Friday, 27 October 2017

Badminton Recount.

At Badminton we had this coach called Kevin. Kevin is in the New Zealand Badminton team. He would be teaching us for the whole term. In the game Badminton we worked inside the hall because it was cloudy outside so that would mean it would rain but it didn't because their was not that much cloud up in the sky.

In the start of the game we played Stuck in the middle. This game was different to the real game to Stuck in the middle so Kevin showed us an example which was Nevaeh. It looked really cool because it was better than the other one in my own opinion. Who ever was touch had to stay still and wait for someone to come and save you. I was waiting for someone... but then Jonathan came and clapped his hands between my leg then taped my hand.

We got to start playing Badminton but before we did Kevin told us to get a rack and a shuttle to hold onto. Everyone had to stand up and wait for Kevin to finished the instructions. Before we played Kevin told us what to do and what the rules were. Number 1. We had to not play around with the rack. Number 2. When we are close to someone STOP so that you won't hurt them. Number 3. We had to make sure the shuttle was upside down which was the circle ball pointing down. Number 4. We had to make sure to hit lightly so that it won't hit the roof. You have to make 10 or more hits in each practice.

Kevin showed us some trick shots which he said it was just for fun. We had to do one behind the back which was very easy to do but we also had to do it 10 or more times. I was trying to make my accuracy good because every time it is not pointing down then it would just fall down to the ground. Kevin called us down to sit on the line and wait for Kevin to tell us what to do next. This third practice we would hit it underneath our legs for 10 or more times. It was kind of tricky but when I would do it heaps of times it would be very easy. the last second to last thing was the same things we did which was behind our legs and behind the back. And the last one was behindhand and front hand. This was my favorite one because it was very fun and easy to do.

We had this last game before we left Kiwi Sport/Badminton. This game is when we had to keep on doing it for long as we would but if we drop it then we would have to sit down and watch the other people that are left over. I was cheering on  for Jonathan because he worked so hard in the practice that he got 38 which was really cool because I never got it. Their was 2 rounds one round that got to Julian and the last round got to Jonathan. Julian and Jonathan vs which Julian won. Everyone was happy for Julian and Jonathan because it was really fun to watch.

LI: To revise Recount Writing.
Today for Writing Mr O showed my work on the Tv in front of my whole writing groups. What did you learned? I have learnt heaps of stuff that was suppose to be inside my writing. I got 26 because I messed up on Vocabulary,Punctuation and spelling. How did you learned? We had to have 2 people from one of the 2 groups that had to represent our work. I was really scared because when they where giving the scores to me I was nevores because I was hoping that I dont go that low so that I wont be on another level like a year 4 or 5.


Today in Maori we had to search up the English name to the Maori name of the New Zealand places that are on the map. The first thing we have to was to go by the list 1-22 which was hard because I didn't finished my work because I never knew what it was.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we played Badminton. The person that was teaching us was Kevin he is apart of the New Zealand Badminton. He showed us Trick shots,Hitting the rack and shuttle and he also showed us how to play stuck in the middle in a different version. So the game worked like this. So if someones stuck we would clap our hands between there legs then we would tap there hand to set them free.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Novel

LI: to state your opinion on the text.
Today for Reading I used a slide called it's novel time. What did you learned? I worked with Marieta and I also learnt new things about matariki. How did you learned? I worked with Marieta because we had to work with someone in our group so that we can write the same thing but each other gives there idea.

Equivalent Fractions/Adding Fractions

LI: to add and subtract fractions of the same unit size.
Today for Maths I made a google drawing about Equivalent Fractions. What did you learned? I learnt more things about Fractions and I also learnt new things about Adding and Take away. How did you learned? I worked by myself because this was for yourself to do. We had to do different fractions so that it can show an example.

SSR Self

Today for SSR Self I read a book called Human in the roof. This book is about aliens so in this book the aliens doesn't like humans but they get to know them later in the book. If you want to know how SSR Self works follow along with me. So you would comment on someones work then you would tell them what level they are 1,2 or 3.


Today for commenting I commented on Joel's blog. I wanted to comment on her blog because I haven't comment on her blog this term so I would know what kind of writing she does in her work and in her blurb.


Today for Maths I did Prodigy. I did Prodigy because it is very fun because it is a maths game so it really helps me with my maths. You would a teacher to give you a code so that you can play the game.


Daily 6/Table Master

Today for my Daily 6 I did table master. The reason I did table master because it helps me say my time tables faster so that I can get use to it so that if a teacher tells me something then I would say the answer fast.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Production Recount

LI: To make a recount about the production.
Today for writing we made a recount about the production. We had 40 minutes to plan out everything before it was morning tea. What did you learned? I learn how to retell some of the things that happened during the production before the production started. How did you learned? We had to work by yourself to do it because it was only for you to do.

How to Solve Fractions Video

LI: To add and subtract fractions of the same unit size.
Today for Maths I had to make a video about how to solve fractions. What did you learned? I learnt how to use Screen Calsfty that was used for our Mats. How did you learned? I learnt how to solve Fractions. I learnt it by using the start of the number and equalling together. Then we would leave the last number so then you would make the fraction.

Local Community

LI: To learn what inter,middle and outer.
Today for Inquiry we had choose to make our diagram. I choose 3 because it includes inter,middle and outer. What did you learned? I learnt the meaning of inter,middle and outer. How did you learned? We worked by yourself to do this because it was a work that was for you. We got an example of doing the diagram so that we won't waste our time making the diagram.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


LI: To comment of peoples blog by using 6 times.
Today for Commenting I commented on Chris's blog. I did it on his daliy 6. He did a very clear blog.

Table Master

Table Master Link
Today for Table Master I did 2 time tables. I was going to do my 5's but I didn't want to because there are 2 much but the 2's it is more faster to type. What dd you learned? I learnt how to say my 2's even more faster. How did you learned? I did this 4 times so that I can get use to it.

Raz Kids

LI: To Learn new things.
Today for Raz Kids I read a book called Can I vote. This is about the election, because he wants to vote like other people but he can't because is not 18 and over. What did you learned? I learnt some new words. How did you learned? This book was very easy to read. 

Currents Events & Quiz

 Link to the form
LI:To summarise and synthesise information
Today for Reading I did 2 things for my must do. One of them was called Kiwi Kids New, we had to read one Article from Kiwi Kids News then we would make a copy on Current Events. Then we would use it for our writing to write everything down. Then we did a Quiz, that we had to send it to other people in our group to check. What did you learned? I learnt something new from Diwali. How did you learned? We had to work by yourself because it was something that people had to do on their own.

SSR Self

LI: To retell your book in your own words.
Today for SSR Self I read a book called Human in the roof. This book is about Aliens that hates humans. The characters are called: Zarg,Zelda and Mew. Zarh and Zaelda are a couple(Married).

Monday, 9 October 2017

Fear Fall

I think Nyjah could do it because she is strong of anything if she is. I have being on this ride in real life so.. goodluck on you guys.

Sky Tower

Today I had made a google drawing about facts that is about the sky tower. I have learnt many new things that I haven't learnt yet.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Rainbow Ends

Today in Rainbow Ends I have learnt so much because I learnt what was that ride that always go's up and down which is called Invader.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Activity 1 - Hoilday blogging challage

Today I have been doing my very first activity for the first day. What this DLO is about is rainbow's end. What I have really enjoyed about doing this activity is that I got to learn more about rainbow's end.