Thursday, 14 December 2017

Twas The Night Before Christmas.

“Twas the night before Christmas”.
I could hear something inside my room.
Someone was looking at me like a zoo.
Christmas lights shined high like the sky.
I had a dream that felt like I was going to die.
I was pushing too much that made me tired.
I came to work late that made we fired.
I felt like I was flying but I was diving.
I was hitting someone like I was fighting.

I felt like I was leading someone but I was just healing
I had too much deals that I had to pick but it was just Peeling.
I was happy just like a money but I was just feeling bad.
I knew this time would come that made me really mad.
I was hiding like a little mouse but I was just sliding.
I felt like I was gilding a meeting but I was just riding.
Someone was speaking to me like my mummy.
I was eating delicious food that tasted so yummy.

I was doing something like I was just adjusting.
I was eating something that tasted disgusting.
I needed to jog but I just wanted to leap just like a frog.
I was running  just like animal but I was just doing it as a dog.
I was moving to much like I was dancing.
I was looking backwards just like I was glancing.
I was creeping  but I was just breathing.
I felt like I was a hero but I just dreaming.
“Happy Christmas to all and good night”.

LI:To learn how to create a poem about Christmas.
Today for Writing I had to make a poem about Christmas. I learnt how to make a poem fast as so that I can finished it as my Must Do. I also learnt how to make a poem at the end that had to make sure it rhyme at the end for to of them. We had to make sure we finished it today so that we can but it on the must do task list so that we wont have to feel bad that you haven't finished it.

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