Thursday, 28 February 2019

Softball Interschools

On Wednesday we went to Dunkirk Park for Inter school Softball. The teams we played were Pt England School, Glenbrae School, Tamaki Primary School, Rupotaka School and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa. We won 2 games and lost 3 games. We wore our new PE kits for the first time at a Interschool. It looked really cool looking at our new PE kit. One thing that I worked on yesterday at Dunkirk Park was my Sportsmanship, at the end of our games I will be very happy for the other team of for my team if we lost or if we won. We trained for 2 weeks at school to get ready for interschools. After our last game most of the Year 8 and Year 7 team were talking to Glen Brae school.

Big thank you:
Mr Oglive
Oscars Parents
Alex's Parents
Mr Shawn
Mr Alipati

Friday, 22 February 2019

Leading a School Assembly/ 2018

Image result for someone leading a school assembly

In 2018 I led a school assembly with San Kyaw. It was my first time ever presenting. The mic couldn'
t work during the assembly so San Kyaw and I spoke without one. I haven't been speaking in a while since that year but I have spoken as Duffy. This photo is a group of people who were speaking in assembly. That is pretty much me speaking but we are speaking on a stage. On that day we made a few mistakes but it was mostly me only because it was my first time speaking in assembly. 

Graphics/ Tech

During todays lesson we were designing 3D
shapes and shading inside our 3D shapes.
We first did grey shading.
The top was light, the side was medium and
the middle was dark.
We made another 3D shape.
We got to choose a color of our choice except Yellow.
We made sure that bits of our 3D shape was white.
I choose the Colour pink because barely anyone was going to use that
colour so I chose Pink.
At the end we drew a table from the corner of the dark colour.
After that we used our pencil to colour the dark colour side,
to make it even darker.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Kiwi Can

Today was our third session of Kiwi Can. Our topic for this term is Positive Communication. Our first game was Remote Play. Our activity game was Chop Suey Saluet. It was really fun. But before we challenged each other we had to learn the actions. Once we were done learning the actions we went back inside the class room. We formed a circle. Julian was in the middle to start it off. Other people in our class got a chance to vs the master. Whoever lost the battle had to sat back down. At the end Julian and this boy from LS1 vsed each other with Chop Suey Saluet. Julian won the battle. 

Kiwi Sport / Ki O Rahi

Today was our second session of Ki O Rahi. We played on the field. We had a warm up. Miss Shanice showed us where to go when she calls out the names. For our last game we played Golden Child. It was kind of different to the Golden Child on the court instead it was played on the field. There were 7 poles on the field. The person that is running has to touch the poles with the ball in their hand, which that was group 1. Group 2 was my group. We had to throw the ball at this object in the middle. If we hit it we have to say Mout. The person that was running has to stop near the nearest pole. After our first round we changed up the rules. It got a bit hard for my team because 2 people from group 1 had to defend the object in the middle. Once we switched sides it was our turn to defend it while the other people in that group had to run. The golden child was the fastest person  in that group was the last runner. Whoever stopped at a pole, ran behind the golden child. 

How to be a cyber safe / Confidence Slive Care Awards

Last year I created a DLO that explains how to stand up to bullies. If you need some help standing up to bullies you need to have confidence in your self and you need to use your Wits towards those bullies. I have used my Wits plenty of times when I was in Primary. I drew a sign that says  Cyber smart, Be safe.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Protrait of myself

For a few weeks I have being editing my drawing .  This was kind of easy to do. The hardest bit for me it was my top because I  tried to get the right shape. I have started to learn how to draw last year and I still continue drawing. My drawing is going to be my profile pic for my blogger.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Summer Learning Journey

Today the Summer Learning Journey team came to our  school assembly to give the out Certifcates and Prizes to the people that participated in the Summer Learning Journey Program. 1st Placed was Alex. Alex was our top blogger in our school, in the Mankalani Cluster and the top blogger for the whole thing. Second Placed was Mele. And Victoria placed 3rd. Evelyn came to our assembly today to give Mele and Alex a certificate that allows them to go scaling. Evelyn is from the New Zealand Saling trust. Our Spot prizes that came 6th, 5th and 4th, the people were Marieta, Florence and I. Another spot prize got given out to the people that did an amazing job with their blogging. These people were: Sakina, Suila, etc. 

