Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we played Rippa Rugby. When my group came to  Haymesh we grabbed what we needed for Rippa Rugby. We played a game called 'bull rush'. This is game was a different version because we were wearing rippers. The tagger has to try and take one or two rippers to be able for the person to get tagged and help the tagger or taggers out. After that we went into 2 lines. Both of the lines were a girls and boys line. Haymesh putted the 3 girls in the front as the leaders of each team. I was one of the leaders. We all played a couple of game. Once we stopped we went into 3 lines. In this game we had to pass in a row backwards. A couple of people went on the other side and was waiting for the ball to come to them.  After the game we went back into our teams and had a couple of games. In the first game I got over 3 tries for my team. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Raurimu Spiral

Today for Reading I research the Raurimu Spiral and what is a engineering feat is. I showed a picture of a Raurimu Spiral to show an example of what it looks like. I learnt what a engineering looks like because I haven't seen one before. I also learnt what a Raurimu Spiral is. 

My DLO- Raurimu Spiral

Did you know that a Raurimu Spiral is a single track railway spiral it is 189 meter height?

1870 Clothing Law

On Monday I worked with Viva,Nyjah and Joel. The first thing we did was the slide. We all had to watch a video so that it will help us answer the questions. My group worked together for each slide so that we can get our work done. We also had to write what happen in 1870. My group decided to do clothing because we researched that they wore dresses in 1870.

My DLO- Clothing Law 1870

Did you know that dresses in 1870's had long things at the back of the dress?

Making Connections

Today for Reading  I read a book with my group using responses and comments. Responses is when you say something that you have read from the book and talk about it with your group. Comments is when you reply to what the person said and give feedback. The book I  have read is non fiction. This book is called the mystery of the Kalonoro. I have learnt that a lemur is in Madagascar and in the movie Madagascar and a Kalanoro is a ghost

Friday, 25 May 2018

Thank you Mr Grundy

Today at Tech we made a thank you letter to Mr Grundy because he was one of the best teachers that had taught his this year. I thought of doing the thank you letter because he has taught us a lot of things. Most of the people that was in Pewter Casting worked with us to do the thank you letter. The photos was made bye me, Fui and Nyjah because we wanted to take a photo with everyone. 


Today for  Tech I took a couple of photos in class. We all wanted to take a photo as a class because today was the last day of doing Pewter Casting. We all got to take our pewter casting home if we all had taken a photo. It was really fun doing it because we all learnt something and we all created something.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

HIITT Trainning

Today for HIIT group A did HIIT. I got chosen to do HIIT with group A. Before we started we put our  heart monitor on and the battery under our shirt. We also had to wear our P.E because we don't wanna get our school uniform sweaty. We did a few exercise to get us up to Red.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport this is our second time doing Rippa Rugby. We all played on the court because the grass was muddling, dirty and also wet. We all had to put the Rippa tags on for us to play Rippa Rugby. Before we started we started we had to grab as much rips as we can. After that we had to partner up and stand in front of each other. This game was called Green and Orange. We all had a cone that we had to run up to. My one was Green and Fuis cone was Orange. Once the game was done we played Octopus. It was really run but hard because the tagger has to try and take the tagger off of us.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi can we played 1 game because we didn't have enough time to play 2 games. The game we played was called Doggy Doggy. In this game there was a boy and girls side. Tiava was the only one from the girls because some of us were to shy to go. It was very fun to play Doggy Doggy because we all had fun and we all where trying to get the remote without getting hit. If you do get hit you have to touch the wall and you will be back in the game. Before everyone went Mr Matt will call out the name starting with a letter.

My best Maths Task

Today for Maths we all got to choose our favorite  Maths. I have decided to do place value strategy. The reason why I chose it because it was really fun to make and to work it  out with Fui. In this  task me and Fui made a DLO about working out the question and the question to solve it. The easy thing about this task was the working out because we got to use any example with the question to solve it.

Fui's  blog -

My best Reading Task

Today we all got to choose what our favorite Reading task. I decided to do the text about Pyeongchang. The reason why I have chosen it because I did my research and I worked together with Te Pouanmu and we  both researched together. In the task I was color Blue and he was color Red. My favorite part in the text was text to self because we both did and didn't play a winter sport which was kind of cool.

Tepounamu's blog -

Assembly Certifcate.

Last week on Friday I got an a certificate for Positive attitude in class. I was kind of surprise but also excited because I got a certificate this term. I understand what it meant which means that I have been postie in the class room during work. The other  person that got an certifcate was Joshua W for the boys in LS2.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Skeleton Systems

Today for Inquiry I worked  with Viva, Hajera, Joel and Angela. In Inquiry we used play doh. The  play doh will help us make the skeleton. This was kind of easy because we all worked together to make the play doh and to make it stand. Everyone in my Inquiry group had to get into groups of 5, 4 or 3. We all had a camera given to us so that we can take the photos of each step. The easiest one to make was the floppy one because it was easy for it to fall down and easy to make.  

