Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Duffy Books

Today we had Duffy Assembly. We had special guests come to assembly to talk to us about how fun reading is and how reading lead them to where they are right now. After that Mr Johnston handing the boxes out to each class. Every class got 2 books. My books were called Lost outer space and my  last book was called Zumbies Makers. Thank you Matt and Tyler for coming to Panmure bridge school and telling us your amazing story's.

The Tunnel

Today for Writing we are learning about setting description. We all did our 5 minutes and our 7 minutes yesterday and moved onto our 10 minutes today. We all had to describe about the character. I learnt how to write a setting today bye getting help from my friends. After we were finished checking it with a partner and it makes sense we would show a teacher before it goes up on our blog.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Commonwealth Games

L.I. Identify the 5 main points in an article.
Today for Reading we are learning about the Commonwealth games. For this years Commonwealth games it will be held in Gold Coast, Australia. Everyone in my group had a news paper that was about the Commonwealth games. We looked at the pictures to see who the NZ athletics are. So we started to read the information on the left side. After that we got into peers and groups of 3. I was with Angela. We all had to write 5 facts about the Commonwealth games. Me and Angela finished first, we went to the board to put our 5 facts in order same as Neaveah,Jona and Jeremiah.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Blog Commenting on Max's blog

Today for blog commenting I got chosen to comment on Max's blog. We all got spited into groups of 3 or 2. I was with Jonathan and Sky. I chose this one because this one was my favorite one. I gave him some advice if needed some help for his blurb. He started blogging in 2016-2018.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking

Today for Inquiry we are learning about Professor Stephen Hawking. We had to work by yourself,peers or in a group of 3. I work in a group of 3 with Shakaia and Nyjah. We all had 8 slides that had information about Stephen Hawking. This was very fun to do because learnt that he was physicists and someone that made books, he was inspired people in different ways.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Greatest Library 2

Today for Writing we are learning about Character Description. You may see 2 photos on the screen, one of those photos I did for my 5,7 and 10 writing. In 5,7 and 10 writing you must have a person to time the 5,7 and minutes for he or she group. For your writing you have to write as much as you can in 5 minutes and when it is over you will move onto your 7 minutes writing, once the timer is done you have to a find a partner and read your work to them. The last 10 minutes you have to check your work if it make sense. The last photo you may see is my tense work, so everyone in my group had to fill in the words that are blanked. We had past tense,present tense and future tense. Tai showed everyone his work for  us to mark our work. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Making Connections

LI: To identify and use comprehension strategies, identifying the main ideas.
Today for reading we are reading about the Summer Olympics. We read page 15-17. For text to text we put the Graphic news link on. For text to world we had to use our researching skills by looking up 3 facts about Eliza McCartney. The last thing we did was text to self. We wrote what our favorite athletics event is, my favorite event is long jump because I love landing in the sandpit.  

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Lost yet found

LI - Look at the language features used to describe characters.
LI- Look at the different sentence types used.
Today for Writing we are learning about character description. We got to describe the character about there clothing, what they are feeling and other things that explains them. In my writing I explained what the person is wearing, what the person is holding, bags next to him and if he is a goodie. Also in our writing we had to have pass tense, simple,compound and complex. We had to show but not tell.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Making Connections

Today for Making Connections I worked with Te Pounamu. We both had an idea about the Winter Olympics. My colour was blue and Te Pounamu's colour was red. We both are very different because he has played a Winter sport and I haven't played a Winter sport.  

Friday, 2 March 2018

Agents Of Change

This week we all made a agent of change DLO, about what we should change to be an agent of change. We looked at how we could be agents of change in our own 2018 learning journey. This year I want to take risks, by putting my hand up if their is a question to be answered. I also want to be a role model to the younger students, because when they grow up they would be a role models like everyone else in LS2. I took a photo of myself to show that I a agent of change at Panmure Bridge School, including everyone else in my LS2 took a photo too. 


Today at Tech we finished off our work from last week. We all had to write are names on the board for Mr Grundy to call our names so that he can check our work. I went after Joseph. I had a few mistakes but it got fix. I am  making a design for Nyjah, me and Nyjah made a diamond for each other because we are best friends.