Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Blog Commenting and Replying | 303 comments!

Yesterday and today I have being commenting to be updated with the summer learning journey! So far I have 303 comments which  means I have reached my goal. I am going to try and do 20 more comments in the morning. I have done 13 comments.


  1. Hi Chavda!
    You are so close to getting to 300 comments. I found out that your new goal is 350. Good luck on achieving your goal. You are doing an amazing and outstanding job. What is the hardest thing about commenting?
    Blog you later!

    1. Greetings Florence!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog lately! You are also doing a outstanding job with your commenting with a 308 comments because that's a lot. You have being working hard lately what is your favorite activity doing? That question is pretty hard to answer but I think Meles blog.

      Keep it up Florence!
      By Chavda

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