Friday, 22 March 2019

DVC/ Tech

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This week at Tamaki College we were designing our clocks on a piece of paper. Our Graphics teacher for term 1 is Mrs Ferguson. I have decided to make my Mum a Game of Thrones clock because she loves watching Game of Thrones. I chose my Mum because she needs to wake up early around 4 or 5 to go to work. In the clock it has some really cool designs in the clock. It was a bit hard to do drawing in it, but as I zoomed up to it got a bit easier for me to draw on the piece of paper.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Cricket Interschools

This week on Wednesday it was our inter school Cricket. My team was a year 5/7/8 team. In my team we had I, Nyjah, Fui, Suila, Charlize, Farzana, Fau, Marieta and Sandra. We played 5 games. We lost 1 game against Point England and won the other 4 games. The schools we played were Stone fields 1/ 2, Tamaki Primary, Stan Hope and Point England school. Mr Wong was our coach for the day. My 2 partners that I were with during the games were Mele and Nyjah. I learnt that if you hit the ball out of the cones area you get a 6. My favorite role playing was bating because I hit very fair in one game and I also loved to bat. 

Blog Post Analysis

This week and last week my class has being finding our amount of blog posts of 2015 - 2019. My highest blog posting month is January 2019 because I took part in the Summer learning Journey program during the school holidays. My first blog post on my blog was in May 2015. It was my first year as a student at Panmure Bridge School and I was learning how to do digital work. I have improved over the years with my blog posts. My favourite year blogging year was in 2018, because that year we posted a lot of work onto our blog and nearly every week I would post at least post 5 post a week except the holidays.

Tech/ Graphics

Last week at Tech we  were doing our 2 DLO's that are connected with our clocks. First DLO is about what we are the 2 designs that we are going to use. We would need to pick one of those designs to make a Clock. I have decided to make my clock for my Mum because she also needs to wake up for work and she wouldn’t need to use her phone anymore. If you would want to design a clock what design would you choose?

Friday, 15 March 2019

Kiwi Sport / Ki O Rahi

This week at Kiwi Sport we were playing Ki O Rahi. It was our last time learning how to play Ki O Rahi. Next week we are going to play the game. In this session we were spilt into 2 teams. One team would run and team would touch the poles, the other team would wait for someone in the other team to drop the ball on the ground. We wore rippa tags so that it would make it fair for the other team to rip it off that persons ripper that has the ball. Whoever ripper that gets ripped that has the ball has to pass it to the other person in there team. 

Stretching Sentences

This week in Writing we were all learning about stretching sentences. We made a DLO that explains what a stretching sentence means and showing an example. We use the 5 w's and H. We all got a choice of picking which character that we know that we could write about. I chose Dipper Pines because he loves going on adventures of finding who is the author of the 3 journals. We first started doing this when we were doing our 2 words 1 minute. We did some practising of how to make a stretching sentence.

Assembly/ Confidence Care Award

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Last week at assembly Victoria and I got rewarded our Care Award Badge. I got given my Confidence Badge and Victoria got given her Respect Badge. I just need to complete one more badge to get to  Gold. I have my Confidence, Attitude and Respect badges. It was Victorias first time getting a badge for Sliver Care Awards. If you would like to check out Victorias blog here is the link to her blog-

DARE Impact Message

Today Constable Cyrus came to talk to us about the DARE program. I have worked together with Nyjah, Fui, Victoria and I. We made a DLO that explains why it is a Bad Choice to Drink and Drive. We are leaving a Message for those people out there that are making a Bad Choice if you Drink and Drive, because you may risk a life if you crash into someone's car or if you are getting away with it. We all have learnt today that if you Drink and Drive, Smoke and etc it hurts your body. But if you smoke you can have Lung cancer and your lungs is something that is a part of your body that helps you breathe air.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Kiwi Can Reflection

