Saturday, 9 June 2018

Kiwi Sport

On Thursday we had Rippa Rugby.  Everyone that played Rippa Ruby for kiwi sport played on the court because the grass was wet. The first thing we did was play a quick game. But before we did we went into groups of 3. Haymesh putted us into teams. After we had a game we had an example from my team. So what we where doing was that one person had to stand still and the other person with the ball had to try and step them. We also had other tricks that Haymesh gave us. Once we where done we went into peers. My partner was Nyjah. We all had to stand in front of each other. The person in the front had to go where Mr Johnston was and the other person had to stay where they were. In our lines we had a number In this game there was  2 teams. Each team had to take turns defending and having the ball.

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