Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport Kevin told us that we are going to play a game. The name of the game that we were going to play was Everyone's It there were 2 rounds. We started to get into partners. I was with Sakina, Sakina was very easy to work with because we got use to being partners so we practise and practice and then we got connected. We had to  use our forehand and backhand but... you still have the same partner. Me and Sakina did great with our forehand and backhand. Because she chose backhand because she was better then her forehand and I chose he forehand because it was very easy to hit with. Our second tom last one was that we had to have one person throw the ball and the other person hit it and the person that threw the ball has to catch it again. The last one we did was the same one as a the forehand and backhand Kevin told us later on when we were doing the forehand and backhand that we had to swipe which was really hard for me to hit it so I started to hit it far and high which was really cool for me.

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