Thursday, 7 December 2017

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Can we had a warm up. The game we played was called Stuck in the Mud. We had 2 rounds and 2 new people. It was very fun and kind of not fun at the same time. After words we started getting into Backhand. The reason why we did Backhand because we did Forehand for a very long time. I was with Fui. We did a kind of good job because we kept on failing so we decide to do it a little but easilier. We started to play a game that we did last week. The game was called Single Hit. It was very fun because I learnt a trick that I also wanted to learn which I was so happy because people would always use it on me. After words I peered up with Avalon. We started to be bad but when we started to keep on versing people that we couldn't defeated but then we did.

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