Thursday, 16 August 2018

Kiwi Can

Today in Kiwi Can we played 3 games and GKQ. The first game we played was Rock,Paper, Scissors. If you loss against someone and there is another person that lost you have to challenge them, whoever lost had to sit down and the other person is back in the game. The winner of the game was Corree. The second game we played was called Untangle your hands. In this game you had to form 2 teams. My team had 10 and the other team had 11. My team won because we were the quickest to finished. Afterwards we played our last game. The game we played was very hard. We had to try as a team to get over the rope without jumping or going underneath the rope. My team didn't engorge  Magenta to go over the rope because we weren't helping or supporting her so that how they won.  Jeremiah K was the master for GKQ in the start. We were getting to the end and John was the new Master. He won against Mrs Morris for the last challenge.

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