Saturday, 12 January 2019

Commenting on Joshua blog| 7 comments = 100 comments!

Today I have commented on Joshua's blog. I have made 7 commenters on his blog which means I am on 100 comments! I am soo happy. I am going to try and do 30 more  comments on Victoria's blog!


  1. Hi Chavda!
    Congrats on getting to 100 Comments. You must be working very hard to accomplish this many comments. you are doing an outstanding job. Good on you. Is it hard commenting on so many people? It is for me, but Im getting used to it.
    Keep it up!

    1. Greetings Florence!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog! It isn't really hard blogging lots of comments and doing comments nearly everyday. It was hard in the start but as I commented many times on different blogs it has gone really easy for me to do. Thank you for congratulating me for getting 100 comments.

      Keep it up Florence!
      By Chavda