Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Special Meals

Today for the Summer Learning Journey we had to say what is your favourite food. I haven't learnt anything yet but I did learn something to make sure use Label for reuse. Why? So that you can get the persons name of the photo and the Licenses which I got. My favourite food is a Cookie because Cookie and Chavda has 6 letters and because I love them. This Activity we had to say which one was our favourite food which is easy to find out because you can see a photo. My favourite kind of ones are M&M because it is very tasty and very yummy in my mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Hi again Chavda!

    That cookie looks so delicious! My favourite ones are the Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar cookies because they're really soft and tasty and you can buy them hot, straight out of the oven! You can check them out here:

    Do you think you could tell us how to make them or post a recipe so that we can try and make them?

    Nicky :)