Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Kiwi Can(Emotional Faces).

LI: To learn emotional acts.

I learnt our natural emotions and many games that include emotions also.
In kiwi can our new focus was resilience. We also played two games today !!! The first game that we played was emotional music, before we played the game Mr Malu got us into groups of 4. After we were in groups of 4 we had to wait until Mr Malu picked us an emotion. After he told us our emotion we had to act out an instrument but making no noises. After we had finished that game people would have to guess the emotion and if they get it correct they get to have a point for their group, the scores was 1,2 and 1. After we finished playing emotional music we played musical statues.  We had to get into a peers, after we got into a peer everyone had to make a circle and one person had to be the creator and the other person had to be the one that had to be a statue.
The chant is "Emotions are what we feel what other think whats the deal".

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