Friday, 30 November 2018


This week we have being drawing Medals that can be awarded to a Solider that was in the Maori Pioneer. This solders name is called Thomas Lander Clark but in the war it is Trooper. I added different designs on the medal. I added poppies, Gun and a New Zealand fern. This would be a great reward for different solders including Thomas Lander Clark. 

Kiwi Sport

Yesterday at Boxing we were learning more combs and different skills. My partner at Boxing was Mele. We worked very well and I learnt a lot from Mele. This was really fun and easy because I am use to the combs that we usually learn in most sessions. Next week is our last session of Boxing. Mrs Paxs said we are going to do a Boxing Session that is usually in a Gym.

Tech/ Colour Theory

This week at Graphics we were colouring logos from google and tracing it on our screen. Before we did that we did tracing we were working on a DLO that had 2 squares but one inside the square. We chose 3 colours for each square and the background as a different color. The back round colour had to be primary colours. My favorite drawing was the second drawing because I added a lot of detail and colours were a Complementary, (Opposite colours). The colours and detail. The colours I used was Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, Dark Blue and Orange. This is our last session of Graphics and Tech for this term. Thank you Mrs Ferguson for being a creative and funny teacher and teaching us a lot about shapes and different designs.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Maori Pioneer Battalion

This week in Inquiry we are doing a timeline of 1914-1918. I worked together with Avalon. This was about the Maori Battalion. I learnt that Native people weren't aloud to celebrate once they came back from New Zealand because of their skin color. The people that wanted to join they had to be the age of 21- 40 years old.

Paper Air plane Challenge

Today we had a Paper Air Plane Challenge. I worked with Joel, Neavaeh, Nyjah and myself. We created Air Planes that could go a far distance. My group worked in the junior area. After morning tea we played in the hall and vs each other. At the end, the people that were chosen from each team were going to vs each other to see who could go far with their Air Plane. Julian placed 1st, I placed 2nd, Aung Naing placed 3rd and Joseph came last. It was fun working together with my team. In total my team came 2nd.

Year 7 Leadership

This week we are doing some leadership activities. In the hall we were making diamond cubes as a collaborative group. We were learning about team work. Team work is a team that works together threw different challenges. We played different games that helps us work together as team. At the end my group: Avalon, Jack and Neveah teamed up with another team to make the largest diamond cube. 

Friday, 23 November 2018

Kiwi Sport

Image result for boxing

This week at Boxing we were learning about defense. My partner was Joel, she helped me a lot and her boxing skills were great. We did different types, but one of them was my favorite one which was the bridge which is easy to do with a partner. We used a noodle not two but one.


Today at Tech we were doing some shading and other types in this box that we drew. We mixed up the colours to make it just not one because it would look flat so we decided to do two colours. The last thing we made was a wood design which was pretty cool... The colours we used were Brown,Orange and Yellow which are like a tree color. 

Athletics Day

Today at Athletics day we had a lot of sports. My favorite event doing was the sponge game. But it was different from last year. The color teams were: Blue,Red,Green and Yellow. We had 2 groups in LS2. I was in group B and my color was red. We were allowed to wear face paint once we came back from Tech. We had some help from the Tamaki College people with the events. In the afternoon we had sprints. I almost came last but I came first out of the year 7 girls. It was very fun. At end of the race we had a battle of the people that came first including myself. I came last because it was pretty hard racing the fastest people from the other year groups. A big thank you to Mr O for setting this up for us to do. It was very fun. We all came in our color. Yellow placed first, Red placed second, Blue placed 3rd and Green placed last in group B.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hua Rakau

This week in Maori we have created a DLO about Maori fruits, Vegetbals and other things. I decided to the fruits that I like eating. My favorite fruit would be Banana because it has a great taste. I drew all of the fruits and we had to write the words in maori for the fruits we did.

Reading Progress this year

This year I have been learning new things about reading on a reading site called Read Theory. We had start from the beginning of the year, the middle of the year and around of the year. My highest progress this year which was grade 5 which I was actually impress of myself. Next year of this year I am going to try and get the progress score of 6 or 7.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Today we got read a book called Wolves. We wrote 5 things that we could think of about Wolves without reasearching it. We also had another text box about facts that was answering the questions to Myths. 


Today I have created a diamond shape and I put the 3 colors together that was drawn as a diamond, and when I glued it together it made a cube shape. I really loved this session because my cube shape turned out really good and it easy in the start but sometimes I would get stress. I still need to cut it out next week hopefully if we still need to do it. 

How did solider's catch disease?

This week I have worked together with Nyjah on a google slide. We have answered 3 questions and also did some illustration about the idea we have. We have used our researched information on google aboht the questions that we and Nyjah really wanted to find out.   

