Thursday, 13 April 2017

Goldilocks Paragraph

1st Person


On a Beautiful sunny day, I could smell some delicious food. As I came out of the bushes I saw a little cottage.

Paragraph 2

I nervously went inside the cottage, where I found three bowls on a table: a large bowl, a medium bowl and a small bowl. I tasted the porridge in the large bowl and it was “too hard” so I moved on to the next bowl .  It was the medium bowl, full of yummy porridge, so I tasted it and it was “too cold”.  There was one bowl left and I was wondering how would it taste if it was hard or cold I ate the porridge, and  it was “Just right “.

Paragraph 3

After eating all the porridge I went to the living room as I needed to let it go down. There were 3 chairs a large chair a medium chair and a small chair.
The first chair I sat on was the large chair and 3 or 4 seconds later the chair broke then I moved onto the next chair and it was the Medium chair and it was “too soft”.

Then there was only one chair left and it was the small chair and I was thinking if I sit on the chair it might break  and it was  “Just right”.

Paragraph 4
When I finished going to the Kitchen and the Living room there was one place that I didn’t go to and it was the bedroom as I went inside there were 3 beds  a large bed, medium bed and a small bed .
The first bed I went on was the large bed and it was “too hard”, then I moved onto the next bed  and it was the medium bed and it was “too soft” .
After I tried to sleep in 2 beds their was 1 bed left and it was the small bed and it “was perfect”, then I slept inside the bed.


As I was sleeping the bears saw me sleeping inside baby bear's bed . So that is when I Immediately  woke up and saw the three bears and I didn’t say a word

LI: To plan and rewrite a recount .

I learned what is a first person and a 3rd person in the recount
I learned bye knowing wright and their is not used in some recounts because Wright is right and their is there sometimes .

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