Saturday, 19 January 2019

Blog commenting | 230 comments Altogether

Today and yesterday I have being commenting. I have reached to 230 comments and my goal is to get to 257 comments. My next goal would be 300 comments.


  1. Hi Chavda! Ita great to see that you are doing a lot of commenting. I still can't believe that you have beaten me, I will beat you at some point. I think you made a mistake in your title. You wrote "130" comments. I think you meant to say "30" comments. Keep it up!

    1. Greetings Florence!
      I usually forget that I am in the 200 hundreds not in the 100 hundreds. Thank you for reminding me! You were for a bit! I hope we come a tie!

      Keep it up Florence!
      By Chavda

  2. Hi Chavda...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work.