Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we played Rippa Rugby. When my group came to  Haymesh we grabbed what we needed for Rippa Rugby. We played a game called 'bull rush'. This is game was a different version because we were wearing rippers. The tagger has to try and take one or two rippers to be able for the person to get tagged and help the tagger or taggers out. After that we went into 2 lines. Both of the lines were a girls and boys line. Haymesh putted the 3 girls in the front as the leaders of each team. I was one of the leaders. We all played a couple of game. Once we stopped we went into 3 lines. In this game we had to pass in a row backwards. A couple of people went on the other side and was waiting for the ball to come to them.  After the game we went back into our teams and had a couple of games. In the first game I got over 3 tries for my team. 

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