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This week at Kiwi Can we have being learning Positive Communication. The games we played were A and B and Magic Shoes. My favorite game playing at Kiwi Can was Magic Shoes because my team worked together, communicating and making a plan. First person in the line has Magic Shoes, the person that has Magic Shoes carry or does something else to get them both to the end and back. The other person that doesn't have Magic Shoes cant touch the ground. My group didn't have a good start because we didn't make a plan that could take all of us to end and back. As we played another round it got a bit easier for my group.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Boy On A Bike

This week I have being doing Reciprocal Reading. We read a text called A Boy on a Bike. My Reading group has  Jonthan, Alice, Jayden, Karlos, Giovanni, Te Pounamu, Joel, Sakina, Villami, Avalon and I. We all created our own Slide or DLO. In the book I was  searching for locations that Craig and Mac travelled in New Zealand on Page 4 . On the second slide it shows the questions and my answers. If you would like to view my work here is the link - Boy On A Bike

Monday, 11 March 2019

Caring for the Planet/ Rubric Marking

Caring for the planet

Do you care for the planet? In once in a while people drop rubbish, most of these rubbish goes to the ocean.
Sea creatures sees the rubbish and thinks that the rubbish is a jelly fish so they eat it up.
This isn’t a good thing for them! Why? It can kill them!

How do you feel when plastic bags faded out? Everyone has a opinion about having or not having plastic bags.
I don't want plastic bags to be faded out because we got free plastic bags.
Before plastic bags were here in New Zealand many shopping places used brown bags.
These brown bags held our groceries. Brown bags are still around in some food places, but not in all!

Why should you reuse a single use bag? Using a single use bag helps the planet,
it helps held your grocery bags. Plastic bags faded away, since last year.
Now when people goes shopping they use: Countdown bags, Paknsave bags and their own bag.
Some people will disagree to reuse a single plastic bag, because they like to buy a new shopping bag even though
they have plenty at their home.I reuse a bag when I go shopping to save money!

1 billion shopping bags are used every year by 4 million people in New Zealand.
The government of New Zealand has given New Zealand  6 months that does not provide us with any plastic bags!
Other countries around the world, plastic bags were ban. Did you know that It will take 400 years to decompose plastic bags from
That is a very long time to decompose.

I have finally come to my conclusion. I have gave my statements about why we should reuse a single use plastic bag,
how I felt and asking how you guys felt about plastic bags fading out and how many years it will take for plastic bags t
o decompose
from the ocean.

This week and last week I have worked together with Fui. Together we were checking each
other Explanation writing with the rubric. At the bottom we checked which level they are on
like: R1, R2 and R3. Fui got more than R4 for her rubric checking. We did 2 boxes one box
was the partner check and the top one was about themselves. Everyone in our class chose a
partner that was a year 7 or 8 and they got a choice of choosing one of the examples on the
rubric. Florence and I chose Colons because that was very easy to do.

Friday, 8 March 2019


Today at Tech we were created different shades and mixing in colours. As you can see at the top of sheet there are 3 boxes, the colour of those 3 colours are Primary colours. The 2 boxes below the primary colours those are called secondary colours because they are the second colour of the color wheel. At the bottom we mixed in Yellow and Blue to get the colour Green. I also did some Graduated Colours and Tint / Tone.  What is  your guys favorite colour? My favorite colour is Gold and Yellow and I dislike the colour Purple.  

Inspiring Quotes/ Excellence and Innovation

A few days ago I have being working on my Care Awards. I am almost done with my Sliver Care Awards. This slide has 3 famous quotes that are from people that spoke up for freedom and so on. I explained the meaning of the quotes that I chose. I have being working very hard to complete this. If you got to choose someone that you know who would it be?

My Passion/ Excellence and Innovation

Last year and a bit of this year I have being fixing up my Passion DLO. My favorite passion is Netball because I love to shoot and run. As you can see the image on the DLO it shows my old Netball team in 2017. We placed 2nd in our pool. We played at the AMI courts. We played every Tuesday.  In the start of term  year some of us didn't know how to play, but as we practise and played more games we started to improve with our Netball skills. My first ever time playing Netball was in 2016. I started off doing Center but now I do GS because I love to shoot.  My other passion is Swimming because it is really fun learning new skills and watching a Swimming Class.

