Friday, 9 November 2018

Amnesty Day Commemoration

Today at 10- 11 am we did a commemoration for 100 years of having peace. We went outside were the Medic- Cube was put next to it was poppies. We had poppies, speeches and we were signing the songs that we usually sing in assembly. We had a special guess from the NZ  army force that came and said a speech, he also came to our class at the end of the Commemoration and talked about what he does in the NZ army force, we also asked some questions. In the morning before we went to tech we had our poppies placed in the cross and on top of it had sand. Mele and Jack took our big Poppie and placed it on the fence. Also we had Aung Naing doing he flag when we were have 1 minute of silence to think about the people that went to war. We also had some other poppies made from classes and staff members. At the end of the Commemoration we stacked the chairs and went and took it inside the hall. It was pretty cool the flag was slowly going up and slowly going down. I learnt in some of the quote was ' we remember them we remember them' which got me thinking about 18,000 people dead from the World War 1.

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