Hajera's blog -
Viva's blog-
Angela's blog-
Joel's blog-

Wild Boar

Today for Reading I made a DLO about Wild Boars. In my DLO it had 5 facts about Wild Boars. I also wrote about how are Wild Boars dangerous. I have learnt what wild boars are and what there personality is. I also didn't know that they were dangerous and that they dangerous to hunt than a bear.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 time tables

Today for Maths I made a DLO explaining, how to solve 178 x 9 and what the answer is. I also decided to draw a emoji. I took away the mouth and added a question mark. My 9 Time Tables. I worked by myself. If you would like to watch my video of how to explain  it you will see it in my blurb. I got an idea to draw because I wanted to draw a emoji but in a different kind of way.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Fake Iphone Text Message

Today for Writing we all did Fake I phone Text Message.  Everyone in my group had to have girl names for the texting. We all weren't allowed to do actors names, TV shows names and also names from our school. I have chosen to do Rebecca and Michelle they are both youtubers. We all had to have 2 texts, one was the writing and the other side was the picture of the writing on the Fake I phone Text Message . 

NZ Flags

Last week for Reading everyone in my group had to have what is the same? and what is the difference?. We also needed to have the New Zealand flags and the coat of the arms for Auckland. I have learnt that we have a other different flags.

Saturday, 19 May 2018


Yesterday LS2 worked in a peer or triplets. Since I was in a group of  3 we went clock wise, which meant I commented on Nyjah's blog Nyjah commented on Fuis blog and Fui commented on my blog. We all had to give  feed forward,suggestion, asking them a question, what they loved about there work, a greeting and also a positive attitude. I forgot to add a positive attitude at the end once I posted my comment. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Table Master

Today I played a game called Table Master. This game is about time tables and also you get to have an award of doing the time tables. I played 2nd and 3rd for the high score list. If you would want to play this game it will be in my blurb at the bottom of the blurb.

Table Master Link


Today for Tech we did Pewter Casting. During tech I worked on my workbook so that I could be able to take my necklace home. It was really fun making the necklace because I got to sand and also file the shapes which was really cool to do. 3 people got to take there ones homes because they have finished it. The people that got to take home was Jack,Marieta  and also Mele.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Kiwi Sports

Today for  Kiwi sport we had Rippa  Rugby. We had a game of Rugby Netball. In the game we had to get into 2 lines. I was in the non bibes. After that we had played another  game that was called Rippa Rugby. It was really fun.


Today we I made a DLO about what is a metaphor.  I wrote for what is a metaphor. Figure of speech in  which word or phrase  is applied to an object or subject. I have learnt alot because I didn't know what the meaning is to metaphor.

Fake Texting

“Hey.” said Kung Fu Panda
“Greetings, Kung Fu Panda” replied Bob  the man
“You too.”  replied Kung Fu Panda
“What are you doing?” asked Bob the man
“ I am doing netball practice. How about you?” asked Kung Fu Panda
“Doing basketball.” replied Bob the  man
“Okay.” said  Kung Fu Panda
“Bye.” said Bob the man
“Bye.” replied Kung Fu Panda

For Writing I made a fake text. I used a site called fake texting which is a site that you can text yourself. This was really fun because I learnt alot of things that I never knew in Writing.

Kiwi Can

At Kiwi Can we played 2 games.  The first thing we did was play a enegriser . The game in the energiser is called CLAP!!. In the game we had to try not to get out. After that we went on the map into a circle and talked about good choices and bad choices. The other game was called hand soccer. In the game we had to try and get a goal. My team worked very well and got alot of goals because we all worked together.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Two Day Wonder

Today for Reading I worked with Fui. Me and Fui made a word cline using the word well. In the word cline we had to put the strongest  word at the top and the weakest word at the bottom. As you may see I made a poem about summer and winter of me walking to school. In the poem we had to use juxtaposition with summer and winter. I wrote summer and winter at the top of the poem to show which one is summer and which one is winter. In the two day wonder poem we had a bright side and a dark side to show him sick and him better the poem  also showed juxtaposition. The poem was written bye David Hill.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Parts of my body

Today for Inquiry we all had to draw out of a version of yourself and write the names for the body parts  in English and in a different country you will like to use. I have decided for inquiry to do Samoan because its my courtrie and it will help me get to know how to say some words in Samoan. 


