Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Dream Job

Today I did the Summer Learning Journey. I didn't really learnt anything because we just had to draw you being that kind of person doing there job. I wanted to be a Net Ball player since I was 5 years old. Because it is very fun and because it is kind of giving in exercise which I do need. In this Activity we had to make a person doing it. I decided to write why I want to and what is my Dream Job. I also made a court so that it can seem like I am actually on a court.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Chavda!

    Awesome work on your picture and description. I like that you told us why you want to be a netball player and that it's been a dream of yours since you were 5! I always wanted to be a zoo keeper or a marine biologist because I loved animals, but I ended becoming a teacher and I love it because I get to work with such awesome kids :)

    Keep up the fantastic blogging - it's great to see you posting such thoughtful blog posts!

    Nicky :)