Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Monday Hitt

On Monday we had another session of Hitt. We did Tap Step, Star Jumps and Push ups. I was really excited because I finally did 3 happy claps and I was trying to jump but my legs were really sore same as my chest.

Sky Tower Trip

 Taking photo with Mrs Anderson, Myself, Angela, Joel, Nickeala with an extra person Jay-don.

Today in the middle block we explored and visited the Sky Tower in the city. The year 3-8 students caught the bus to the city to visit the Sky Tower. We arrived in the city ready to walk to the Sky Tower. We went in 2 lines. 1 line was Kiwi Can group A and the other group was group B. Each group had 2 or 3 teachers. My group had Mrs Linda, Mrs Anderson and Mr Dobson. The other group had Mr Wong and Ms Kirkpatrick. Once we walked inside the Sky Tower mostly everyone was reacting because most of them haven't been inside a Sky Tower. Everyone had a teacher to show us around. The most scariest part for me was at the top and underneath us was glass and we were really high the other one was in the elevator and when we were going up there was glass and under the glass it was the wires connecting to the elevator for it to go up. The best parts for me at the Sky Tower was when we went in a place that had supplies if anything went wrong and a big space to walk around / and play around. We all formed 2 lines ready to go back to school. I felt sad leaving the Sky Tower because it was my first time ever going inside the Sky Tower and may be a while until I come back to Sky Tower with my family or friends.

A big thank you to Douglas Bates for donating this money for our school to go on this Sky Tower Trip. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawing

Last week it was Math's Week. We all started, finding our picture to start with our scale drawing. Once you are done you need to send it to Mrs Kirkpatrick. My character is from Naruto and her name is Sakura Haruno. She is a mum and is together with Sasuke Uchiha. Everyone needs to make a 2cm square grid height and width, start drawing, make a logo with your name the ratio and scale drawing, colour the drawing then glue it on a piece of colouring paper. This is my first time learning and creating a scale drawing piece. The best part was blending and coloring my hair because it was very easy doing the hair and blending in the colors. What I found hard was drawing the eyes because I had mostly everything right but except the eyes because it wasn't the same and the same size. Next time I will want to choose a different character. My character next time may be Sasuke because he might be easier for me to draw. Next year I will work on the clothing more because for me its hard to get the same color as the picture.

Friday, 17 August 2018


Today at Tech we played a game called Kahoot. This was the same one we did last time. I placed 4th and I was very excited. I only got 5 correct and 2 incorrect. I was about to get 3rd place but I kept on getting it incorrect because I am pressured to place in the top 3. The winners were Mele, Jack and Angela.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Kiwi Can

Today in Kiwi Can we played 3 games and GKQ. The first game we played was Rock,Paper, Scissors. If you loss against someone and there is another person that lost you have to challenge them, whoever lost had to sit down and the other person is back in the game. The winner of the game was Corree. The second game we played was called Untangle your hands. In this game you had to form 2 teams. My team had 10 and the other team had 11. My team won because we were the quickest to finished. Afterwards we played our last game. The game we played was very hard. We had to try as a team to get over the rope without jumping or going underneath the rope. My team didn't engorge  Magenta to go over the rope because we weren't helping or supporting her so that how they won.  Jeremiah K was the master for GKQ in the start. We were getting to the end and John was the new Master. He won against Mrs Morris for the last challenge.

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi

Last week on Thursday we went Kiwi Can. It was fun because we did Golden Child. Golden Child is when you get into 2 teams. My team won and I was very excited. 

Hitt Thursday Session

Today we had a hard session of Hitt. We did push ups, Star Jumps x2. We did it twice because it will make it more challenging for all of us and it did. At the start of doing push ups my arms were getting very tired and getting very weak. In the 2 last rounds I did Happy Clap. Happy Clap is when you push down then push up and then clap.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Table Master

Today I played a Maths game that I haven't played in a while and it is called Table Master. I came 1st for the 2 time tables and it was my first try. I am going back on Table Masters and I am going to try and get 2 done, 5 time tables done and 2 time tables.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Different type of Bridges

This week Hajera, Nickaela and Joel worked together as a group to find out information about different types of Bridges. I learnt that a truss bridge has a lin and it has a flat surface. 

Hitt Thursday

On Thursday we had Hitt. It was very fun doing push ups because it is very easy for me to do. San Kway chose the work outs. The work outs were Push ups, Tap Steps, Star Jumps and Squats. The next morning my chest and my stumex was very sore.


Today at Tech we were finishing our work from last week. We all also had to make a survey that had our brainstorm ideas. I have learnt for drawing that you gotta get the right shapes. 

Assembly Blogging Star

Today at Assembly Magenta won blogging star of the week. Magenta has 101 blog posts and she is trying to get over 101 blog posts this year. She has worked very well with her blogging.

