Friday, 1 April 2016

KWL Chart Crunchy bar group

Before Reading
What do I know about the Tour De France
Before Reading
Questions I have on the Tour De France
After Reading
What I have learnt about the Tour De France
  • They wear helmet with their bike to make them save.

  • They ride bikes.

  • They go to tournaments if they come 1,2 and 3.

  • They wear gear to perteak them from falling down.

They can get nuts, energy bars and piece of fruits.

If they win they get the whole stage

If they win they get to ride the whole stage everyday.

  • How many minutes can they ride their bikes.

  • How many hours does it takes to finished the course.

  •    How many people that takes part.

  • How do they take when they are riding the bicycle.
  • How wins the whole race.
  • If they win they go on the newspaper.

  • The stage is for who wins the whole tournament.

  • They can go on the newspaper if they win.

  • They can get a yellow jersey
This is my cart on the crunchy bar group.

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