Thursday, 14 September 2017

Reading Strategy

LI: To demonstrate our understanding of reading strategies.
Today for Reading I had to write what has being happening this term. What did you learned? I learnt how to make a Inference about what has being happening. How did you learned? I had to work with someone that was not part of my group so I worked with Florence. Me and Florence decide that we should not put the links on are blog that people cant access, so we put on a link that people can access so we put the Character inference on our blog.

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  1. Hey Chavda,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog so I might aswell do the same thing to you! Well done on completing your work and I love your learning intention and it sounds really interesting!!! Maybe next time, You could re-read you work to see if it makes sense but overall Keep Up The Amazing Work!

    Kind Regards,