Today at  tech I finished my Pewter casting. It was very fun because I learnt how to sand which was very fun. We only have 3 more weeks with Mr  Grundy and also doing pewter casting. I got to wear the necklace from Nyjah because we wanted to give it to each other because how we made it for each other and because how we are best friend

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we never got to play Rippa Rugby because the teacher that was gonna teach us never got to come. So we all got to do it with Miss Morris. The first game we played we have to go into a partner. We had to  rock paper scissors with them, if they loose then they have to do 5 bur pees and the winner has to move on to a different partner. The second game we played was ball pass. We got into  2 lines. In the game we had to pass to the people until it goes to the person at the back, the person at back has to run back to the front and it will repeat until the person from the front is back in the front. The third game we played we had to stay in the lines we were before. In the game we had to run with or without the ball and place it on the bibs. The last game we played we had to put the bib in our pants but not all of it. The person that gets all of it in a 1 minute with the most bibs wins.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi can we played 2 games. The first game was called Captain Hall. In this game we have to tag each other, but we have to try to not get tagged. The second game we played was when we have to move the opposite of miss Lilly.  Before we lefted Kiwi Can we talked about drugs that some people around our ages drinks and other stuff that are bad  choices.

What Homonyms are?

Today for Poetry we started to write about what are homonyms? Before I started with my DLO I had to answer questions about homonyms. For the first  question it said words  that look the same but have different meanings are called? Which I wrote Homonyms. For the second question it said the words at the end of some lines rhyme, this is called? Which I wrote end rhymes . For the last question we had go  and find 2 words that are the same but are different meanings. I have decided to do right, because it is both the same but different meanings. For right I wrote turning right and for the other one was your right.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Last week on Friday the year 7's had pewter casting. On Friday we had to finished off our pewter casting because we only have 5 weeks left before we move on to a different teacher for tech. I am almost done with my pewter casting just on my sanding. Before we left tech we had a puzzle. This puzzle was on a farm,  there was a dad that wanted to pass on his farm to his children. Each child had 4 equal piece of area to have. But in the puzzle we have  to draw the lines to give out 4 of the areas. No one had got it right so Mr Grundy drawed the lines out for us to see what it really looked liked.


Today I have decided to do my 6's. The reason I chose 6's because It will help me with my speed and it would also help me with knowing it in different older. It was kind of hard and kind of easy because one said I knew the answer.

Mrs Gren

Today and yesterday I made 7 slides about life process. Me and Joel helped each other out with the slides. Mrs Gren stands for Movement, Respiration,Sensitivity,Growth,Reproduction,Excitation and Nutrition. This was really fun to do because I have really learnt alot.

How to survive a cow attack

Today and yesterday we wrote how to survive a cow attack. I wrote 4 facts of how to survive a cow attack so that people will know what to do if they are ever in a cow attack. I have learnt what to do if I am in a cow attack which I found facts online sites.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Nice Work

Today for Writing we made a poem. The poem we did was called Nice work. The first thing I started off  with was my 5 words that means nice. The words I did was good,amusing,acceptable,pleasant and enjoyable. After that I did the phrase and the meaning. The lucky last thing I did was my poem. In the poem we had to change the word nice to a different word and all of the words that was the meaning to nice we had to change it into the word that we were going to use.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for this terms sport is Rippa rugby, but for today we played Soccer with Mr O. We all had an example from Ofa and Mr O how to kick the Soccer ball. After that we had to get into a group of 4, the group I was with was Brooklyn, Nyjah and Savelina. This was easy but hard at the same time. Mr O said stop so that we can all stop what  we were doing and sit at the 4 square. Before we left we got numberd to Bibs and non bibs. I was in bibs. It was a tie.

Rolling Skating


Today at lunchtime we had Roller Skating. We all had to write for Mr O to tell our names so that we can get our sizes. We all went back where we were siting and wait for what Miss Puna to tell his how to put on the skates. This was very fun because I never knew how to use the roller skates, but then I got use to riding skates. Before we all left we had a race. I was against Fui, Jaydon and Affonso. I came first Fui came secound Affonso came 3rd and Jaydon came 4th. After that race Me, Ofa, Mataio  and Zane. We got to have 3 laps. The winners were Zane, me, Ofa and Mataio.

Unfinshied Drink

Yesterday and today me and Avalon worked together to talk about La Tour mollet. Before he passed he said make sure nothing happens to that bottle. But he never returned back for his bottle because he was in the war. I felt really happy and sad, because he never got to return for his bottle and happy because  his bottle is somewhere safe were everyone can look at.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Tane Mahuta Story Board

Yesterday and today me, Mele and Marieta made a storyboard. Before we made the storyboard we had to start with the pictures. After that we all had to move onto making a story board. This story board was very hard to do because it took us about 2 days to do this because we didn't really know how it worked. Marieta, Mele and I couldn't add another one because it couldn't work, so we decided to make another storyboard. Once we were finshied we put the 2 photos close to each other and took a photo.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Memorials/ Shaun Tane

Today and yesterday me and Nyjah dd 9 slides about the Memorial. Everyone has to choose one slide from there google slides and put it as there blog. I have decided to choose this slide because it tells us about the book and we all gotten given questions from the quote to answer. This was very interesting to do because it gave us answers about the book. Shaun Tane is very famous and very well known. Also the book had a sticker that showed were the book was from, which it was from Australia.

If you would like  to go on the full slides please click on the link that says memorial.