Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Commenting on Nyjah's blog | 6 more comments = 22 Comments

Today I commented on Nyjah blog. I did 6 comments on Nyjah's blog. 6 + 16 = 22 comments. Nyjah has done a great job on the summer learning journey and she also did some drawings.

Check out Nyjah's blog -


  1. Hey Chavda!
    You have done so many comments! How many comments have you done altogether during the SLJ? You are doing a great job at the SLJ programme so far.
    Keep the great work up!

  2. Hello Chavda! Well done on posting some of your comments you left on others blogs. I am glad to see you keeping up with all the comments and enjoying yourself. Who's blog might you comment on next? Keep it up!

    1. Greetings Victoria!
      I usually find different blogs from different schools so I am not really sure who is next. I mostly comment on yours, Mele, Joshua and Florence blog. I have 260 comments which I am really happy about.

      Keep it up Victoria!
      By Chavda