Whare Hauora

Yesterday we had our Whare Hauora Opening. We all went to the hall first for people around Auckland to talk about their jobs. The Kapa Haka performed twice. Afterwards we all went outside to cut the rope to open our Med Cube. Sadly it was raining. Sarah Williams cut the rope and most of us were jumping up and down because the Med Cube is finally open.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Cook Island Presentation

This week and last week my group John,Hajera,Mataio and Miki worked together on a google slide to talk about Cook Island. We all learnt something about Cook Islands. I did the first slide about the maps. I learnt that it takes 4 hours and 14 minutes to go to Cook Island which is really cool.

Wheel Words

Today in Reading my group and Rotorua played a game called Wheel Words. We had 10 minutes to get as much words as we can get. I used 1 hint. In total I got 8 questions but if I don't include 1 from the 8 it would of meant I got 7 questions without using any hints. Next time when I play I am going to think of words that are 4 letter words or 5 letter words because it is easier for me.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Hitt Monday Session

Today Jakie, Nyjla and Georgia came to LS2 to watch the HITT group train. We all worked together and most of us got puffed. The Maori word for get puffed is called Kappa. I got puffed and got sitches which I tried pushing myself to finished it. The hardest one for me was Mountain Climber in a good way because I know now to push myself. The easiest one for me was High Knees because we had to run in the spot which made me push myself a lot.

Serects and Sounds: Smugglers

Today half of my group read a book called Secrets and Sounds. Inside the book it had other stories, Non fiction and Fiction. We read the Non Fiction. My group members learnt that connecting our conversation about the text together is like a chain because it is connected in order. We had a conversation as a group talking about the text. We worked very well linking our ideas together. It was king of hard finding the answers because most of them was taken so I had to think fast. We went in order from Angela, Neaveah then me last.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Kiwi Can

Yesterday we had Kiwi Can. It was second session of the term and it was very fun. My favorite game was when we had to go into a peer and one of our peer has to go to the other team. Both of the teams had to vs each other. My team won. My partner was Nickaela and we both won our first match. The other game was when we had to go into teams. We had to put bibs in our pocket pants. That team has to survive to have the longest time. The winning team was Mataio's team.


Image result for tech
Image result for tamaki college

Today we had our first session of Tech of the term. We started off with different slides. It was pretty hard because we had to get ready to make our movie. Mostly everyone is animated there pictures but the others our using other photos.

Cook Island Language

Today I worked with Joel, Nickalea and Myself. It was pretty hard having a conversation because me and Nickaela were struggling and Joel knew most of the words. I have learnt alot of saying Cook Island words and now I am practing saying it with my friends. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

HITT Thursday

Today we did HITT.... It was soo much fun today because we did the same routine from last term. Today we all pushed it all we got to red.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Count the 3D Block

Today for Maths we played Count the 3D Block. I only got 2 right because the one I am doing right now is hard to figure out for me. I had a lot of fun playing it but it was hard for me to get the answer.

Attitude Attitude Care awards/Researching Of Someone Overcoming there fear

A few months ago I made a DLO about someone overcoming there fear. I researched and found a video of a YouTuber overcoming her fears. My fear is heights because I am scared I may fall down and break my bones which makes me scared.

Panmure Lagoon Pools

Today I made a DLO about a gym at the Panmure Lagoon Pools/ Gym. I learnt the hours and the location. I also am going to one of the Gyms this week with my brothers to work out. There are two gyms for classes and the other one has most of the equipment for us.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

HITT Training Monday

Yesterday we had HITT Training. We started off going in our line. After that we started with Shadow Boxing.. Mr O taught us a combo and we had to copy it. Afterwards we started with our Rotation. Our Rotation was Squats, Star Jumps, High Knees and Tap Steps we did 3 sets.

Attitude Care Awards/A new Skill - how to make a cube box

 A few months ago I made a DLO explaining how to make a cube box. I have learnt this last year in Mr Wong's group. I had also made one but it was very hard gluing it together. I added steps on my DLO because some people may want to make one.

5 Facts about Romans

Today in Reading my group read a non fiction book called Romans rules. We all made a DLO with 5 facts and images on the DLO. I have drawn a picture because I wanted to design it instead of using a sword image. I have learnt for one of my facts is that Romans covered up Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

Saturday, 28 July 2018


Yesterday on Friday I got a certificate.. I was surprised because I didn't really know I had a great Attitude in class. The other person in my class that got it was Julian. We both took a photo in class.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Health Service Manager

Today everyone in LS2 made a DLO explain the earrings, what interests of being..... subjects and also detail about that job. My career that I got from the results was Health Service Manager. I was excited because I want to follow my mum's footsteps of being a Nurse or something else that is related of being a Nurse. I had learnt the Health Service Manager is a job when you direct and plan things.

