Thursday, 22 December 2016

England Festival

This is My Facts About Canada Festival as you see I put Pictures of Them Celebrating Their on Country Festival Which Looks Cool as.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

People That Are Famous In My Coutrie

This about People that are Famous I Samoa this is About people that People Knows and one of them use to Train My Dad.

How To Say

I did How To Speak German Good Morning is Guten Morgen  Good Bye is Auf Wiedersehen Where is the nearest Hospital is .Wo ist das nachste Krankenhaus How Much Does it Cost Wie Viel Kostet es Where is the next bus is Wo ist der nachste bus.


This is about England I did Fact about it as you see I did Detail about it the Flag,Map,Presentment and Food.

It was easy doing this I like Learning about England.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Information Report

Saffron Finch
Their name is Sicalis Flaveola name is from Pantanal Brazil.
Their Diet is Seeds Grass,Millets,Green Food and Wild Seeds.Saffron Finch turn warm water to bright yellow after a Brief Soak.

They vibrant yellow body and an orange crown. They come from South America and America.
Saffron Finch can only Stay Alive about 11 years.

They have Yellow fur and common in open and semi-open areas in lowlands outside the Amazon Basin.

The species being used for blood sporting with two Males put in a cage in order to fight.

Image result for saffron finch

This is about a Saffron Finch they are from South America and America people often see them In the task I did. I was talking about them I said what is their Diet and What they came from it was difficult doing this because in the start  did it wrong but then when Nyjah showed me what to do then I did this instead of doing the wrong thing.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Saffron Finch

Text title: Saffron Finch
I think the main idea of this text is That the Saffron Finch Died about 11 years.
One example of a supporting detail is The Color of Saffron Finch is Yellow.
Another example of a supporting detail is Saffron Finch Turns Orange into Bright Yellow.
It is clear that the main idea is

Saffron has a diet it is Green Food,Seed Grains and other types of Diets that they eat.

This is about a Saffron Finch and I talk about what I knew About them it was easy doing this all buy myself and it was not easy doing this at the same time.


This is my Sculpture on Saffron Finch I did Facts about the Picture that I Drawed it was easy doing this because I research about.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Saffron Finch Writhing

Saffron Finch
Who: Their name is Sicalis Flaveola name is from Pantanal Brazil.
What: Their Diet is Seeds Grass,Millet,Green Food and Wild Seeds.
Why:Saffron Finch turn warm water to bright yellow after a Brief Soak.
When:They vibrant yellow body and an orange crown.
Where: They come from South America and America.

How: Saffron Finch can only Stay Alive about 11 years.

This is my Writhing about Saffron Finch I did Who,What,Why,When,Where and How.
It was easy doing this because I was talking about Saffron F.inch


This my Maths and this is about the Years the Blue one is the Year 5's and the Red one is the Year 6's. People that did it for the Year 6's was 66.6% and for the Year 5's is is 33.4%. As you see the Year 6's % is more higher than the Year 5's.

Table Master

This Picture so shows of what I did this is called Table Master and it is a Can Do.

Blog Commenting

This is my Commenting on Zane's Blog I only did one persons blog so that it could be easy and because he was the only one that had something on the Must Do Tasklist.,

Girls and Boys Chart

this is a chart of Girls and Boys as you see  Boys are not Accurate but Girls are the most Accurate to Throw into the Bucket.
It was easy because Avalon showed me what to do for Girls and Boys but than I knew what to do.

Friday, 9 December 2016

About Canda

This is my Work about Canada I showed pictures of what  they eat and their flag I did the color Red for their flag color and white for their flag to and Yellow and Green.

Saffron Finch Drawing

This is my Work on Saffron Finch I Drawed 2 Saffron Finch as you see on The Google Drawing I was writhing about The Parts Of Their Body Parts.

It Was Easy Because I Know what Parts is Because I was looking at the Pictures that I drawed.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

How Accuracy can Year 5's and Year 6's Can Throw Into the Bucket.

This is A Sheet About How Can LS1 Throw so the Yr5's Got  15 And The year 6's got 24 people and altogether it is 48 or 39.


This is the sheet of people in LS1 that Throwed High and Low The Person that got High was Te Pounamu and the lowest was Dallas,Miki and Mataio.

It was Easy because 48 people was Throwing in our class.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Research About Saffron Finch.

This is my Saffron Finch Picture  I wrote Information about them and I did different Colors Of the Box Green,Yellow,Orange,Dark Blue and Dark Red.

It was Easy doing this work.

Inference Sheet

This is my Inference Recording Sheet About Saffron Finch and About them this shows what they Drink how can they Fly and What Makes them to Fly.

Key Word Summary

Text:  Saffron Finch.

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Saffron Finch.

What?  They have a diet it is seeds ,wild seeds and green food.

Where? Saffron Finch is from South America that is Common in open semi opens areas.

When? Sometimes the Saffron finch sleeps side by side on a blade grass

Why? Saffron finch is a tanger from south america that is a common in open and jumps up an Jose Felipe that is from the technical books from 2008.

How? Every bird spends a lot of time on the grounds seeking in their food.

Summarise the text in 25 words:


This is my Key Word Summary about Saffron Finch if you don't know and you do know it is a type of bird and you can search up Saffron Finch.

Accuracy Of Throwing

LI: to accurately present data
This is my work on Accuracy Of Throwing if you don't know or know it means like how far can you Throw it. This Sheet is about how far can they Throw the Highest was Jericho,Joshua V,Brooklyn, Joseph ,Jeremiah and Me.

It was easy because were doing it every week.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Car Puzzle Game

This is a game called Car Puzzle Game it is a cool as because the red car has to go to the end but you have to move the green cars so that the red cars can Finish the game.

Table Master

This is my  Can Do it is Called Table Master this game helps people with their Maths and I like doing 2 Times Table. Because I know it off Buy Heart and it is very easy doing this game because it goes up to 12.

Blog Commenting

This is my Blog Commenting on Magenta's Blog and Nazanin's Blog I said they did a good job because they Commented on 2 people's blogs and one persons.