Thursday, 24 January 2019

Blog commenting | 311 comments!

Today I have blogged lots of comments. I have reached 11 comments. I just need 39 more comments to reach to my goal. What is your guys goal? I have do e 311 comments which is very impressive. I am going to be  commenting on Charlize's blog and other  loggers from different schools if I find some.


  1. Hi Chavda!
    You are doing an amazing job at the SLj. You have done so many Comments. I can't believe that you have done over 300 Comments. I have done that too. Hurry up though, tomorrow is when the SLJ finishes completly!
    Blog you later!

  2. Hi Chavada,

    It's Araura from Wesley Primary School.

    First of all congratulations on reaching that amount of comments. That's insane.

    I like reading the comments that you have posted there so thoughtful and nice.

    What is your goal. Myn is 500,Isn't that an insane goal, Don't you think 😀

    Anyway keep up the good work.

    Blog you later Bye 😀