Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How Wifi works

 How wifi works?

Wifi has a similar frequency to a microwave and also to a oven because it heats the dinner up. WIfi also gives information and is connected to online sites and social media’s. It is used for mobile devices because it is technology. It is also has games, images and apps that is used with wifi. It also allows people to video chat and talk with people online.  Some people doesn’t know that Wifi is light. The spectrum light is invisible to a human eye.

Spectrum  turns into color. It is group of different kinds of colors or a pattern and a rainbow.  Spectrum is on mobile devices and also is around places. You could create photos and drawings using color. If there wasn’t color you wouldn’t be able to see anything.  Radio waves are 5 things. As an example radio waves is like hearing the radio play in the car. Energy waves are basically the wifi.

The lower the frequency the slower the pulse. Energy waves can come through the mobile devices. An example if you take the bottom of the of the computer you will see the energy waves go through. Radio waves is like the same as the radio sound in the car. Also radio waves produces sound in mobile devices so that you can hear what the person is saying in a video. A binary code is like different kind of codes.

An example of a binary code is like a password that has little numbers. It also makes a number. Binary codes are a bunch of little codes that are bunched and make a whole number.  Binary codes can form a password. For an example 7937568 because those are numbers that are used for binary code. Wifi’s are very useful because it will give us information and it will also be very fun to use.

Wifi does have a similar  frequency to a microwave and also to a oven because its technology. Wifi really does connect to online sites because those online sites are used with wifi. Yes it's right that it is used for mobile devices because wifi and mobile devices are technology and if you don't have a technology device that means wifi can't be able to connect to it. Many people doesn't really know that wifi is light. Before wifi had started no one new  that much information.
Today for Writing I worked with Nyjah. Nyjah and I worked together to check our work with checklist. I have learnt a lot because I never knew the words and how to say it. It was pretty hard writing it because I never knew how to say the words.   

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