Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Replying to Comments / Commenting | 250 comments

Lately I have being commenting lots of comments everyday so I can earn more points. I have 250 comments so far and I am going to do 30 or 40 more comments. I just need 7 more comments to reach my goal.


  1. Hi Chavda!
    Thank you for commenting/replying on some of my post. You are so close to getting to 300 Comments. Is getting to 300 your goal? My goal is to get to 300 comments before the SLJ ends permanently.
    Blog you Later!

    1. Greetings Florence!
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. My next goal is 350 comments. I am going to blog more Comments. You are catching up to me quickly but let's see if we will come a tie or if one of us will beat each other.

      Keep it up!!!
      By Chavda