Thursday, 21 September 2017

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive speech plan

My argument:

How will you greet your audience? Kia Ora /Good Afternoon/Good Morning/ My name is Chavda Fauea from LS1.

How will you introduce your topic in a catchy way?
Hey there I am going to tell you guys why we shouldn’t smoke.
Write a rhetorical question to make the audience think about your topic: Have you ever smoke once in your life?
What is your opinion? Write a statement that clearly states your point of view: We shouldn’t smoke because it makes our breath smells. If you don't brush your teeth after you smoke your gum might be black  during the week, your breath might smell like smoke and you could get cancer from smoking.
List some facts or statistics that support your opinion:
It isn’t good for your health.
It might give you a disease.
It would give me lung disease.

Do you have a solution to the problem? (Yes)
Kids and adults out their smoking please stop because their are kids seeing you smoke when they go pass, and it isn’t good for you at all!!.
Say your opinion again and warn the audience what will happen if they don’t agree with your opinion.
If you don't agree with me bad things would happen to you I have told why and what would happen so please don't disagree because it is good for your health if you don't smoke.

Introduction of yourself
Kia Ora /Good Afternoon/Good Morning/ My name is Chavda Fauea from LS1.

Introduction of topic and Rhetorical question.

Hi Their I am going to be telling you guys why we shouldn’t smoke when you are older.

Would you guys smoke when you are over 21 years old?

POV and why you believe this
You guys should believe this because it gives you bad gum which means your gum would be black and your teeth would be broken, so you would have to replace them and get fake ones.

Reason 1

Because it’s not good for your health.

Facts and Statistics

My Fact:
It would cause a disease and death. Their are people getting Lung Disease 90% , heart disease and cancer of death . You should stop smoking because when you smoke near your kids they would think “I want to smoke when I am older so I should copy them”.
Reason 2

Because when you smoke you would feel tired and die.
Facts and Statistics

You will feel cranky and tired because for tired it makes you feel weird. And because you won't have enough oxygen which means you won't breathe. And my last one is that it means that 1300 people died alone .
Reason 3

It’s difficult for you to breathe.
Facts and Statistics

Because when you have short breath it means that it is harder for you to breathe and it is very uncomfortable.   


Smoking is very bad if you have a kids. The reason why because your kids might have cancer which makes them die from cancer.

Hi my name is Chavda Fauea from Panmure Bridge in LS1. I want to tell you guys to stop smoking because people when they are a teen and child they smoke which they should not be smoking at that age or at all. I want all of you guys to be healthy and follow me of what I am saying.

Thank you for listening.

Today I made a persuasive speech that is called NO MORE SMOKING. What did you learned? I learnt more things about why people should not smoke. And the last thing that I learnt was the meaning of the word that I learnt. How did you learned? I had to work by myself to do it because it was a speech that was about a topic. My topic is NO MORE SMOKING because I really want people out there to stop smoking so that they can be healthy no unhealthy.

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