Careers:Passion: Job

Today  everyone in LS2 did a quest about Careers.... When I am older I wanted to be a Nurse because I want to follow into my mum footsteps and also wanna help people in New Zealand. You have to answer 78 questions... At end it would say what we are when we are older.. For me it said that I should be a Medical Health Nurse which I was excited because I really wanna be it when I am older....

The link to the site

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Attitude Care awards/ How to be an accountability person

I learnt how to be an accountability person at school because everyone in the whole inter school has being learning it except the juniors. I have even learnt more and now I am going to be accountability person at school so that the Juniors knows how to do the right thing...

Attitude Care Awards/ How to be a Postive Atitude

This work explains how to be a Positive Attitude at school, home or other places... It means to show great attitude to everyone that came around you and it also shows respect to. I have learnt even more about how to be show Positive Attitude to my friends, teachers and etc at my school.. 

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwi Can we started off with Energizer in a Circle. But we gotta get into a peer than make a circle. Me and Mele played 3rd because whoever came last lost.... Afterwards we went into lines talking about does Resilience means overcoming challenges...... I learnt that if you overcome your challenge then it makes you feel better like it makes me feel better when I overcome a fear that I have for the past few years.....

HITT Monday

This week we having being doing Squats and etc. Today we changed it up by doing 3 sessions Tap Steps, High Knees and Star jumps. This is my favorite session because it is hard and it is good because it pushes me to achieve it.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How to solve Algorithms Addition

 This week we have been learning how to solve Algorithms. We learnt by using our Place Value HTO Strategy. My partner this week was Fui. Fui and I both started off with explaining how to solve a Algorithm Addition to solve our Maths Equations. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

What happen on the holidays?

Image result for kfcImage result for pools ymca

On my holidays I played Fortnite and also went to the pools. I forgot to take pictures so I got some pictures online. If you guys dont know where the game of Fortnite is it is on a PS4 or a Xbox. 

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Today in Maths I played a game called Who wants to be a Millionaire. I had 2 attempts and one of them I got bad luck but then the next one I won a Million. I had alot of fun and if you would want to play this game it would be at the bottom of this blurb.

Millionaire Game

Saturday, 7 July 2018

What I had for Breakfast!!!

Today I woke up and had breakfast... I had pancakes, Hot Chocolate and also those fried meat. My favorite item was the Hot Chocolate because it is very nice and also the pancakes and the rest. 


At tech we all needed to finished off our work. Some people were on Green last week.. I just need to do one more. I learnt how to make animated stories. We are going back next term for 6 or 4 weeks.

Thursday HITT

On Thursday we had another session of HITT. We did the same as light week. Mostly everyone did their best til the end.  It's sad that we wont be using it next week which was very sad to hear but now we are moving on to a different one  next term.

Kiwi Can

At Kiwi Can we watched a movie and played some short games. I didn't really get to watch the movie because I had HITT. We watched a short video then we played a game.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tech/ Digital Tech

Last week on Friday we had Digital Tech. Mostly every time we go Digital Tech we play a game of Kahoot. After that we would usually try and finish off our work or do some more animated stories games which is very fun and cool to do because it helps me a lot.

Pros and Cons


Today we did Pons & Cons with our groups when we did the Lighthouse work. Some of my group members were here. One person had to say what they wrote but if it was already said they have to say something that wasn't. We had a pencil and a pen so that we can write down what we liked if we were in a Lighthouse but if he didn't we would write what we didn't like if we lived in a Lighthouse....

Lighthouse Story

Today and Yesterday everyone in LS2 had homework on the Lighhouse Story that happened in France. I found out that the Lighthouse Keeper made it and is fired because he wasn't suppose to be in the storm so now he is not a Lighthouse Keeper

Chicago Sports Team

This week my group has being working on Chicago Sports Team. We have being researching teams that are popular in Chicago. Everyone in my group did a slide and helped each other out with one of us were stuck. 

For Sale Light House

This week everyone looked online for open light houses around the world. I found my light house in Romai which is build on water. Everyone also had to make a poster that shows how much it cost and how it also costed in New Zealand dollars - the country your doing...

ASB Get Wise Visit

Image result for asb get wise

Today Jayden from ASB (Get Wise) came to Panmure Bridge School to help us save our money and spending it wisely. I didn't really know that much stuff about ASB but I only knew that ASB for your bank. We talked about what Jayden does at ASB (Get wise) and what we could do differently with money. We played a short game of a money bank. We played in teams of 5. I was in team 1. Jayden put 7 things you would expect to get at vacation. We also had EP points so that it can make it harder to have the higher points to make us lose the game. My group got taken out of the game because we didn't do our insurance and the dice rolled to 6 to make use have poison food.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pacific Performance

Today Pacfifc did a performance and Kapa Haka and so on. After every performed we all had sausages. Everyone got 2 and the people that perform got to have another one. Thank you Whaea Odie for making this happen. We started our first practice on the start of this term. Every time we practice some of the girls and boys try and pick it up