Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day 4: (Activy 2)

Image result for whale ride

Today I am have to watch  a Movie called Whale Rider but it was the trailer. There are 2 movies about the Whale Rider.


  1. Hello Chavda!
    I have also completed this task and I think you might of read it wrong. In this task you had to rate the movie from 1 to 5 and give your own summary about it. In your blog post you didn't do any of that. It's alright because all of your blog post are fantastic! and you might have catched on to your mistake. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Chavda. Great blogpost, although The task was to watch both trailers, then write a summary, and rate it out of five. When you have time maybe you could change it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello Chavda
    Like Oh Hsen said, the task was to watch the trailer, write a summary about it and then rate it. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hi Chavda
    Great work on doing this but you were supposed to watch the trailers, write a summary about the movie and then rate it out of five stars. Again please remember to read the activities properly before making the blog post.
    Great work

  5. Hello Chavda, like Oh Hsen, Alex and Daniel have said you were supposed to watch the trailers, write a summary about it and rate them out of five. Anyways it is great to see that you are trying to complete the activities. Keep it up.