Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi sport we never got to play Rippa Rugby because the teacher that was gonna teach us never got to come. So we all got to do it with Miss Morris. The first game we played we have to go into a partner. We had to  rock paper scissors with them, if they loose then they have to do 5 bur pees and the winner has to move on to a different partner. The second game we played was ball pass. We got into  2 lines. In the game we had to pass to the people until it goes to the person at the back, the person at back has to run back to the front and it will repeat until the person from the front is back in the front. The third game we played we had to stay in the lines we were before. In the game we had to run with or without the ball and place it on the bibs. The last game we played we had to put the bib in our pants but not all of it. The person that gets all of it in a 1 minute with the most bibs wins.

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