Friday, 28 July 2017

Word Art

LI what is persuasion .
LI To show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising.
Today I went on  a site called Tagul. I had to write 20 words in each box, then I had to chose something like a balloon and it would make the shape.

Raz Kids

Today on Raz Kids I read Maria and Her Teacher. In the book I learnt what and Maria and her teacher does though out the book.

T - Chart

LI:To identify actions and factors that can prevent a team from working.
 What did you learn?I learnt a little bit about what is a falling team and what is a successful team.
How did you learn it? Yesterday and today we went to the hall and did some actives. One person had to bring their Chromebook to the hall from your group so that we can see what we are doing from are T-Chart. of how can our team be successful and how can are team fail. Yesterday we did 2 or 3 actives because we couldn't  couldn't finish it of so we did some today.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


LI: To learn about three dimensional shapes' names and their properties.
I learnt what are parts of a cube and a triangle pyramid and what is a pyramid and a prism.
We had to write about the shapes that we did on the slides. The first shape that I did was called a triangle pyramid. I learnt what are the parts of the cube which I knew what some of them was called. The second shape that I did was called a cube. The cube had 4 parts.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Kiwi Can(Emotional Faces).

LI: To learn emotional acts.

I learnt our natural emotions and many games that include emotions also.
In kiwi can our new focus was resilience. We also played two games today !!! The first game that we played was emotional music, before we played the game Mr Malu got us into groups of 4. After we were in groups of 4 we had to wait until Mr Malu picked us an emotion. After he told us our emotion we had to act out an instrument but making no noises. After we had finished that game people would have to guess the emotion and if they get it correct they get to have a point for their group, the scores was 1,2 and 1. After we finished playing emotional music we played musical statues.  We had to get into a peers, after we got into a peer everyone had to make a circle and one person had to be the creator and the other person had to be the one that had to be a statue.
The chant is "Emotions are what we feel what other think whats the deal".

Monday, 17 July 2017

Commenting on Savelina blog(22)

Today I commented on Savelina's blog. So today she was on her last one and on her blog post she wrote what she had learnt from the Winter learning journey and I said that we both learnt more things about New Zealand too.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Commenting on Erics Blog(21)

Today I commented on Erics blog because he learnt something new in New Zealand and I also learnt something new in New Zealand.

Commenting on Calvin blog (20)

Today I commented on Calvin's blog. Today he had to take a photo of him self and in the photo he had 2 other people that was in the photo. He wrote in his blurb why he had to take a photo.

Commenting on AJ blog(19)

Today I commenting on AJ blog. He was on the bonus activity it means that if he does an activity that'son the list it would say at the bottom of the page if it is a Bonus activity.

Commenting on Victoria blog (18)

Today I commented on Victoria's blog. She posted a comment that she commented on AJ blog she explained what happen in the comment.

Commenting on Tiavas blog (17)

Today I commented on Tiava's blog. She was on a Bouns activty she wrote what she had learnt from the Winter learning journey and I hope she is enjoying the Winter learning journey.

Commenting on Nazella Blog(16)

Today I commented on Nazella blog. She wrote on her blog post what she likes to do outdoors and one of them are called Soccer.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Commenting on Oh Hsen Blog(15)

Commenting on Oh Hsen. He wrote on his blog post what should he do and he would wants to do Otago Rail trail which it is for people to ride a bike on a track with other people.

Commenting on Viva Blog(14)

Commenting on Viva's Blog. On Viva blog she wrote a clean blurb that people can read, and in the blog it is about a poem from New Zealand.

Commenting on Aung Naing Blog(13)

Commenting on Aung Naing blog. On Aung Naing blog post it is about these 3 citys that are in New Zealand and in the activty you had to watch a video and fine the 3 citys from New Zealand.

Commenting on Saunjans Blog(12)

Commenting on Saunjans blog. On Saunjans blog post he had commented on Ofa's blog and he even wrote that it is sad that the whales died and it is sad that the whales died.

Commenting on Jericho Blog (11)

Today I commented on Jerichos blog. On Jericho's blog post he had to choose a bird and he chose a Kakapo I think it is one of the New Zealand birds but I know that a Kiwi bird is a New Zealand bird.

Commenting on Jeremiahs Blog(10)

Today I commented on Jeremiahs. Because I knew that he would be one of the people that would comment or post something on his blog. He wrote about Otago Central Trail which it is a track that people use to ride their bike.

Commenting on Florence Blog (9)

Today I commented on Florence blog because she had gave me an idea if I should comment on her blog and I did.

Commeting on Avalons Blog(8)

Today I am commeting on Avalons blog.

Commenting on Nyjahs Blog (7)

Today I am commented on Nyjah's blog because my sister told me that she was doing so I went on her blog and read her blog and checked what she did wrong but she didn't do  anything wrong.

Commeting on Zahras blog (6)

Today I commented on Zahras blog because she had correct spelling and detailed blurb and her blog post made sense.

Commenting on Daniels Blog (5)

Today I commented on Daniels blog because he told me something that I haven't learnt in my whole life. 

Day 7 ( Active 2) Reading a book and taking a photo of me reading it.

Today I had to read a book and take a photo of me reading it.

Day 7 (Activity 1 )
People needs to stop droping rubbish on the ground because that is bad for animals because their eating rubbish and they might think that it is food which it is not. And the New Zealand would be full of rubbish and it would be dirty, but it won't be clean like other country.