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Image result for emily gravett meerkat mail

Today I have worked on a DLO about Meerkat's. I found different sites that helped me with my information. I used my own words from the sites I used. In the DLO I learnt a lot of things but I found one fact that is very cool, that use Meerkat's sounds to alert the families around them to keep them safe. 

What makes a good book?

 This morning I worked together with Nyjah and Fui. We made a spread sheet that had the ideas that was written on the piece of paper. We worked very well and checked if we had all the ideas to put on the graph. This was very easy to make the graphs because I made it plenty of times. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A new Skill- How to make a Cube Box?

I have being working on this DLO for a very long time. I started making a Cube Box since 2017 in maths and I am now teaching you how to make it in a DLO. I did step by step and showed examples with the finished result. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Amnesty Day: Drawing

This week I have created a drawing about the War. I drew Poppies, Crosses, the sun and other drawings. The soldier drawing was created by Avalon in our Unknown Soldier google slide. I traced the drawings I have made. I have learnt a lot about World War 1. Next time in my work I really want to add more detail if I think about some more things that is good think and that is something that is to remember about.

Amnesty Day Commemoration

Today at 10- 11 am we did a commemoration for 100 years of having peace. We went outside were the Medic- Cube was put next to it was poppies. We had poppies, speeches and we were signing the songs that we usually sing in assembly. We had a special guess from the NZ  army force that came and said a speech, he also came to our class at the end of the Commemoration and talked about what he does in the NZ army force, we also asked some questions. In the morning before we went to tech we had our poppies placed in the cross and on top of it had sand. Mele and Jack took our big Poppie and placed it on the fence. Also we had Aung Naing doing he flag when we were have 1 minute of silence to think about the people that went to war. We also had some other poppies made from classes and staff members. At the end of the Commemoration we stacked the chairs and went and took it inside the hall. It was pretty cool the flag was slowly going up and slowly going down. I learnt in some of the quote was ' we remember them we remember them' which got me thinking about 18,000 people dead from the World War 1.

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can

This week on Thursday we played a few games. After we had our activity game we were talking about Respecting our local area. Our Community is called Panmure, Auckland New Zealand. Panmure has pools, dairy's, Fish and Chips, Tab, Our homes and a Library. After that we went inside the hall to play a game a game when you have 10 secs to tag someone and the last person that got tagged, had to sit on the stage. I learnt in this weeks Kiwi Can session was to try and use some of the shops or whatever in the Panmure Community. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Day

Today I have created a Collage about Armistice Day. Some of the photos I added on my DLO were from different Countries around the world. The countries were European, New Zealand, Allied Forces, Australia, USA, Germany and Paris (France). In the middle of the Collage I added a photo of Soldiers that were celebrating World War 1 ending. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

World War 1

Today I worked together with Avalon. We had 2 tables that had Facts and the marking. Me and Avalon got all of it correct because we remembered facts about World War 1. One of the facts that I didn't really know was Allied forces had New Zealand, USA, Australia, England and other countries. I learnt that the Zeppelin Raids was a Ship. It was created in May 1915. Bombs could be dropped on the ground from the sky. You also needed people or someone flying it and controlling it. 

Kiwi Sport:

Last week in Kiwi Sport we learnt more skills. We added another combo which was Upper cut and left hook. When we doing it in a line we were punching the pads to see if we are throwing the right punches. 

Friday, 2 November 2018

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can

Yesterday at Kiwi Can we learnt about Respect. We went in 4 lines. The first activity we got number off and whoever's number was called out, you had to run around the circle and go through your spot and get the ball. The last activity we played Bus Stop. My team got 140 points. My goal is to use Respect to people that I dislike and to other people around me that I usually  talk to. 


Image result for flower drawing 7 circles

Today at Tech we started a drawing. I drew a flower, with 7 circles. We used a compass and a pencil. I haven't finished my drawing yet because I was trying to blend my colours. I got some help by Nyjah with my circles. The drawing I have put up is an example of what we are doing in Tech. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative Comprehension

This week I have worked collaborative with Fui. We read 2 stories and answered the questions on the following slides. The topic we were working on was, The Battle of the Somme. Me and Fui skimmed and scanned the stories and found key words. The first slide everyone used ticks to tick the sentence that was right. I learnt that British and German people fought in the Battle of Somme. I also learnt that Germany retreated from the war, which meant Britain's plan was successful. We worked together on one slide and once we were finished we carried on another slide. It was challenging answering a few questions because it was hard finding the answer.

Te Huarere

This week I have  worked on a google slide about the words that are in Maori, like sun, rain and other sorts. I learnt a few words in Maori, but I don't know how to say it. I research online pictures of the weather in the story. It was Sunday (Cloud), Monday (Rain), Tuesday (Rain) and Wednesday (Sun).