Monday, 11 March 2019

Caring for the Planet/ Rubric Marking

Caring for the planet

Do you care for the planet? In once in a while people drop rubbish, most of these rubbish goes to the ocean.
Sea creatures sees the rubbish and thinks that the rubbish is a jelly fish so they eat it up.
This isn’t a good thing for them! Why? It can kill them!

How do you feel when plastic bags faded out? Everyone has a opinion about having or not having plastic bags.
I don't want plastic bags to be faded out because we got free plastic bags.
Before plastic bags were here in New Zealand many shopping places used brown bags.
These brown bags held our groceries. Brown bags are still around in some food places, but not in all!

Why should you reuse a single use bag? Using a single use bag helps the planet,
it helps held your grocery bags. Plastic bags faded away, since last year.
Now when people goes shopping they use: Countdown bags, Paknsave bags and their own bag.
Some people will disagree to reuse a single plastic bag, because they like to buy a new shopping bag even though
they have plenty at their home.I reuse a bag when I go shopping to save money!

1 billion shopping bags are used every year by 4 million people in New Zealand.
The government of New Zealand has given New Zealand  6 months that does not provide us with any plastic bags!
Other countries around the world, plastic bags were ban. Did you know that It will take 400 years to decompose plastic bags from
That is a very long time to decompose.

I have finally come to my conclusion. I have gave my statements about why we should reuse a single use plastic bag,
how I felt and asking how you guys felt about plastic bags fading out and how many years it will take for plastic bags t
o decompose
from the ocean.

This week and last week I have worked together with Fui. Together we were checking each
other Explanation writing with the rubric. At the bottom we checked which level they are on
like: R1, R2 and R3. Fui got more than R4 for her rubric checking. We did 2 boxes one box
was the partner check and the top one was about themselves. Everyone in our class chose a
partner that was a year 7 or 8 and they got a choice of choosing one of the examples on the
rubric. Florence and I chose Colons because that was very easy to do.

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