Today I would wrote a description about why you shouldn't drop rubbish on the ground and what would happen if you do drop rubbish on the ground.

Day 6( Activitie 2)

Link to the Page
This year for Matariki it would be helled at Te Papa at Wellington which that is the capital letter of New Zealand.

Today I had to write a description about things about Wellington.

Day 6 ( Active 1).

If I arrived in New Zealand for the first time I would want to call for help or I would try to go back to the country that I came from and get my friend from the country and tell them here I have landed .

Today I wrote a description about what I would feel if I came to New Zealand for the first time.

Day 4: (Activy 2)

Image result for whale ride

Today I am have to watch  a Movie called Whale Rider but it was the trailer. There are 2 movies about the Whale Rider.

Commenting on Mele blog (4).

Today I commented on Mele's blog because she showed me something that I haven't seen in my whole life. I told her what I really liked about the blog post. I didn't give me any bad thing for her to do because it was very good blog post.

Commeting on Marieta's Blog (3)

Today I commented on Marieta's blog. I had to comment because she had facts that I didn't know so I had to comment because I really wanted to tell my opinion about her blog post.

Commeting on Alex Blog (2).

Today I commented on Alex blog. I really wanted to comment because he had really good detail on his blurb and blog post.

Commeting on Magenta's Blog (1)

Today I commented on Magenta's blog. I really like how she is commenting and blog posting things about the winter learning program.

Day 3 (Active 2)

It is not good to kill the Predators because that is bad because your kill animal and animal needs to be free and happy but not destroying city.

Today I have learnt something about Napier and I learnt some animal that are predators which made so surprise.

Day 2 : ( Activitie 2)

Laura is a teen and her age is 16 years old. She sails as a solo because she wants to travel around the worlds but on a boat instead of using car going and booking  a place for you too go and live.

Today for this activity I have learn't things that I haven't learnt. I am so happy that I learnt it because it would help me with school work.

Day 5: (Activitie 1)

Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve made a photo called Lake Daniel track. He wrote this is a great walk for families with young children or those people new to tramping. The track is a well formed bench track that can also be completed as a day walk. 

Today I wrote about Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve for the Winter summer learning program. I also learnt what he does to make people to believe in there self.

Day 5:(Active) Researching about the Wright brothers.

Image result for the wright brothers
Today I researched about  the Wright brothers. Their name are called Orville and Wilbur, were two American brothers, inventors.

Commenting on Ofa blog.

Today I commented on Ofa blog. I commented on his blog because his blurb was really clear for people to see.

Commenting on Sakina blog

Today I commented on Sakina blog twice because her blog post was so interesting I had to comment twice. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 4 :Swimming with the Sharks.

Map of New Zealand with mark showing location of Cook Strait
Cook strait is in New Zealand somewhere in the south island and it is near Nelson road it is at Onehunga.

Day 3 Wild Eyes

Image result for pekapeka bat
This is a pekapeka bat and it lives in New Zealand. The greater short-tailed bat is thought to be extinct. They are called The greater short-tailed bat is thought to be extinct.

Day 2 Beaches

Image result for beaches
A Beach is for people that can relax in the sun and swim in the water or play with things inside the water. You can also cook things their and eat their. And you can see the beautiful water and you can bring  a tent that.

Day 1 Walking,Hiking,Food,Wine and Special travels offers

Friday, 7 July 2017


LI: to Illustrate the Narrative.
For Writing I made a Narrative about Jill, Jack and the Monster. What did you learn? I learnt more thing about writhing a Narrative and is put into a Narrative . How did you learn it? So we would have to use some of our planning writing for our Narrative.

Measuring Weight

 LI: To measure our weight using scale.
Today for Maths we measured our weight using a scale. I worked with 4 people their names are  called Victoria,Matthew,Chris and Mojtaba. What did you learn? I learnt who weight of a Boeing 787,Gorilla,Bus and Boulder. How did you learn it? So we compared our weight to a Bus,Gorilla,Boulder and Boeing 787 buy doing our Addition or Subtraction to make the same weight of it or it has to be around the items.

Thursday, 6 July 2017


LI: To make Text to Text,Text to World and Text to self Connections
Today for Inquiry we are learning about is the Winter Solstice. What did you learn? I learnt what Solstice mean and I also learnt more things about Winter like what happens in Winter time and other things to about Winter. How did you learn it? So we would have to make animation about the Winter Solstice and we would have to explain what it really meant in the animation.

Tamaki Wrap

LI: To use things that are not Plastic. Today we went to the hall and learnt about Tamaki Wrap the people that taught us was Liz and Daughter they taught us why we have plastic and where plastic go's. I learnt things that could be useful and helpful for people's things to  keep inside. And I also learnt what are things that's plastic that I haven't seen before. In Tamaki Wrap we had to stuck things on the piece of paper at each paper.   

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Current Events and Venn Diagram.

LI: We have different options first one to go and read 2 different articles on  Kiwi kids news and NZ herald and the last one read 2 different articles that are on Kiwi kids news. What did you learn? I learnt even more things about the Lions and the All Blacks game and Tales of the tour in 2005. How did you learn it ?We would have 2 options read 2 articles on Kiwi kids news that are different and the second option is to read 2 articles that are different and that are on NZ herald and that is on Kiwi kids news.