Thursday, 4 July 2019

Maths Game presentation

Instructions of my game:

Greetings to you all and welcome to Time tables and subtraction. What you will be learning in my game is your time tables and subtraction but it is mixed up. On this slide, you’ll need to read it because it will help you understand my game. When you get to a slide that shows two sticks it is their for you to pick one that you will like to use during this game. Every time you have finished your question slide then you get to choose a new one or stick with the same weapon. My favorite stick out of those two is the Blue sword because it looks really nice and it is my favorite weapon in Minecraft. For the first slide you will need to click the text box that says click here and the text box below it will show you a number that may be the wrong one or the easy one. Good luck to those people that plays my game, and please comment down below on my blogger and rate it.

For a couple of weeks LS2 has being creating a Maths game that helps other people with their : Time tables, double, decimals, subtraction and so on. After we have created our game we were all able to make a icon that will go with our presentation. We all had to create our own Icon. The character that I did is called Universe. This morning everyone in LS2 presented their Maths game, while we were presenting we had to go with a buddy. My buddy was Nyjah. She helped me with the slides while I was talking to the class. I felt a bit nervous, but as I spoke to the class it got a bit easier for me to do.

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