Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day 7 (Activity 1 )
People needs to stop droping rubbish on the ground because that is bad for animals because their eating rubbish and they might think that it is food which it is not. And the New Zealand would be full of rubbish and it would be dirty, but it won't be clean like other country.

Today I would wrote a description about why you shouldn't drop rubbish on the ground and what would happen if you do drop rubbish on the ground.


  1. Hi Chavda. I like how you've wrote your opinion about the amount of rubbish in New Zealand. Although the task was to come up with three ideas to help keep our neighbourhood clean. Anyways you have been doing a great job, keep it up.

  2. Hello Chavda
    Great job on this winter learning journey activity. Your opinion is great - we wouldn't want New Zealand to be dirty and full of rubbish. Well done.

  3. Hi Chavda
    Great work! I like how you said that if people don't stop littering New Zealand will become dirty. Do you think that if people picked up the rubbish New Zealand would stay green for a lot longer?
    Great work