New Zealander that shows Excellence and Innovation/ Care Award

A few weeks ago I have made a DLO about Edmund Hillary.  I am completing different Care Award challenges to get to my Gold Care Award, so far I need to do one more Care Award to get to Gold. For this Care Award challenge we got a choice of choosing someone that shows Excellence and Innovation of what they do. I chose Edmund Hillary because he showed pride and he took a risk with Tenzing Norgay of climbing up the biggest Mountain in the world Mt Everest. In 2008 was 88 years old. He was born in 1919 and passed in 2008, right now he would be 100 years old  this year if he was still alive. If you have someone in mind that you would choose that shows/ showed Excellence and Innovation who would you choose?

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Smile / Reading Challenge #1

Image result for smile the book

On the hoildays I was reading a book called Smile. This book is about a girl. One night she was coming back from a sleep over from her friends. As her and her friends were playing tag Raina she triped on the group and her 2 front teeth hit the ground and it came out. Her mum took Raina too the dentist so the doctor can tell Raina what is going on. At the end her 2 front teeth comes back and she can take a great photo. 

Current Events / Collaborative Reading Challenge

Today I have created 2 Current Event DLO with my collaborative group was Julian, Alice, Joseph, Giovanni and I. All of the Current Event DLO's  has to be one of the sites that are on the Reading Site.  One of the DLO's has to be an article that is in a different country and the last DLO has to be about an Article in New Zealand.

Timeline A History of the Protest/ Reading

Yesterday at Reading my group and I were doing Reciprocal Reading. Giovanni, Avalon, Sakina, Joel and I made a DLO that was explaining a timeline of the New Zealand history of protesting. We made 10 boxes that explains each page that we made in our own words. I learnt that men didn't want woman to vote for the new government or president for country's around the world to vote. There over 500 pages with 25,000 petitions that was signed by Women all around the world to vote. New Zealand was the first country that allowed women to vote.

Kiwi Can

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Yesterday at Kiwi Can it was our 5th session of Kiwi Can. Our teachers for this term are Miss Paige and Mr Alpati. Our topic for the week is Positive communication. Positive Communication can be shown as Dancing, Singing, Messaging, Calling, Sign Language and Communicating. Our games that we played were Kick ball and Hula Hoop Tug Of war. I learnt how to play a game called Kick Ball. Positive Communication was our last topic for our session.

Kiwi Sport/ Ki O Rahi

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Today was our second session of Ki O Rahi. In the start we were practising our kicking, we were aiming to kick towards the tupo. Afterwards we started to play some Golden Child. We were split into 2 teams one team ran and the other team got a chance to throw the ball to the tupo. There were 2 guardians marking the tupo. The team that hits the tupo calls out Motu, and the person that is running has to stop were they are. The only way for the person to go back where they were in the start has to wait for the Golden child to run and touch the poles. If the other team doesn't call out Motu the other team wins that round.

Read Theory

Today I have read a text called Meet a Paleontologist. I am grade 5 on read theory. I have being reading different reading texts since last year. This story is about a person that is interviewing Rick Zinger about his job. His job is dental things. This is for a Young Scientist Magazine. If you would want to play read theory here is the link- Read Theory

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Solving Problem

Today I have made a DLO that explains a Maths Problem. This was my second Maths Challenge in this week. I got a bit of help from my friend Nyjah and she explained it to me and I understood and now I am explaining it to you guys on a DLO. 

Maths Problem/ Explaning

Yesterday I made a DLO solving a Maths Problem. This challenge was kind of hard to work out. This Maths problem was about a school trip. There were 24 students that went on the school trip. 1 tent is only allowed to have 2 students, but it wouldn't be fair for the other 1 person. So the answer would be 2 people per tent to make it easier. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Tech | Graphics

On Friday we were shading, colouring and using fluff to make a nice smooth colour in our apple. As you can see I drew the apple that is on the blog post. It was really fun to do. In the afternoon I am going to be doing the same thing and Neaveah and I am going to be helping my group to colour it in. We did different things to colour in the apple. We also transfer a apple onto this other piece of paper.