Friday, 15 February 2019

Technology Lesson 1

Today was our first session of Tech. We are doing Graphics. This time we are doing Clocks which we
are going to design our own clock. We first made a DLO, with transparent images that we found on the internet. . I would love to make a wood clock because it would really look cool. Lastly we sat around a table altogether as a group. We made some question for our design brief. We used for 5 w's and a H.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can

Yesterday was our first session of this year for Kiwi Can. We have  brand new teachers called Mrs Paige and Mr Alabati. Our new topic for Kiwi Can is Positive Communication. Positive Communication is having a positive talk to one another. We played 2 games called Eyes up and Eyes down and the game we played was called partner tag. My partner was Fui. 

Ki O Rahi/ Kiwi Sport

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Today we played our first Kiwi Sport. Our new Kiwi Sport game was called Ki O Rahi. Before we played some games we watched a video of Ki O Rahi. This game started of in the olden days. The story behind this helped stop violence between New Zealanders and once the game was done it made peace between the New Zealanders. We played 2 games. The first game we played was called Tanwha and Te Ara. 

Venn Diagram

Today I have made  a Venn Diagram about Martin Luther King Jr. We got to choose a person that has good Qualities of being a Role Model. I chose Martin Luther King Jr because he spoke up and he beilved that Black and White people shouldn't have a side they should come to together as one. Ever since that speech was made today black and white people don't have one side to their self anymore. They are together!


Today I played a game called E-Ako. I played addition and subtraction. If you would like to play E-Ako here is the link to the game- I have played this game for a while and it has helped me with my learning. 

Role Model

This week I worked together with a lot of people. My group had Jack, Angela, Giovanni, I, Nidhi, alice, Julian, Jayden and Holly. We did a comparison about what is a hero and how to be a role model. Jack and Julian did some drawings for our slides and the rest of us did the comparison. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Sketch Note Explanation

This week for writing my partner was Fui. I created a Sketch Note about an Explantion. Before we did this we planned it all out on paper and wrote down our ideas of an explanation. In our Sketch Note you will find some main ideas about explanations. I did a drawing to show an example of a sketch note. We also did some speed dating with other peers outside on the deck in a line. Fui and I wrote a lot of ideas. 

here is Fui's blog-

E - Ako

Today I have played a Maths game called E-Ako. I started playing this game last year. I made a new account for E-Ako, because I forgot my username. I took a couple of photos of me answering the questions. This was very easy because I have played this plenty of times.  My favorite game playing in E-Ako is Number facts because its fun and I like it because it's quick and it has a timer. If you guys have played this game before what is your favorite game playing in E-Ako? If you would like to play this game here is the link- E-Ako.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

A special event has been happening for the pass few years, which is the Treaty of Waitangi. As an excitement LS2 is working collaboratively to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi. Did you know that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, 6th of February? More than 500 chiefs signed this. This slide included information about the Treaty of Waitangi. We did a lot of summarising, but at the same time we learnt a bunch of new vocabulary words. We collaboratively communicated together for the last task, which was to choose 2 questions and communicate with our group at the same time. The questions that we chose were what factors make a successful partnership between two people and what would Aotearoa be like today if we had no treaty. We listed down a lot of ideas, as we started talking. Talking was the main thing that helped us during this activity. 

Here is my groups blogs:

Monday, 11 February 2019

What is a leader

L.I:  To make a DLO showing what is a Leader.

Today as a group we worked together to complete a DLO about what a leader is and goals for the future. In our group we had Julian, Alice,  Giovanni & I. We also worked together to make pictures to show leadership.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Team Work


L.I to define teamwork by creating a sketch note.
Today as a group we have created a sketch note to define what teamwork means. We have came up with 5 ideas that defines teamwork. In our group was Giovanni, Jack, Julian, Angela, Chavda & Nidhi. As a team we completed this activity.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Panmure Bridge School Care Values

Introducing ourselves

Today was our first day back from the school holidays. We were all put into groups with our student leaders. Our group had Julian, Myself and Giovanni. Our first challenge we did was writing down our answers underneath what it means and what it looks like. We took 1 photo of ourselves doing an action showing what we think each Care Value looks like. Our School Values are Confidence, Attitude, Respect and Excellence and Innovation.