I don’t want to show my face”.
“Me too, but we must figure out a plan”. “Well, I think we should become FBI’s and stop
innocent people from showing themselves”. “That's very true,
it gives use a bigger step”.
“Well I need go home now, bye!!”

Searching on google for a FBI place in China. I found one!!
Wow that building looks very tall. I feel like I should probably give Kacy a call.
“Ring, Ring, Ring!!” “Hello, it’s me Kacy”. “Hi it’s me Glacy,
I am ready to apply to this
very cool FBI place”. “Ok, that sounds great”.
Going to the building with clean clothing and looking
very normal. “Hello, welcome to FBI building of China”.
“Hi, me and my friend Kacy are asking if we are able to
apply to this job”. “That takes plenty of time, but I would need to ask my boss”. “Ok”.
“Please take a seat, but can I please have your application”. “Sure, here”.

It has being over an hour of waiting and they still haven’t told us.
“Look, I think thats the boss”. “Hi, I have looked through your application and you,
are hired!!”. Kacy, came back from the toilet, because she didn’t want to show the boss her face.
“Kacy, they gave us are uniforms”. “We started our job and it was very exciting.
We sure people hiding
their faces, and getting arrested”. “Kacy, let’s help people!!”.
We got caught by the boss from helping over 100 people. “Girls, what have you done”. #

“Umm, we helped people from not getting arrested”.
“Well good luck you are going to jail”.

We were arrested for 10 weeks. Our parents were very angry and they
said they were very disappointed.
The happy thing we have learnt from this is that over 100 people
got to escape from getting caught.

This week I have finished my narrative. My narrative writing was about a girl and her friend stopping FBI people from telling people to show themselves.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

5 interesting words

Today I have started on a google slide with Marieta. Marieta drew 2 and I drew 5 drawings. We worked collaborative together. I have improve a lot with my drawing including Marieta. I learnt the meaning to 5 words and I have explained it on 5 slides.


Last week I created a DLO about Courtesy. I worked with Nyjah. I did the drawing and Nyjah did the Writing. We finished very fast and we are allowed to publish it on our blog. Courtesy is when you show politeness to other people around you, it is similar to the word manners. 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can\

This week in Kiwi Can we being learning about a topic called Respect. We had a talk together as a group about what is respect and why we should use Respect. I example of Respect is showing the right attitude towards your teacher. We played a couple of games that helps us. 

Tech: Graphics

Ray Gun/ Created by Tinkcad/ Myself

Today at Tech I have being working on a Ray- Gun design created on a website called Tinkercad. I have being adding some more detail and also being working on the board with a Gun called the Ray- Gun from Call of Duty 2 in Zombies. The board is for the 3D Design and for the Phone Stand to be made on. First we drew it on a piece of paper and copied the drawing from the paper to Tinkercad. I have decided to make the color Yellow and the board Blue because those are top favorite colours and it kind of suits the gun and the board.  I found this on a website called Thingiverse, it has different kinds of drawings made on different websites. At the end on this blurb it has 2 links that can help you draw and give you a couple of ideas.


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Boxing: Kiwi Sport

Image result for boxing cartoon

Today at Boxing we have being learning about skills and how to do stand like a rock (Stance). I have learnt a few skills. It was very easy doing because I do Boxing lessons with my family and do some fitness works. Boxing helps with fitness, learning new skills and helps us protect ourselves out of school. My family are boxers. My favorite boxer thats famous and well known is May weather. Because he has good skills and is very humble. We got 3 rules given to use for the next 6 weeks. Next week we are going to do some more skills.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Informal and Formal Text

This week I have being working on Informal and Formal Text. I didn't add too much information because I wanted to show more detail to the drawing, because if some people wants to know how   to draw they can learn easily steps. I also added an arrow to the drawing and to cover up the space.

Link to my DLO/ If you want how to draw comment on my blog and I'll probably have some more drawings on my blog.

Basic facts boxes/ Sheets

Addition box 1
Addition box 2
Addition box 3
Addition box 4
Addition box 5
Addition box 6
Addition box 7
Addition box 8
Addition box 9
Addition box 10

Today I have started and finished off the Basic Facts Box Sheets. I have done up to 100 to challenge me and it helps me think very fast inside my brain, to answer the question. It gets pretty easy in the start but once you start completing every box it gets more challenging. It took a few minutes to be able to fill out all the boxes.